The Blog About Nothing 2/3 Edition

Welcome to The Blog About Nothing. It’s the 3rd of February, and there are 6 more weeks of winter according to which groundhog you believe. Well, I don’t believe in groundhogs. The whole thing is silly to me. I mean, as long as there is light you are going to see a shadow, right?

However, winter has been relatively mild here in the northeast so I shouldn’t complain. It’s been fair here in New York City at least and that makes me happy since I hate snow.

It’s Friday. It’s the day that I blog and honestly I do not have too much on my mind to blog about. I’m not going to talk about Trump. As I explained to a friend recently: I’m tired of it. I’ve got years to bitch and moan about the man, so he does not deserve to be the topic of every day.

He doesn’t. There’s enough time for that and today is not about that. There’s a big football game on Sunday. I guess I’ll focus on that.

This Sunday, Super Bowl 51 will take place in Houston, Texas. The New England Patriots will be looking to win their 5th Super Bowl in franchise history against the Atlanta Falcons who will be looking to win their first. It’s the second appearance overall for the Falcons who lost to the Denver Broncos back in 1998.Super Bowl LI

For the Patriots it’s their 9th appearance. They lost to the Chicago Bears in the 80s, the Green Bay Packers in the 90s, and have made seven appearances in the Brady-Belichick era. The Pats are 4-2 under quarterback Tom Brady, and head coach Bill Belichick. They have beaten the St. Louis (now Los Angeles) Rams, Carolina Panthers, Philadelphia Eagles, and Seattle Seahawks while they lost both of their games against the New York Giants.

If the Patriots win on Sunday, Tom Brady will be the first quarterback to win 5 Super Bowls. He’ll have one more than Joe Montana, Terry Bradshaw, and a handful of former Pittsburgh Steelers, Dallas Cowboys, and San Francisco 49ers players. In winning five rings he’ll be tied for the most as a player with Charles Haley who won five rings with the Cowboys and 49ers.

Bill Belichick would have 7 rings if the Patriots win, which would be the most by a head coach, and tied for the most ever with Neal Dahlen who won 7 as an executive with the 49ers and the Denver Broncos. Yes, I had to look that up. I had no clue about Neal Dahlen. Trust me. I’m a smart guy with an encyclopedic mind, and a love for random facts, but I would not have known that without the existence of Wikipedia.

Basically the Patriots have a lot of shit on the line this Sunday. There is personal history, there is organization history, and there is revenge of sorts for Deflategate and a chance to stick it to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. The Falcons? They are playing with house money.

Why? The best offense in the National Football League has been under the radar all season. No one, and I mean no one, was talking about Atlanta coming into the season, during the season, or in these playoffs. In the NFC the talk was about the Cowboys, and once they made their run, it was about the Green Bay Packers. The Seahawks got some buzz too but no one was talking about the Falcons even though they finished with the second best record in the NFC.

Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan might win the MVP. Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman are the best running back tandem in the league and Julio Jones is a beast among men at wide receiver and yet no one has talked about them. They are the true underdog. They should be fast and free on Sunday if they play with the same confidence that has bolstered them all season.

Hopefully we are in for a great game. The number one scoring offense versus the number one scoring defense. A high profile team versus a talented underdog. It has all of the makings of a big matchup, even if Super Bowl week has been out-shadowed by the troubled first days of our new President.

Sorry. I said I wasn’t going there, but it’s the truth. Outside of ESPN, I haven’t really noticed much buildup to the big game, but I’m excited for it. It’s our last chance this football season to sit down on a Sunday evening with your drink of choice, your foods of choice and watch what should be a damned good game. I’m ready for it.

So, with all that said: who wins? In my heart I’m rooting for Atlanta. I’ll watch the game wearing my old Michael Vick Falcons jersey and I’ll be happy to see them win. However, I don’t think they will. The Patriots have the experience. They have the motives to go out there and dominate, and I think they do.

Tom Bradybet against Tom Brady. He’s exactly the type of person who will grind an axe with revenge on his mind. Deflategate humiliated him. Being suspended for four games hurt him, and Commissioner Goodell is not a loved man for Patriots fans. All the more reason to go out there on Sunday, cream the Falcons, win MVP and force Goodell to hand you the Lombardi Trophy.

The Pats might not be talking to the media like they want to go out there and prove a point, but you know they want to go out there and prove a point. So they will. I expect them to beat the Falcons. Also, history is on their side. In the matchup against best defense versus offense, the defense tends to win.

So the Pats will win. Look for a 34-24 score line. It will be close and both sides will make big plays but the Patriots will make just enough to get the victory and Tom Terrific will be so once again.

I’m done. Enjoy the game. Have a few beers and enjoy the distraction that is the Super Bowl. I know I will.


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