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Hello there wrestling fans and welcome once again to the Wrestling Roundtable. This week the panel will “Agree to Disagree” in this edition the questions are simply agree with the statement or disagree. Its very simple, yet so complicated. So lets not waste anytime and get to this edition of the DUH DUH DUH…. THE WRESTLING ROUNDTABLE!!!


1.AJ Styles- The WWE Champion is ready for the Royal Rumble, but will he prevent Cena from becoming Ric Flair status?

2.Kevin Owens- Its about time for the Universal Champion to make an impact, costing Reigns the United States title on Raw, now puts Owens in the drivers seat for the Rumble.

3. Roman Reigns- Down but not out, while he may have lost the US title, Reigns has as Universal title shot in just two weeks.

4. Chris Jericho- Despite how it was done, Jericho pinned Roman Reigns to become the new US Champion, the only title that has eluded him in his career.

5. Braun Strowman- Falls a bit in the rankings, but still Strowman still remains a key man to beat in the Rumble match.


1993- The WWF airs the first ever episode of Monday Night Raw. This featured the main event of The Undertaker vs Damien Dimento.

2006- Edge becomes the first person to cash in the Money in the Bank Breifcase and defeats John Cena to win the WWE Championship. Cena had just competed in an Elimination Chamber match up.

And here are the questions this week.


Agree or Disagree: Ronda Rousey will be in the WWE by the end of 2017?

Steve: I will agree with this, Ronda Rousey, despite her recent UFC woes, is still a popular name, and she can come into the WWE and be a force to be reckon with. The problem is, she has no wrestling experience, and they cannot bring her in to development, like NXT. She is going straight to the main roster, so booking her with the right women wrestlers is going to be the key. She is going to have to learn on the fly. Sure, it can be done, but it will be a test to the writing, Vince McMahon, and Ronda herself.

Tyler: Yes, though I don’t know how much of an impact she will make, given she’s lost her two last MMA fights in rather spectacular fashion.  Again, booked right, she could be the female Ken Shamrock of this generation

Todd: Does anyone really care? WWE is just trying to make money off stars from other sports.

Chad: Yes, because someone needs to stop her MMA career before serious damage is done.


Agree or Disagree: The WWE needs to give Braun Strowman a serious main event push.

Steve: The way Strowman has been built is one of a monster, who can destroy anything in his path. I think they will move him to the main event level in the next couple months. Probably after Wrestlemania. He has already been showcased against main eventers like Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns. Vince loves the big guys, and he fits that build. I could see Strowman in a championship match around Summerslam, and I can see him as champion.

Tyler: Disagree.  While he definitely has the making of a great monster heel, I don’t think he’s quite ready for that kind of push just yet, but he’s getting close.

Todd: Well the problem I have with this yeah he destroyed Sami Zayn. No disrepect to Zayn but he is not exactly a main event player. He has only wrestle Seth Rollins twice and both times was a double count out. If WWE is serious about putting him in the main event scene then he has to beat people like Rollins.

Chad: I think the time for the push is after WrestleMania maybe after an Andre Memorial Battle Royal win…who knows. This allows guys like Goldberg, Lesnar, Taker to move away from the spotlight to give Braun a chance to shine.


Agree or Disagree: You want to see a double turn between John Cena and AJ Styles?

Steve: Agree. You can argue that AJ Styles right now even as a heel persona, is the most popular wrestler the WWE has out there. They need to capitalize on this and make him a face. Cena on the other hand still gets booed on a regular basis in any city (even his own). So it would be fitting that a double turn is in the works. Especially if he goes on to defeat AJ at the Royal Rumble and cheats to do it. Then he will go on to face maybe the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. I think that is what the WWE is shooting for, and it may happen.

Tyler: Agree. While I’m loving AJ’s current heel run, a heel turn by Cena is LONG overdue, so if that’s the way it has be done, I’m all for it.

Todd: Disagree. At this point in Cena’s career, it would be plain out stupid for him to turn heel. He is a part timer now so to me it would make no sense. If WWE wanted to turn Cena heel they should have done it 4 or 5 years ago not now. Stupid idiots!

Chad: I’d like to see because AJ is probably the best thing going in WWE right now and heel Cena against Undertaker makes sense; let’s see if they make the move.


Agree or Disagree: Dean Ambrose needs a good run as the Intercontinental Champion?

Steve: Whether it is Ambrose, or another top tier superstar, SOMEONE needs a good run with the Intercontinental title. I will agree because I think Ambrose can be a great champion and defend it regularly on Smackdown, and the other pay per view events. The IC title is my favorite of all the championships, and it has been a pure joke over the past several years. Someone like Ambrose can bring prestige back to the championship.

Tyler: Agree. Ambrose’s World Title run was kind of lackluster near the end, and the IC needs to stay on a single person for a long period of time.

Todd: Just as long as the Miz is not IC Champion I don’t care who holds the belt.

Chad: Miz is #NotmyICchamp. Ambrose can be the guy for a good long run with the belt.


Agree or Disagree: You would be okay if the Undertaker retired as the WWE Champion at Wrestlemania?

Steve: Hate to say this, because he so deserves it. But I disagree with this. While I have heard rumors that we will see a Cena defending the title against the Undertaker and have him win the title, then lay down his hat and the championship then walk away as the champion. I don’t like this idea. I dont have any problem with him winning the title, but I would like to see him defend it a few times before dropping it. Give him one more run as the championship. Then next year have him go out with a win. Or simply have Cena win the match and have the Undertaker walk away, there would be no shame to that. Other than the crowd would probably riot.

Tyler: Agree:  He absolutely deserves it.

Todd: Disagree> For the simple fact that then WWE would make up some stupid tournament to crown a new champion and put stupid idiots like James Ellsworth in it.

Chad: I’d be okay with it; who in the company would be better deserving? Answer, No One.

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