Sit John Hurt Passes away at 77

2016 took away a lot of names from us, many artists were taken away far too soon, and all, to use a term of Greg Proops, swirling balls of light in the heavens.

Sometimes what I like to do on these occasions is look back at the movies and shows that I have enjoyed these artists work in. In this respect, John Hurt has a longer list than some. Here are the ones I have seen of John  Hurt, in chronological order.

Alien – Some might put this as his most famous role, and I certainly can see why, as this movie has been parodied and this scene has been on every great scene compilation of all time, and deservedly so. John Hurt Elephant man

The Elephant Man – Academy Award Nominee for Best Actor, and again, deservedly so. If you have not seen this movie, it’s worth a watch, but don’t expect greatness, but when you find out who was behind the movie, you’ll see why.

History of the World, Part I – Forgot he was in this one, he plays Jesus in the Last Supper Scene. Bit role, but he’s great in it.

From The HipFrom the Hip – If you get the chance, watch this movie. Judd Nelson is great in it, and should be a bigger star, but John Hurt dominates the movie. I might have to throw on a review of this movie one day, it’s been a long time since I saw it, but if you see this one on cable, grab it.

Spaceballs – Since it’s a space movie, we have to the Alien scene right? “Oh No, Not Again!”

Frankenstein Unbound – A Roger Corman movie, I’ve seen it once, and I’ll write a review of it once I get the chance to watch it again. I’m kind of Frankensteined out right now.

King Ralph – A John Goodman vehicle, and it’s not a great film by any means, but everyone has their working boots on, and John Hurt as the stuffy British Lord is great fun.

The Skeleton Key – Little more than a cameo, not a bad little Kate Hudson movie. Not a great one, but not bad.

Harry Potter – John Hurt is in three of these, and you can’t have a British movie of this magnitude without Sir John Hurt, right?

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – Well, not even John Hurt can save this one.

V for Vendetta – Oh I love John Hurt in this movie. Just a great role, and a dominant performance in little more than in a TV screen for the bulk of the movie. Hellboy John Hurt

Hellboy – He’s in both movies, and plays a great older man trying to raise a demon. His death does tend to make the room dusty. Nah, I’m kidding but a great role.

Immortals – Forgettable role in a forgettable film. There is a partial review that I’ll finish up one day.

Snowpiercer – The last of his movies that I have seen, and he’s really good in it. Chris Evans gets to transition from John Hurt to Ed Harris in this movie to play off of, not bad actors to learn from.

John Hurt I cladiusI do want to mention that I have I, Claudius as well, where a 36 year olf Hurt plays Caligula, in a really strange role. If not for a strong performance, this movie could have been a laughing stock. Patrick Stewart is in this one as well, with hair!

17 Films of John Hurts I have seen at this time, I would say If had to pick out 4 to watch, It’s From the Hip easily, The Elephant Man, V for Vendetta, and Alien.

RIP John Hurt

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