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Keeping it on just one basic point today… NeoFeudalism. It’s all about where America is headed and it just might not be where many think it is headed…
joe1During his inauguration speech Trumpty Dumpty said he would bring great wealth back to America. For Who?

What exactly do you… do any of us… who are out there working our asses off for our daily bread, think he is going to do to improve our personal wealth? Our personal position in life. Our personal well-being… as well as the personal well-being of our loved ones and our friends?

Not a whole fucking lot is what.

The only wealth that will be brought to America will be in the pockets of the 1%. Seriously.

If, you believe this billionaire is going to do anything that will benefit your pocketbook then you still believe in the Reaganomics and the trickle down theories of wealth management… as well as the Easter Bunny, the tooth fairy, elves and fairies, and Santa Claus.raygunomics

The Urban dictionary defines Reaganomics as a devious plot to destroy the middle class and usher in a new era of neo-feudalism.

Essentially neo-feudalism is when the wealth gap between the mega rich… especially the 1%… and the working class and impoverished people become so great that these so-called marginalized folks are left out of the protection of government security nets.  And what begins to occur people’s lives are increasingly governed by big business or corporations rather than by the government itself. Eventually Big Business becomes the government.

In feudal society dividing the lower classes against one another was the ultimate objective of the ruling class… the kings and monarchs. In today’s society both the donkeys and the elephants are systematically and surreptitiously increasing the wealth gap between the rich and the not so rich, the middle, working and poverty classes which eventually… if, allowed to continue… will result in maximizing the power of the rich over the poor. Imagine there’s no parties… it’s easier than we really realize or understand… it’d just be the desires of the corporate uber-wealthy owners or wealthy elite effecting their desires upon the desires the non-wealthy… a system with two sets of rules, one for the rich another one for the poor… which will be most of us or the other 99%.

Now… hold that thought…

Under Reaganomics, the 1% had their tax burdens cut by about half and what happened? Anyone get out of the economic muck they were previously mired in or was it different day; same shit all over again for most of us?

When Raygun became president the American deficit stood at $74 billion… when he left office… the deficit was at $220 billion.




Bush I came next… he delivered a well-received speech at the 1988 Republican National Convention. In that speech… known as the “thousand points of light” speech… he described his ideal of what America should be like… mandated pledge of allegiance and prayer in all schools, gun rights and no real women’s rights and his biggest promise of all… “Read my lips… no new taxes.”

One little problem… Bush faced the problem of what to do with leftover money problems that Raygun had left his ass…. a deficit that had grown to three times its size since 1980.

There was one other little insignificant situation Bush I inherited … under the Raygun/Bush I administration the Savings and Loan industry was deregulated and restrictions were eased on an already shaky industry so much that abuse and misuse of funds became fast, loose and unchecked.

Eventually… it all came to a head and America entered into a recession, welfare increased, the ranks of the measured unemployed (as opposed to the real number of people who had no jobs) rose and many corporations wound up going through reorganizations and consolidations, which meant further numbers of working people were now among those collecting unenjoyemnt… both elephants and donkey type of folks who had thought they were in a job situation that was stable and long lasting.

By mid-1992, unemployment reached 7.8%, the highest since 1984 and in September of 1992 and 14.2% of all of we the people were living in poverty.

Deregulation of the financial sector was yet another big idea that was supposed to be good for Americans, and it was… for the elite.

Deregulation is the reduction or elimination of government power in a particular industry, usually enacted to create more competition within the industry.

According to, “… the Securities Exchange Acts of 1933 and 1934, and the U.S. Banking Act of 1933, were enacted by Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration in response to the stock market crash of 1929 and subsequent depression… (the) Banking Act of 1933, otherwise known as the Glass-Steagall Act, prohibited a financial institution from engaging in both commercial and investment banking. This reform legislation was based on the belief the pursuit of profit by large, national banks must have spikes in place to avoid reckless and manipulative behavior that would lead financial markets in unfavorable directions.”repeal

Under Raygun the Glass-Stegall Act was “reinterpreted” in 1986 and it was decided that 5% of a commercial bank’s revenue could be from investment banking activity.

Under President Wee Willie Clinton’s administration that 5% was increased to 25% (1996) and by 1999 the Glass-Steagall Act was essentially nonexistent. While it is said that Wee Willie wasn’t the one who did in Glass-Steagall and that it was the elephant controlled congress that did the deed with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act. However, Wee Willie signed the Act into law when he could have vetoed it. Yes, the elephant controlled congress would have overrode his veto but he still could have made a stand against the destruction of Glass-Stegall. Instead, when he signed the bill into law he said that “… Glass-Steagall law is no longer appropriate to the economy in which we (presently live.)” He added that… “… today what we are doing is modernizing the financial services industry, tearing down these antiquated laws and granting banks significant new authority. This will, first of all, save consumers billions of dollars a year through enhanced competition.”

Who was zooming who?

