The Blog About Nothing 1/27 Edition

Welcome to The Blog About Nothing. It’s the 27th of January and it’s the week after Inauguration Day. Where are we at as a nation? Who knows, but I definitely have two cents to add to the well.

I’m going to throw those two cents into that well. Might as well. If there is a time to make your voice heard, it’s now. Let’s do this…

Trump-Oval-Office-I need to start off by stating the truth: I do not want to talk about President Donald Trump every week. I do not want to. It’s too tiring and divisive of a subject.

However, a week after the Inauguration, I feel like I have no choice. I have to make this week’s blog about him. I have to wade into the American carnage.

American carnage? What a joke. I understand that the politics of the opposition is to downgrade the one who is in power, but to call the state of our nation as carnage is laughable. That inauguration speech was dark, full of fear mongering, and definitely an error in a moment that is supposed to be about healing and promise.

Did you really hear a strong positive message last Friday? I know I did not. Now, clearly I did not vote for Trump. I did not vote for Hillary either if I’m being truthful in the moment, but I did vote. I also did not respond to the election by rioting, or saying things like “he’s not my President”.

Why? As much as I dislike our current President, he is the President of the United States and I do reside in the U.S. This country is my home. I was born and raised here, and I do respect the fact that he was elected the leader of the Nation. Protesting is our right, and I understand and support movements like the Women’s March last weekend.

I was proud that so many women, and men, made their voices heard. I was less happy about some of the scenes that came out of Washington on Friday. Burning trash cans and the like is not the answer. Acts like that also bolsters our current President that the environment here is dark and is in a state of carnage indeed.

This first week has brought arguments about the crowd size last week, the term “alternative facts”, and executive order after executive order. It’s been an interesting week, and one full of some aggressive debate, and it feels like it has been the longest week ever.

joe1-jpg1On 7Poundbag, there is the excellent blog named WTF that posts on Wednesdays. This past week, the topic of the blog was neo-feudalism. Joe, the writer of that excellent piece, argued about how the events of our nation is leading towards a true neo-feudalism society. Now, I’m not Joe, and I’m not going into any in-depth thesis here, but I absolutely agree with his points.

We are walking down the road where public life may truly resemble the feudal societies of European history. We are listening to the rhetoric of a man that seems intent on establishing unequal rights for the many, and institute a society where the few benefit even greater than they did before he was elected.

If you thought the rift between the 99 percent and the 1 percent was bad before, it may even get worse. We have a President that seems intent on establishing a travel ban, building a border wall, taking a greater hand in women’s reproductive rights, and by repealing the Affordable Care Act with no immediate replacement in mind, he’s taken the health of millions of people into his tiny hands.

Now, I pray that all of his ideas, known only to him, work out in this Nation’s benefit, but who the hell really knows. His cabinet is the true definition of an oligarchy, and a man that created a populist movement, may really be concerned about helping only himself and his cronies. He’s the lord of the manor, and we my dear folks are the serfs.

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  1. Good column and I agree with it wholeheartedly… and…

    Thanks. My face is showing pride and embarrassment by your words of praise about WTF simultaneously … 😉

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