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Greetings wrestling fanatics, and welcome again to Pounding 7’s, where I will countdown MY top 7 wrestlers of various topics. Im going to piss people off, and a very select few may even agree with me. So comment, and let me know what you think. This week, its the top 7 WWE wrestlers that should win their first championship in 2017. Who makes the cut? Who gets left out in the cold? Let’s not waste any time, and lets get to the countdown.


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Jeremiah wants to know about the first Royal Rumble

I know that Hacksaw Jim Duggan won the first Royal Rumble, and then Big John Studd won it in 1989. My question is, was there any thought in giving either one a main event push? Every winner since them have gone on to be a main eventer, but they were stuck in the mid-card.

The Royal Rumble when it started off, was not supposed to be a long term thing. When Duggan won it in 1988, it was a 20 man event, and it was literally planned to be a one hit wonder. The next year, they tried it on Pay Per View, where they had a big man win it in Big John Studd. Studd was on the tail end of his career, and there were no plans to put him in the main event. The WWE then realized the Rumble was gaining popularity, and they continued it having bigger stars win it like Hogan, Flair, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels to name a few. Then they would use the Rumble to give other stars the start of their main event push, like Yokozuna, Roman Reigns, Alberto Del Rio. So to start off, it was not supposed to be a major event, but it got so popular, they took the ball and ran with it, and now it is probably the second biggest event of the year.


heel turn

In 1989, Jim Cornette managed to face teams: The Midnight Express made up of Bobby Eaton and Stan Lane, and also was an advisor to an upcoming tag team the Dynamic Dudes, Shane Douglas and Johnny Ace. The Midnights eventually started to turn against Cornette saying that he needed to focus on his original team, that were more successful. This led to a match between the Midnight Express and Dynamic Dudes on a Clash of the Champions episode. The Dudes were in control and seemed to have the win locked up, when out of nowhere, Cornette hit Shane with the tennis racket, assisting them to win the match. The Midnight Express and Jim Cornette turned heel in the process.



Here are the top 7 wrestlers who should win their first championship gold in 2017.


7. Braun Strowman- It seems all but inevitable that Braun Strowman gets his first taste at championship gold. I could see him winning any of the major championships this year. He is the most dominant superstar in the WWE right now, and we all know how much Vince likes the big guys.

6. Neville- This may happen a lot sooner than you think. Neville will be the WWE Cruiserweight Champion in 2017, quite possibly as soon as this Sunday at the Royal Rumble when he faces off against Rich Swann for the title. Neville has paid his dues in wrestling and its time for him to get a run.

5. James Ellsworth- Ahh this name comes up so often. James Ellsworth has become so popular that it is only fitting that he gets a championship run. I see it more in  tag team, but you never know. He could pull off a Intercontinental title run.

4. Bobby Roode– The one current NXT star that comes on this list. I think that Roode is destined for greatness. He is over right now in NXT, and I could see him coming into the main roster and getting either the Intercontinental or United States championship.

3. Big Cass- I think Cass eventually is going to turn on Enzo and make a nice heel turn. He has the look and the skill set to win his first championship. And hell, if they do keep him with Enzo, look for them to be tag team champions by years end.

2. Baron Corbin- Love, Love, Love this guy. He has an awesome I don’t give a fuck attitude, and he can back it up in the ring with a nice arsenal of moves. I see Corbin in the main event by years end, and it would not surprise me at all if he wins the WWE title.

1. Bray Wyatt- Its time for Bray to get his, while you can say he was a tag team champion. I don’t really count that because it was a Freebird rule, and he was usually not in the match. Bray Wyatt is one of the most over superstars in wrestling, and has been for quite some time. An IC title run, or even a WWE title run is in Bray’s future. Might as well be in 2017


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