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Hey there wrestling fans, and welcome to a special Royal Rumble edition of the Wrestling Roundtable. This week, we give our expert picks on who will win the Royal Rumble, who will win the championship matches, and any other bold predictions that may actually occur at the Rumble event. Also, we reflect on some other great Royal Rumble memories. All this and much more!!

Power rankings

1.AJ Styles- The WWE Champion, AJ Styles, looks to “beat up” John Cena one more time, this Sunday at the Royal Rumble.

2.Roman Reigns- The number one contender for the Universal title seems primed and ready to become a four time champ.

3.Kevin Owens– The Universal Champion in in a vulnerable position, but can he overcome the wrath of Roman Reigns to keep his title?

4.Braun Strowman- Still massively impressive, Strowman looks to capture the Royal Rumble and go on to Wrestlemania.

5.Dean Ambrose- Can the lunatic Intercontinental Champion get back into the title picture this Sunday by winning the Royal Rumble?

this week

1984- Hulk Hogan defeated the Iron Sheik to capture his first WWF Championship. This was the beginning of Hulkamania, and according to 7poundbag.com’s David Snipes. It was the worst day of my life.

1991– Sgt Slaughter defeated The Ultimate Warrior to win his first and only World Championship.

And here are the questions this week.

rumble winners

Who are your top 5 potential Royal Rumble winners and why?

Steve: In no particular order her is my list.

Finn Balor- Balor, if healthy and competes, is my pick to win the Royal Rumble and he will go on to face Kevin Owens to win back the Universal title at Wrestlemania.

The Undertaker- Just solely because the rumor is he may actually retire as the champion. What a fitting way to end a career by winning the Royal Rumble, and the World Championship before hanging up the boots.

Braun Strowman- I have said all along I could see a wild card here, and see Strowman stealing one, and then go on to Mania. It could happen.

Chris Jericho- The one thing that has eluded Jericho in his career, winning the Royal Rumble and facing Kevin Owens at Mania could prove to be some fun booking for the next couple of months.

Seth Rollins- I could see Rollins pulling this out. He has been on top before, and seems ready to get back into the title picture. A Rumble win puts him legitimately in the main event at Wrestlemania.


The Undertaker – Just because this could be his last Wrestlemania and he is rumored to win the World title one more time.

Braun Strowman – because it seems like WWE is trying to give him a little push. Why not have him win the Royal Rumble.

Baron Corbin – WWE is also looking like they might finally give him a push after having his first title match a couple months ago.

Big Cass – He would be a wild card or dark horse to win. He also had his first title match a few months back.

Sami Zayn – If WWE wants to propel Zayn into the spot light after his feud with Strowman it is very possible he could win.


Undertaker: A chance to bury some souls in perhaps his Final Royal Rumble.

Baron Corbin: The Lone Wolf has had big time momentum on Smackdown as of late including challenging for the WWE title.

Braun Strowman: Want to make a guy a star; have him come in and run through this field.

Chris Jericho: Can the Best in the World cross off the one thing that eluded him in his career and one more shot at a World Title against his best friend Kevin Owens.

Samoa Joe: My Dark horse pick; the Rumble long rumored to be his Main Roster debut; plus the sound of AJ vs Joe for WWE title at WM sounds awesome.

Tyler: Former Shield members – For Rollins to start feud with Triple H, maybe heel turn with Reigns

returning Finn Balor- start feud with Owens
Samoa Joe – He deserves to be an immediate part of the main event scene

royal rumble

What are your bold predictions for the Royal Rumble event?

Steve: I think that both AJ Styles and Kevin Owens will both walk out as champions. I think that you will see many NXT superstars appear in the Royal Rumble like Samoa Joe, Nakamura, just to name a couple. A bold pick for the Rumble itself. I think Big Cass makes a nice run and starts to establish himself as a top tier contender.

Todd: Royal Rumble match itself will be a total disaster. WWE is thinking it is doing good things by putting all these big names in the match but it will be stupid and someone will win that no one suspects. Fuck the whole F’N show will suck as always.

Chad: Kevin Owens retains; The co-star of the March 10th movie release The Wall will be handed a WWE championship (which he named himself #1 contender after 4 months away) to put on his shoulder and promote WrestleMania 33  for no good reason.

Tyler: Owens retains, Cena wins and turns heel, don’t care about the rest.



What is your favorite Royal Rumble memory?

Steve: Easily has to be the Royal Rumble match in 1992, for the WWF Championship. Ric Flair enters in at #3, and Bobby Heenan about having a coronary, until Flair shocks the world and wins the WWF Championship eliminating Sid Justice to win the match and title.

Todd: TBA

Tyler: Ric Flair’s 1992 Royal Rumble win.

rumble 40

Should the Royal Rumble expand in participants? There has been talk about expanding the match to 40, 50, and even 60 participants, which would include NXT stars as well. Would you be in favor of this, or should they keep it at 30?

Steve: No, leave it alone. 30 is just fine, with 2 minute intervals. If you go more than that, you would either have to have the Royal Rumble match on the whole event or go one minute intervals, and that is just no fun and too much going on. It aint broke, dont fix it. I love the Rumble as it is now.

Todd: Hell No! That would be the dumbest thing WWE could do. In fact I think they should shorten the Rumble match to 20 super stars go back to 2 minute intervals and require that every entrant is a former world title holder. Don’t allow all these stupid idiots in the match who don’t really belong like the Undertaker, Goldberg, and even Brock Lesner. Make it so it will be tougher for us to predict who is going to win. over half the guys in the Rumble this year we already know is not going to win. Then that way you don’t have all these stupid idiots in the Royal Rumble like Sgt Slaughter, Booker, JBL, Jerry the king Lawler, Really? None of them guys are gonna win so why even put them in the match? If they want to add NXT super stars, Why not just have a Rumble match strictly for NXT?

Chad: THey are separate brands; you do have some talent in NXT that could be used. How about each brand have a 15-20-man Rumble Match for a shot at their brand’s title. One of my favorite episodes of Smackdown to this day was Eddie winning the Smackdown Rumble in 2004 to get a shot at Brock at the Feb PPV.

Tyler: They should keep it at 30, but I would like to see more NXT talent to take part.  That’d be another way to introduce them to the general WWE audience.

brand split

Some wrestling pundits have said that the brand split takes away the prestige of winning the Royal Rumble event because there are two major championships, and they are not actually guaranteed a spot in the Main Event at Wrestlemania. Do you agree with this?

Steve: I guess a little, but I dont think it takes too much away from it. I am not a fan of the brand split obviously, but I dont think it take away from the event itself. It actually is neat if they get to pick which title they want to go for.

Todd: First of all the brand split is the dumbest thing WWE did in 2016. To settle this though if WWE was smart which I don’t think they are. Just whoever wins the Royal Rumble match which ever brand wins automatically gets the main event spot at Wrestlemania. Problem solved dumb asses.

Chad: Yeah it takes it away a little especially seeing past winners of the Rumble on the Opening Match for the title at a couple Wrestlemanias. I think the winner of the Rumble should challenge for the GOld last on the show.

Tyler: I agree.  You might as well have two Royal Rumble matches, one for each major brand.

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