Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Alright so we left the first movie with Alice walking out of the complex after being upgraded.

I don’t know the time frame between this and the last one, but a group of people are coming into the Hive, and are jumped by the infected. I suppose those sensors would have been useful BEFORE opening the doors? I guess this is how we get the ending of the last movie.

Soon, a bunch of Black SUVs come screaming into the city, and start pulling important people out of the city. One scientist refuses to leave unless they get his daughter who is in school. The suits say they have a team getting her. One the way out, a truck nails the SUV. I guess the SUV got into a random accident, as this is never brought up again.

Well, here is our plot.Resident Evil Apocalypse Alice

Two days later, Racoon City is infected and the Umbrella Corporation has built a wall around Racoon City, the only way in or out is over a bridge. I have no idea how in under two days you build a WALL around an entire city of any size. Insert Trump joke here.

Alice is in another vat, wakes up, so I guess she was recaptured? Or is this just another backup to the last movie? Anyway, she goes outside, and is having visions.

Jill Valentine is your classic disgraced cop, but after putting on her tiny outfit, starts shooting people in the police station, including freeing Mike Epps, who I guess is going to be someone later on. For some reason, she gets away with this and tells her old partner to come on, and he does. Cause she’s a HOT CHICK.
People are trying to get out of the city, and they are being funneled out and scanned for the T-Virus. ONE guy has a heart attack and falls over, biting the partner, and the people over the wall just close everything, trapping everyone inside. Really crappy crowd control here. I mean seriously. I’ve been in junior highs that were efficient in funneling people. The Powers That Be tell the people to go home, and when they threaten to riot, the PTB start taking shots at them.

Our scientist shows up again, whining about his daughter. The head guy blows him off, so he starts a hacking, as all bio-engineers are computer hackers as well. He contacts Jill and a tag-a-long reporter (complete with handy-cam) to go save his daughter and he will get them out of the city before Umbrella nukes the place to contain the virus.

Told you that was the plot.

Resident Evil Apocalypse StarsHoly crap I think I have played a hundred games where I’m saving the President’s daughter or saving some kid. I enjoyed this one far less than the first one. This one is more open world, but the holes are far more blatant. I’ll get to that in the spoilers.

Alice is Alice, and still impressive. Jill Valentine isn’t nearly as much fun as Michelle Rodriguez, but the dude from Deuce Bigelow is a bunch of fun, and should have been given more. Mike Epps treads the line between annoying and fun, but I’ve seen FAR worse. I do feel this is a padded live action game. We go from room to room and try and get from place to place. Need to throw in a 10 minute sequence? Oh, lets have another half-dozen dogs. Need to talk a bunch? Not an Issue, there’s no zombies for a few miles.
The big hook here is Nemesis, and it comes down to who is the most impressive Zombie killer. Alice or Nemesis. Yup, who do I want protecting me, a hot redhead or some creature who can barely talk. Geez.
I’ll go 3 here. This is just a paint by numbers movie that used the video game as a storyboard.


Spoilers Shead

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