Movie Review: Sudden Impact

To be quite honest with you, I wasn’t exactly looking forward to Sudden Impact. I watch the commentary tracks after I watch the movies, and thankfully, the set I have has tracks for each movie, and one guy mentions that Clint Eastwood realized that he could go cheaper, and make more money, and he could add more people, and not have to work as much. The fact that Clint is loving to direct more than act is also brought up. So lets see, we have a guy who is caring less, willing to put less Dirty Harry in a DIRTY HARRY movie, and wants to be as cheap as possible. Action movies done cheap normally doesn’t work out very well for the paying public. This set also ends with Sudden Impact, sorry, no Dead Pool coming tomorrow- well, not the Clint Eastwood Dead Pool, I did this DEADPOOL already, but lets move on.

Alright, let’s get into Sudden Impact.Sudden Impact girl

A case is thrown out of court, due to an illegal search, and he’s admittedly pissed off. The guy gets in Harry’s face, and Harry talks smack back. Not really enjoying that, Harry doesn’t seem like the type of guy to get into a smackoff. Harry then goes to eat, and woudn’t you know it, the place gets robbed. The setup is awesome though, and I’m not going to ruin it. If you have seen a Dirty Harry movie, then you know when Clint breaks for lunch someone is going to do something wrong, and Dirty Harry is going to have to shoot some people. The way it’s done is just great. We get the famous line of “Go Ahead, Make my Day” here in a moment of awesomeness. I didn’t know it was FOUR movies in that we get this line. Next up Harry crashes a wedding and talks to a mob(?) boss and threatens him so much that the guy has a heart attack. OK, one, a MOB BOSS is broken by talking? and two, Harry is again the master of smacktalk?

Obviously this doesn’t go over well with the weenies in the office. Harry gets chewed out for talking a MOB BOSS to death, and orders him to take a vacation. Harry relaxes the way a MAN relaxes, shooting stuff. For some reason, four hoods show up and attack, and Harry gets to practice on moving targets. Then a Molotov cocktail gets tossed in his car by the jackass from the courtroom. This has to be the most poorly-made Cocktail in history, and we’d be speaking German in Moscow if they actually worked like this movie shows. So then the office boots Harry to the sticks to check out some random murders where someone gets shot in the nuts, then in the head.

Harry does what he’s told, and meets a girl. You fill in the rest.

I’m going to cut it off here, and I might throw in a spoiler tag, but how is Dirty Harry IV?

Sudden Impact baddieBetter than it should be. There is a TON going on here, we have the groin shot murderer, the mob going after Harry, a THAT GUY miscast as a southern cop who somehow gets to run a California police department and the artistic chick that dirty Harry is falling in love with. I have not even mentioned the minority partner and the the pet dog “Meathead”! Under another director, this movie could get confusing or even collapse under it’s own weight. Thankfully, we don’t have this problem. Sure some of this is done by making it not really matter, like the mob guys go from a major enemy to just some guys that show up to get shot and almost get forgotten. The way that all the plots come together is a nice touch that you see coming, and the end gets a bit wordy, but all in all, I enjoyed Sudden Impact, and I can see how some actually see it as the BEST movie of the series. Amazing how 4 movies in we have a really well done script and performance. I can’t go the full 10 here, I think it’s a great movie, but there is just something stopping it short of being an all-time great movie. I’ll go 8 for Sudden Impact. There is just too much in the air, and some things get dropped. There just feels like there are two movies in one here. Maybe Sudden Impact is greater than the sum of it’s parts.

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