NFL Championship game picks

In Round 1, the selectors all went 31, the next round, everyone took Atlanta and New England then Chad, Dan, Joe and David took the Steelers as Steve went KC, then Chad & Dan went perfect for the weekend taking the Packers, as Joe, Steve and David went with the running game.

steelers vs patriotsJoe: Roethlisberger is good but he ain’t Tom Brady and the Patriots defense will match the Steelers defense. Big Ben throws 1 or 2 picks too many. Patriots win 24-14.

Bill: Patriots

David: Tom Brady has a great record against the Steelers, and I think that day and a half head start is going to make the difference. Kidding. I do think it does speak to the fact that the Steelers have a little brother complex when it comes to the Pats. I think the Steelers walk into the game with a HOF QB, great running back, and the best WR on the field, the problem is, the Pats counter with the second best QB of the Super Bowl era, the best Coach of the salary cap era, and depth. Tons of depth. I think if Chris Hogan walks on the field, the Pats cover by double digits by halftime and cost, if not, they still grind out a close one.

Falcons vs PackersJoe: Guess what QB has been playing better than Aaron Rodgers (except for INTs)… yep Matt Ryan.

Expect a shoot out because neither defense is great but if the Cowboy’s could not stop Dak Prescott then how in the hell will they stop Ryan?  Falcons are winning 40-32.
Bill: Falcons
David: I still don’t see how the Cowboys passed all day on a Nickel defense with Zeke standing there, oh yeah, they still have a crappy coach. The Falcons have a MUCH better coach, one of the best in the NFC, and a coaching advantage in this game. If the Packers go nickel, the Falcons will shove the ball down their throat, and wont give the Packers a chance to get two scores ahead. Falcons win, and I don’t see it being that close.

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