Movie Review: Masque of the Red Death

An old woman is out walking, and plucks a flower, a person calls to her, and squeezes blood(?) out of his hand, and promises deliverance, the flower turns red.

Next we come to a standard poor village set, and a man saves a child from a carriage. Even in this time kids go play in traffic. The carriage stops and out comes Vincent F’N Price in a gold suit only he and Walt Frazier could pull off.Vincent Price

Price gives a little speech about thanking the villagers for the harvest, but a man keep making snide remarks about how little he leaves them to eat. Keeping his pimp hand strong, he has them thrown on their knees. Our HOT CHICK comes out and begs for mercy. Seeing she’s a redhead, Price says he will show mercy. He’s only going to kill one of them, she gets to pick. Price’s companion Alfredo (de Sauce) comes out and says this is entertaining. Price says this isn’t for his benefit. Suddenly a scream comes, and Price investigates. It’s the old woman, who screams as she dies. Her face is covered with red paint. Price declares it the Red Death, has the trio sent to his castle, and the village burnt to the ground.

Heading into the castle, we quickly find out that Price is a Satanist, and is a cruel as it gets, he is offended by the large cross the Hot Chick wears, and tells her not to wear it anymore, complicating matters is an even Hotter Chick that is . . .well, don’t know if she is Vincent Price’s concubine or what, but the Hotter Chick is all into the Satanism to please the Prince, well- both Princes I guess.

Masque starsSo how is The Masque of the Red Death?

This movie is B-Movie Roger Corman heaven. At no time was I bored or not paying attention or not caring what was going on the screen, from the Craig Sager collection that Vincent Price is wearing to the scene chewing to the flow of the story, this is just a magnificent movie. There are some problems, I don’t know who the hooded guy is, and he’s annoying the way he pops in and out, the Hot Chick should be a bigger threat or at least have some kind of struggle, Vincent Price becomes a bit whipped by the prospect of getting the Hot Chick when the Hotter Chick is more than willing, but it’s a great movie. I’m going- geez, an 8? I really enjoyed this one and it was just as good the second time around.

I’m not doing spoilers, simply because if you can get past Vincent Price’s scenery chewing and the Satanism, it’s a fun ride.

Masque End

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