Movie Review: The Enforcer

Hot Chick walks out into the street, she tells a guy in a convertible to get lost, and bums a ride with two men in a delivery truck. When they take her home, they get killed by a man with a shotgun. Nice opening.

The Enforcer startDirty Harry and new partner come to a restaurant where a man has fainted, Harry kicks him awake, and throws him out. Harry knows the guy, who is known for scamming high-end places. Harry pawns him off reminding him he got a free meal out of the deal.

Next up, Dirty Harry arrives at a standoff, where a group have robbed a store and are wanting a getaway car. Harry delivers the car into the front door, and shoots everyone. This is straight time-filler, and while it’s well done, we are THREE movies in, do we really need to waste time setting up that Harry is a bad-ass? If nothing else, we should have clipped the restaurant scene. This just slowed the flow of the movie, and we KNOW that Dirty Harry is a bad-ass.
Harry has cost the city money, so is punted over to Personnel. Yup, Lets take the trigger-happy city-savior and put him behind a desk. Thankfully, one of the first people he see while assigned to the promotions board is the brunette from Cagney and Lacey. If you don’t get the reference, I’m stunned it hasn’t been thrown back on CBS a half dozen in a reboot.The Enforcer rocket

Our bad guys haven’t been sitting around however, they have been swiping weapons and basically have enough stuff they can take on the California National Guard. Soon, Dirty Harry is pulled out of personnel to go after them, and if you don’t know who his new partner is, then this is your first movie.

So how is The Enforcer?

Once it gets going, the movie has a good bit going for it. The ChickCop isn’t a complete idiot, until she has to be, and at times is actually competent. She comes across as a rookie at times, and your common idiot at times, and a good cop at times. She loses me when she can’t find her GUN IN HER PURSE. She’s never allowed to stand at Dirty Harry’s level, but who is?

The Enforcer tydeI do enjoy the entry of the Black Militants in the film. They add a bit of weight to what’s going on, since the San Francisco Liberation Army isn’t allowed to really do anything but be Criminal Minds villains.
The ending does get a little paint by numbers, but that’s almost expected by now.

I liked the Enforcer. I do feel like there is a step down from the first two movies. We had an opportunity to have a really different movie, and concentrate on what this “Army” is wanting to do, and it doesn’t do anything close to it’s potential. Dirty Harry is only as good as the enemies he is fighting, and the lines he has to cross to do it. I feel this one falls short. I’ll go a 6 here, The Enforcer is still a worth-while watch, but compared to what came before, and what it could have been, it’s a steep drop.

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