The one thing that Wee Willie had accomplished that could be called a positive when he left office was the country had a surplus of $237 billion… the third year in a row the country had shown a surplus as well as being the largest ever.

When Bush II took over the presidency he provided a budget that predicted that within 10 years the surplus would be $5.6 trillion.

Bush then proposed a $1.35 trillion tax cut because this foreshadowed ginormous surplus “… is not the government’s money. The surplus is the people’s money.”  His argument was a tax cut would stimulate the economy and create jobs. Others… notably the fed chairman Alan Greenspan and Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill… said the tax cut would create huge budget shortcomings, a possible recession and undermine Social Security.

So… what happened?

By 2003, the economy showed signs of improvement, although job growth was “meh” … and Bush II decided another tax cut was needed.

By December 2007, the country was thrown into a recession and one of the biggest financial crises it had ever experienced…  a housing market that was in the shitter… the subprime mortgage crisis… oil prices going out of control… 63,000 jobs were lost (a 5-year record) … and the worth of the US dollar was fading fast.crisis

By September 2008, the shit really hit the fan… the federal government had to take over the government sponsored enterprises  Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac which was followed by the collapse of Lehman Brothers and a federal bailout of American International Group for $85 billion.

The financial crisis was now being called the worst since the Great Depression

By November 2008, over 500,000 jobs were lost.. the largest job loss in 34 years… by the end of 2008, 2.6 million job were lost… 2.6 million people were either unemployed or just simply not even being counted because they had just given up hope.

The magic carpet ride of untethered excess had begun with Raygun… was promoted onward and upward by Wee Willie and the end result was the Meltdown of 2008, which brought woe and misery to many folks in both the middle and working classes.

The answer to solving the financial crisis?

In the Bamster’s first year at the helm of the country his administration gave Wall Street and the big banks and their CEOs a free ride… a get out of jail free card.  The government threw trillions of dollars at Wall Street and the banks that were too big to fail while we the people got the damn shaft. Again.

Millions of people joined the ranks of the unemployed and got a sorry and a symbolic handshake in the form of an extension of unenjoyemnt bennies of up to 99 weeks.

Million lost homes… millions got thrown out into the streets… millions had to work whatever job they could to make it from day to day. Some had to work two jobs… both parents. Long story short… The gap between the ultra-wealthy and the very wealthy (the 1% and 10%) and the middle class on down through the working class grew ever larger.

Obama promised big change… but he hired Tim Geithner as his Secretary of Treasury… a former Bush II appointee.

The truth?

The Bamster was simply following through on the same old, same old… he secretly handed out a bailout… guaranteed loans… that amounted to trillions to so-call jumpstart the economy… what was really happening was he was saving the banks (as well as other corporations) while a fair amount of we the people had to wait around with thumbs up their asses as the creditors banged on their doorsteps because they had to wait for their earned and promised unemployment checks or for their earned and promised Social Security disability payments.bailouts

It all amounted to nothing more than a continuance of the rich getting ever richer while we the people got bumpkus… zilch…  not a fucking thing… to really improve our lot.

But, he gave us the Affordable Care Act that gave health insurance to millions and millions of previously uninsured folks at relatively affordable costs. Yeah, just like Black people were “given” civil rights back in Lyndon Johnson’s day. That was nothing more than just tossing a dog a bone so he could sit down; shut the fuck up and behave his ass.

Nuff said right there…

From Reagan to Obama… promises… promises… promises… and what has really changed for we the people?

Truth? Not a damn thing. How much better off are you then you were 5 years ago? 10 years ago? For some older folks… let’s say 40 years ago? Not a damn thing when you sit down and take a real measure of the situation. Considering the buying power of the dollar these days it’s is probably very safe to say most people today have less than they did years ago.

Point of reference… I make less money today than I did twenty years ago. And what I made back then wasn’t exactly gonna break on through to the other side and make me into a card carrying member of the middle class. And, I ain’t talking about inflation or anything else… I make today $5,000 dollars less than I made about 20 years ago. I made X amount of dollars in the 1990’s and I now make Y which is about $5,000 less than what I made in the 1990’s.

Now… bring in the buying power of my money? I am in a world of hurt comparatively speaking to my income situation in the 1990s.

Sound familiar to anyone?

Tax cuts, trickle-down economics, deregulation, and bailouts all helped only one class… and… it  ain’t me, babe… nor is it likely to be you, babe.

This brings this me back to today. Trumpty Dumpty.

He promises to make America great again…lies-2

The people who voted for him say… Yes, he is a rich sumnbitch but so what he ain’t one of them… a politician. He is a successful businessman (not really, but he’s rich and runs a billion doalr corporation so in just enough folks eyes that makes him a success) so, he will know how to help us get out the financial doldrums we are stuck in.

These same people say… Fuck that shit that he spouts out… he’s a racist? A sexist? A bigot? He is prejudiced against non-Americans of all stripes? Doesn’t matter worth a lick because the bottom line is he is gonna fix it so those of us (mostly white middle class, working class and poor folks) who have lost jobs, income, a position in society will regain our footholds and be someone who counts once again.

