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Hello again wrestling fans and welcome back to another week of wrestling with our panelists. This is the Wrestling Roundtable. This week we talk about the fall out of the Royal Rumble. What were our thoughts on the show, did it it meet or surpass expectations? How about Takeover? All this and much more!

Power rankings

1.John Cena– The New WWE World Champion can celebrate his record tying victory, but the Elimination Chamber is just around the corner.

2.Randy Orton- Orton shocked the WWE Universe with his Royal Rumble victory, now he is getting set for the main event at Wrestlemania.

3.Kevin Owens- After a victory over Roman Reigns, again not on his own. Owens appears to have a clear path to Wrestlemania.

4.Baron Corbin- Corbin looked great in the Rumble after eliminating Braun Strowman. I still think big things are ahead for this young superstar.

5.AJ Styles- Despite losing the WWE World Championship to John Cena, I don’t think we have seen the last of gold around the waste of the phenominal one.

this week

1993- One of the all time greatest legends, Andre the Giant passes away in France. Andre was attending his father’s funeral, and passed away during his trip.

2000- The Radicals, Chris Benoit, Perry Saturn, Eddie Guerrero, and Dean Malenko jump ship and join the WWE. A night earlier, Chris Benoit won the WCW World Championship from Sid Vicious, but quit the company that night.

2011- The largest Royal Rumble to date that featured 40 WWE superstars. It was won by Alberto Del Rio.

And here are the questions this week.

royal rumble

What were your thoughts and opinions on the Royal Rumble event? Did it meet or surpass your expectations?

Steve: It wasnt a bad show, but I wouldnt say it surpassed expectations. The Cena vs AJ match was nothing short of amazing, the Owens vs Reigns match was sub-par, and still featured interference. They really need to do away with outside interference. It turns what could be a great match, into crap. The Rumble match itself was alright. I like the twist with having Randy Orton win it after everyone and their brother thought that the Undertaker was going to win, or even a guy like Jericho. So I applaud them there. Baron Corbin made a career statement when he eliminated another favorite in Braun Strowman. So all in all, it was decent. I was not bored, and was pleased with it overall.

Chad: It was decent I still feel like though the Cena/Styles was much was good; I don’t understand how Cena was in the picture after a 4 month vacation but whatever. The one thing that irked me was Roman Reigns it was a slap in the face to have him at #30 when he already had a title match and didn’t win and wasn’t involved in the elimination of the guy that cost him the belt. I think the creative missed some opportunities Sunday Night.

Todd: Well first of all the only match wort watching all night long was the Cena/Styles match they tore the house down, other than that the rest of the ppv was a disappointment. Gallows and Anderson had no business winning the tag belts. WWE spent 2 years building Lesner up to be a monster and in 2 ppvs make him look like a pussy. That makes sense. Why put the 2 NXT guys in the Royal Rumble they are not going to win the damn thing. Lastly why is James Ellsworth in the Rumble WTF? I mise well been in the Rumble. For the most part this years royal Rumble match was a joke.

Tyler: Meet.  I was thinking that Brock and Goldberg would be the final two, but I wasn’t expecting it to be Orton, given what happened later in the show.  Looks like we’re building to an Orton/Wyatt Wrestlmania, which I would be absolutely fine with.  Just as long as it’s not Orton/Cena for the 8578347543977th time.

bobby roode

How about NXT Takeover, we saw two new champions featuring the Authors of Pain winning the tag titles, and Bobby Roode capturing the NXT title. Was that the right call?

Steve: Yes the right guy won, it made perfect sense to put the NXT title on Bobby Roode. I personally did not like it, and I will explain why in the next question.

Chad:  In both cases the right guy won…Roode is hot in NXT right now and the AOP are the monster heel undefeated tag team that somebody like DIY could rally and beat for the gold at the NXT: Takeover.

Todd: Yes Roode was the right guy. I’m not to sure about the Authors of Pain Unless DIY are going to get promoted to the main roster soon. They did have a pretty short title run.

Tyler: Absolutely right on Roode, not sure about the Authors.  The last time we had a monster heel tag team in NXT was The Ascension, and looked what happened to them once they hit the main roster.

roode 2

Agree or Disagree: With his experience, Bobby Roode needs to be on the main roster, and would be a great secondary champion (Intercontinental/United States Champion)?

Steve: So carrying over from the prior question. I think Bobby Roode needs to be on the main roster right now. Now that he is NXT champion, that is not likely to happen at least for a while. While I like Samoa Joe making his WWE Raw debut, I would pay big money to see a match between Rollins and Roode. He would be a great Intercontinental or United States Champion, and is a good guy to start developing into a main eventer on the main roster.

Chad: God if the Miz can hold these championship why can’t somebody with some talent like Bobby Roode…he needs to have a decent run with the NXT title before making the jump. How about a Summerslam title match?

Todd: I think Roode was ready for the main roster when he came to the WWE but they just put him in NXT to help mentor the younger talent. Now that he is NXT champion he is probably not moving to the main roster any time soon. We need to get some else up there to hold the IC title other than the stupid Miz.

Tyler: Agree. I wouldn’t mind him getting one of the World championships as well, but he would definitely bring instead credibility to any title he gets.


Fill in the Blank: Randy Orton winning the Royal Rumble was _______?

Steve: A Twist. Everyone, myself included never would have predicted Randy Orton to win the Royal Rumble. He probably would not have been in my top 10 to win it as he was no where near the main event scene for the past couple of years. I like it though.

Chad: The saving grace. After Roman Reigns came out at #30 which as Chicago Cubs fan I equated my feelings to Aroldis Chapman giving up the game tying homer in game 7…utter disgust and praying it was a dream

Todd: Total disappointment. Once Lesner and Goldberg were in the ring at the same time Lesner lasted only 20 seconds. Once again WWE hyped up the 2 men and didn’t deliver.

Tyler: Initially disappointing, but depending where they go with it, might be worth it.


John Cena won his record tying 16th World Championship at the Royal Rumble. Is this is last run, or will he break the record to have by himself?

Steve: I think this is it for Cena. He is getting more and more involved on the Hollywood stage. I personally dont think he will hold the title long on this run, and it was only a transition to A) Give him his record tying title run, and B) To have AJ Style save face. I think AJ will still be in the title picture, and if in fact Orton wins the title at Wrestlemania, those two could put on a great program. I think Cena fades off into the sunset and becomes the Rock: V2, and you will see less and less of him in the ring.

Chad:  I hope so..Go to Hollywood we don’t want you anymore your act is tired.

Todd: This will probably be it. With him being a part-timer now he won’t have as many opportunities. He will only come back for the major ppvs and it won’t always be for the title.

Tyler: If he does break the record, that *should* be a fitting note to retire on.  I think he’s overstayed his welcome as it is.

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