Movie Review: Resident Evil

I don’t know if we are supposed to hate on Video Game movies. I’ve never played Resident Evil, My daughter likes the game, but I’ve never been big into first person shooters. I know video game movies don’t have the best reputation, mainly due to a German Director who shalt remain nameless, since my boxing skills are not what they were.

I did play the hell out of DOOM though, and watched that movie as well.Resident evil cube

The Umbrella, ella, ella, Corporation is basically MicrosoftGoogle as 9 out of 10 people use its products- or maybe CokeFacebook. Most of the profits come from weapons and genetic research, so it is Coke, I guess. The most important research is done in the HIVE, an underground complex, that is always fun in video games. This funzone is run by an artificial intelligence – The Red Queen. I guess Mother Brain was taken.

The Movie Proper starts when a man tries to steal one of the Super-Viruses, called the T-Virus, and to cover his escape, throws one of the vials. The Red Queen shuts down the complex, and when one of the scientists chips the glass with an Axe, kills everyone in the complex. We don’t know if the thief got away, but you would think the first thing the Red Queen would do is seal off the complex 5 miles below the Earth. Oh, no spoilers yet? So Milla wakes up in the shower! No, don’t get excited. Not much there to see. She finds a whole bunch of weapons and you can almost see a “LEVEL UP” popup, but as she steps outside the mansion, a bunch of soldiers show up and one of them keeps asking her for a report. Of course, she doesn’t know anything, but gets carried along with the troops as they descend into the Hive to shut down the Red Queen so Umbrella can come back in and start ACME again.

So how is it?Resident evil cube room

I liked the way it was laid out, for a Videogame, I thought the setup was clean, and pretty much everyone’s roles were plain and understood. I will say I really didn’t buy into Milla Jovovitch as this badass, but I did Michelle Rodriguez, but pretty much everything Milla Jovovich did was believable. She’s a good bit more believable than Kate Beckinsale in the Underworld series. The rest if the cast is pretty solid for the genre.

I will say that the effects are awesome, I love the Cube Room to a great effect. The Dogs and Lickers are decently done but the effects have not aged well. We do have a room to room plot after a time, and that does give me pause in rewatching, as you start to notice it more and more. I think it had to be done to keep up with the game aspect, but there are better ways to hide it.

Resident evil michelleI don’t find a lot of logic gaps on this one either, witch is a joy, so we don’t get a lot of base stupidity. I do like how they show the ax into the glass, and that is what causes the shutdown. Its a good callback. The biggest logic gaps are just built in. Why is the Red Queen so stupid? Why are the troops stupid? How does the Red Queen run out of gas? Why have a secure facility with such crap security?

I don’t know if this is a good movie, but its a decent movie. I’ll go 5 on this one, its worth watching once, and if you like it, there is a decent amount of special features on it. The commentary track is a lesson in having too many people in the room, but entertaining for a short time. The most interesting part is how everyone is supposed to be this Alice in Wonderland thing. Doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

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