He will restore us back to a time when all was good… when we were fat… jobs were plentiful… debt was hardly a problem for anyone… the dollar was strong… and… certain people knew their place…

Reality check time…

The last time we could even come close to saying any of this was near to being true was when Vietnam was at its peak and before that that it was Korea and before that it was WWII…  we were always fighting a major war… regardless if it was a called a war or not it was still a damn major war. And, then, if it could be said that things were decent… better… it coudl also be said that some people, especially women and minorities, “knew” their place in society.

Since Trumpty has been inaugurated he has signed decrees that are tending to hurt those who cast their votes for him.Trump-Oval-Office-

Like greasing the wheels to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Now, thousands are tweeting  things like… “I have a prior condition that won’t be covered now!”

Appointing mostly billionaire businessmen to his cabinet… an Exxon official… a Goldman Sachs dude… some of the very people who want to build oil pipelines in people’s back yards or through their water sources…  or… who foreclosed on mom and dad’s mortgage or maybe even their own mortgage and cost them their own home.

Trumpty just recently signed two executive actions that will possibly resume the construction of the very controversial Dakota Access pipe line and as well as will resume the previously shot down similarly controversial Keystone XL pipelines. Both will either harm certain environments they cross or encroach upon… or… will potentially destroy priceless and precious environments or water sources if an oil leak should happen.

Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune said. “Trump claims he cares about the American people, but he’s allowing oil companies to steal and threaten their land by constructing dirty and dangerous pipelines through it…  Donald Trump is who we thought he is: a person who will sell off Americans’ property and Tribal rights, clean air, and safe water to corporate polluters.”

League of Conservation Voters Senior Vice President for Government Affairs Tiernan Sittenfeld said, “No amount of ‘alternative facts’ can change the reality that these dirty and dangerous pipelines are a bad deal for clean air, safe drinking water and the communities living along the routes… the only people who benefit from these risky pipelines are the rich, international oil companies, their allies and nominees for President Trump’s rigged cabinet.”

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.,) said, (Trump) ignored the voices of millions and put the short-term profits of the fossil fuel industry ahead of the future of our planet.”

So, here we stand heads in hand and I gots to ask… from what alternative world were these people who voted for Trumpty from? How did any of them fall for the bullshit and then think  that a billionaire was going to do anything that was gonna change anything for any one of them?

For that matter… on what planet does anyone think that any established politician from either the elephants or the donkeys were ever going to do anything that benefited any of we the people?

It’s been 40 years or so and counting and can someone tell me exactly what the hell has changed for any one of us… of we the people?consumerism

Yes, we have improved technological life… albeit a disposable one… that makes us feel more comfortable and hep to it all. But, it’s just a throw away world we live in now. And, all we really are doing  is spending more and more of our hard earned cash to make certain people richer and richer.

For 40 years we kept getting the same old promises, and, for 40 years not a whole hell of a lot has changee. So, why do we keep voting for the same old; same old?

Or, was Malcolm X back in the 60s right? We ain’t nothing but a bunch of political chumps?


Untruths, lies, alternative facts, deceit, a disagreement over facts (how in the hell can there be a disagreement over a fact? I thought once a fact was a fact it was just that… a damn fact), subterfuge… they have all typified Trumpty’s political career… and more to the point… the same can be said on some level of almost every damn politician who has ever run for office and been elected to supposedly serve we the people. The only ones they have ever served are those that gots and it ain’t you, babe.

Grok this… now 8 damn people… all men… control more wealth than half of the planet’s  population.

Remember that neo-feudalism we spoke about before? Time to bring it out of the cobwebs of the grey matter…

Better hope the new king is a benevolent dictator and that he lets his serfs and vassals have at least a taste of the scraps that fall off his table or else it might be a long hard and lean time acoming.feudal

There is supposed to be a next stage after capitalism… I care not what you call it… communism… socialism… what-the-fuckism… but, it is the next stage in the process… the development… of the sociological and economic structure of society. However, it seems to me something is happening along the way and we don’t know what it is because we have been bullied and baffled by the bullshit of the .0000001% and we are returning to a time that services no one but them that has and them that rules.

And, it ain’t us, babe. It ain’t we the people.

It’s eight men and their loyal lords and dukes and knights in rust encrusted armor.

Time to start marching in the streets, writing letters, making phone calls…  do whatever you can, wherever you can and whenever you can regardless of how small or huge it may be…  and start sending messages to our elected officials… who are mostly in the pockets of billionaires… that Hell, NO… we don’t accept their bullshit…

One last thought…

If, we the people keep voting for the same old rehashed people who represnt the 1%… and… we keep getting the same results time after time after time… for the last 40 or more years? Don’t ya’ll think that maybe it’s time we started looking around for some goddamn altenatives that are not the same old, same old bullshit?

Just a thought….

Another thousand words…



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