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Welcome to The Blog About Nothing. It’s the 13th of January, and we are one week away from the Presidential Inauguration. Next Friday begins a new era in the United States. Will it be morning in Washington again, or will it be a long drawn out state of midnight? We won’t know for days and months after the inauguration but what I know is that I’ll be saying goodbye to one of the inspirations of my life.

There are few people that have truly inspired me in my 35 years on Planet Earth. There are a lot of people I am thankful for because they have played substantial roles in my life, but few have inspired me like our 44th President, Barack Obama.obama

Before the events of 2008, I never even thought it was possible for a black man to become President of the United States. As a black man, I did not envision a time where the United States would elect someone from my race. When President Obama gave his excellent speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, I said that man could become President one day, but never did I imagine that the day would actually come.

To see him elected just four years later, did fill me with the hope that he campaigned on. Yes, we can, yes we did, and my goodness it was actually possible. We elected history.

President Obama is a role model that I aspired to. Politics aside, he led from a position of grace, charm, intelligence, and eloquence. Despite the mounting criticism against him, he never did waver or lose his cool.

He’s also someone who had a long fight with himself to discover who he was and to find his place in the World. If you have read this blogspace, you know that’s a battle I have been fighting my entire life. Personally, his discovery of self, and then having that new found sense of self to guide him towards the highest office in the Land is a footprint I can only pray to follow.

I really want to avoid delving into politics in this space. I accept that President Obama was a divisive figure for many, and that the election of President-Elect Donald Trump is in part a repudiation of President Obama and his politics, but the man, meant a lot to me. He showed me that it is possible.

With hard work, and dedication it is possible to achieve any dream. Nothing is beyond reach, or grasp. He has taught me to aspire to greatness for it is possible.

obama-jeans-calling-russian-president-vladimir-putinSo on January 19th, on his last full day in office, I plan to do the same thing I did the night he was elected in 2008. After hearing the announcement that President Obama, would indeed become the 44th President of the United States, I took a bottle of white rum that I had stashed away, and took a large swig. I celebrated the makings of history and I was thankful.

On the 19th I will take another swig, and I’ll still be thankful. The past eight years I was able to witness something I never thought was possible, and frankly I’m unsure if or when we will ever see again. The past eight years have been a defining moment. It was a victory that did indeed belong to me, it taught me that all things were possible, and for this young man from Brooklyn, the son of immigrants: the past eight years did show me that there is nothing beyond limit and I will always be thankful for the man that taught me such a valuable lesson.

Thank you.


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  1. I understand your feelings about Barack Obama. It is a special feeling to be inspired by a leader. I felt (and still feel) that way about Jack Kennedy. Like Obama, Kennedy had his faults and failures. But also like Obama, he had his qualities: leadership–specifically vision for the future and an eloquent voice for those who were denied their voice.

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