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Welcome to another edition of NBA RoundTable. Well last week the starters were named for the 2017 All-Star Game. This week, was Westbrooks failure to start the All-Star Game the biggest miss carriage of justice in NBA history, Where should Carmelo end up if the knicks decide to trade him, that and so much more on NBA RoundTable.

Here are the questions:


Russell Westbrook Averaged a triple double through the first half of the season this year, yet he failed to get the starting nod to the All-Star Game. Is this the biggest miscarriage of justice in NBA History?

Steve: Easily, if not the biggest snub of all time. This is like LeBron James not getting a start in the All Star game after having a great season. Westbrook is in the company of guys like Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russell with the first half season he is having. He is a front runner for the MVP right now, and you are telling me he is not one of the five best players in the Western Conference? Horrible, I almost want to boycott the NBA.

Chad: Yes, without question this is a miscarriage of justice and the fan vote needs to be reduced to allow for common sense All-Stars.

Dan: Yes, I believe so. I think he definitely should be starting over Curry. While the All-Star Game doesn’t mean much to me and is mainly a popularity vote, I do think that Russ not being in as a starter is a humongous travesty. This man is leading the Thunder. He is the team and is averaging a triple-double with little to no help. In my opinion, it’s going to be between James Harden and Russell Westbrook for the MVP this season. Why both didn’t get in as starters just shows you the changes that need to be made in All-Star voting. How do you leave out a man averaging a triple-double? How many times has that even happened in the NBA for a full season, let alone half a season?

Chris Paul

Chris Paul is expected to miss 6-8 weeks after having surgery on his hand. The Clippers have already fell to the number 4 seed behind the Rockets. Are they endangered of dropping even farther with Paul out?

Steve: First, falling to #4 in the West behind Houston, who is having an incredible season so far is not the worst thing that can happen. Having your best player, and your second best player go down to injury is the worst thing than can happen. Yes, unless they get Blake Griffin back sooner rather than later, the Clippers could find themselves at the bottom of the playoff pack. They are still good enough to make the playoffs, because the 8th seed appears to be an under .500 team, but a 6 or 7 is not out of the realm of possibilities.

Chad: Yes, with this injury stacked on top of the Clippers I do see them slipping down into a bout the 7 maybe even the 8 spot. CP3 is a top PG in the league and his missing presence will certainly affect the team.

Dan: Yes, I believe they are. They’re still missing Blake Griffin and now Chris Paul is out, their top two players. Can’t win many games like that, especially without their commander and offensive leader in CP3. I don’t think the Clippers are going to get a top 4 seed anyway and will likely get a fifth seed behind the Warriors, Spurs, Rockets and Thunder. This doesn’t help at all. And it’ll be 6-8 weeks before Paul even returns, as long as everything goes as planned.


Last week Carmelo Anthony said he would be willing to waive his no trade clause if the Knicks didn’t want him any more. If the Knicks were to trade him, where would a good landing spot be for Anthony at this stage in his career?

Steve: Chicago. They seem to be on the brink of doing something really special, and they may just be one key player away from really breaking out in the Eastern Conference. I don’t see any other team that really makes sense. Maybe The Lakers, as they could use one key superstar to go along with a core of great talented young players. It has to be a big market, because his price tag is not going to be cheap.

Chad: My first thought would either be to the Clippers to team up with those guys and make a run at it. I still think that the Bulls would welcome him in even though he spurned them to re-sign with the Knicks for this new contract.

Dan: Right now, I think the best landing spot for him would be Cleveland. The Clippers could definitely use him especially now that that Chris Paul is out for an extended period of time. Another solid spot for him that would help Russell Westbrook out a lot would be Oklahoma City. But I feel like the best spot for Melo at this stage in his career is Cleveland, playing with LeBron. LeBron wants to play with him. Melo wants to play with LeBron. They definitely can win championships together and solidify Melo’s career. Do I realistically think this will happen? No. But it would be the best situation for Melo.


Philadelphia and the Lakers finished with the worst 2 records in the league last year. This year both teams are much improved. Who will finish with a better record?

Steve: At this point, and I cannot believe Im saying this. But I think Philadelphia will have around 25 wins, with the way they are playing right now. Embiid looks like the real deal, and once they get Simmons back into the lineup, this team is going to be dangerous, and Im talking potential playoffs next year for the Philadelphia 76ers…yeah I said it…

Chad: The process is working for the 76ers they are playing better and still will get Ben Simmons in to the fold I definitely believe that the 76ers will have the better record.

Dan: I believe the 76ers will finish with the better record. They’re already ahead of the Lakers in their rebuild, they’ve been playing better basketball and I feel as if they have the better team in a worse conference. The Lakers just got blown out by Dallas in the worst loss in their history. The 76ers have been playing amazing as of late and have played the Cavaliers real close in each of their match-ups. They have a lot of upside and will finish with a better record. Felt like they could have pushed 40 wins this season. Now, realistically, they could push 30. I don’t think the Lakers will.


Do you agree with all the starters for both the East and West teams for the All-Star Game?

Steve: No problem with the East starters, all of them very deserving. I have a huge problem with Westbrook not being in the starting lineup for the West. I probably leave off Stephen Curry as a starter. He is having a fine season, but on a team full of All Stars. Westbrook needs to be on this list.

Chad: I’m fine with the East. But going back to the First question. Westbrook not starting is a breakdown in the system and it needs to be looked at.

Dan: No, as stated in question one, I feel as if the West screwed up majorly by excluding Westbrook. He has to be a starter. The rest are okay to me from what I’ve seen. The East is alright as well. It would have been a huge snub to leave off Giannis and he’s in there so it looks like they got it right. Maybe a change would be to have some statisticians decide who makes the All-Star game based on best play in the first half. Or, maybe change it to the best overall player in the first half at each position. So a true PG, SG, SF, PF, C on each squad. The bench can be however you want, but have the starters be true positions. Just a thought. The All-Star Game is fun to watch already and doesn’t really matter to me, but besides Westbrook, I think the fans got it right this year.




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