Movie Review: Magnum Force

Now we are kicked over to 1973, after one of the best cop movies I have ever rated on this site. I’m hoping this movie can come close to living up to part 1.

We don’t even start with Dirty Harry. Much like today, we see a dirtbag getting out of a prison term for a technicality. There are a ton of protestors outside, and a bunch of mean mugging at him. The four men are laughing and riding off, as a motorcycle cop follows them. Eventually he pulls them over, and after giving the cop the “Do you know who I am” treatment, the cop returns the license, and shoots the four men. Just a brutal opening. Soon Dirty Harry does show up, and gets into a verbal pissing contest with Hall of Fame that Guy Hal Holbrook. I love Hal Holbrook in almost anything. Here Hal just holds his own, but we know he’s a prick, because he made Lieutenant without ever pulling his gun, by his own admission. Dirty Harry takes his new partner, having gotten rid of his old one (off teaching college) and picking up an African American one. I don’t know if picking two minorities in a row means anything.Magnum Force cops

Harry takes his new partner off to the airport for some grub, but sadly, Harry still can’t get a full lunch break, as some terrorists try and hijack a plane. The pre-TSA locals can’t figure out what to do, so Harry has to pose as a pilot to get the job done. This one isn’t as much fun as the bank robbery scene, and there is no famous speech at the end. It’s a tie-in to the previous movie, but sadly, it feels tacked on and not as much fun. It’s still fun, but not as much.

Kinda like Great Value Ice Cream when we got Blue Bell last time.

Next, Dirty Harry is at the gun range, and finds four rookie traffic cops, they impress Harry, who likes the cut of their jib.

Soon another attack by a motorcycle cop at a house, shooting up a pool party, then a pimp getting shot on the side of the road gets Harry’s full attention. He’s also got a suspect, one of his old friends on the force is outspoken in his disgust with the system.

Magnum Force StarsSo how is Magnum Force?

Oh goodness, I loved the first 2/3 of Magnum Force. I’ve got the formula, setup the badguy, Clint Eastwood gets to shoot things, he goes to eat, and has to do something that would make him a hero, then goes after the bad guy. I have Hal Holbrook, the Motorcycle Rookies, the Crazy Veteran Cop, the Hot Ex-Wife who makes a pass at Dirty Harry, the girl who DOES actually get to see how Dirty Harry Is, and so much more.

Not to mention the fact that since I have seen more than 2 movies in my life, I get to try and figure out who dies first, the morally questionable hot chick or the minority sidekick.

That being said the rewatchability just isn’t there. The “twist” at the end just ends the enjoyment of the chase, and there is an even bigger problem.

I hate the ending. I can’t go into it without spoiling it, and yes, I’m going to throw a tag up for this one, since Magnum Force isn’t exactly as well known as Dirty Harry. I know I didn’t know it that well.
So I’ll give Magnum Force an 8, I really did enjoy it the first time around, and I had a great time until the ending.

Spoilers Shead

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