Movie Review: Leprechaun Origins

Alright, It’s Shakey-Cam!
We start off with two young people, who are running somewhere, and the boy falls, and the idiot girl stops 2 feet away from him to help, he gets killed by something. She decides to run, and it reminds me of the raptor scene in Jurassic Park 2 that was all kinds of awesome. The girl of course, breaks a heel and is also killed, the camera pans up to a stone marker for some reason.

Roll Credits.

Of Legal Age people are in the back of a truck, and we must be in Ireland, as one of the girls is reading a book titled “Ireland” they get dropped off near the same stone marker, there are symbols on it. Being Ireland, they find a bar, and talk about the future. Soon a local invites them to stay at a cottage, then they can go see a mine, and for no reason, they agree. Have they not seen Hostel?

Driven out to the house, one of the girls says the place is nice, but run-down, nice way to insult a persons home. Dropped off at the house, sometime moves in the grass, both locals get a bit panicky, and the older man shoots a shotgun at the movement, and says it’s a wild boar. Stupidly enough, the foursome are still willing to stay at the house.

Then the attacks commence.Leprecaun Origens Vision

So how is Leprechaun: Origins?

Ok, it’s a WWE movie, but you can’t really hold that against them, I enjoyed See no Evil. Horror shouldn’t be a problem- you can get away with decent to bad actors if you have good ones, and here, you don’t really have good ones. You could have easily slipped the Bella Twins in here as your two females and not missed a beat. You can also get around it with production, and here it’s all normal stuff, not like you have to spend a billion bucks on a cabin in the woods. Money is spent on “Leprechaun-vision” kind of like infra-yellow? I guess it’s one way to introduce light since the movie is too lazy to do anything we can see. There is a bright light outside so we can see when the characters are in a building, but as soon as we go back outside, I guess the moon goes behind a cloud? This is just lazy filmmaking. We don’t see the Leprechaun until 62 minutes into the movie. We get POV, but that’s the first time we see the damn thing. This would have sucked even with Warrick Davis in the role, there is no joy here.

There is some good ideas here. I’m going into spoilers next and yeah, I’m going to tag it, but I’m going 2 here. I don’t think think this gets near so bad it’s good territory.

So yeah, Fuck You Lucky Charms, WWE


Spoilers Shead

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