Movie Review: Deepwater Horizon

I live in LA, so the Deepwater Horizon disaster was front and center for a long time when it happened, and when my Bride and I had the chance to watch this movie, we of course, watched it.

Deepwater Horizon starts off with Mark Wahlberg, playing Mark Wahlberg, waking up next to Kate Hudson, on his way to 21 days on an oil rig. He gets morning sex- we don’t see it, but we know it happens as their daughter says she didn’t interrupt them because she “wants a little brother” in a legit laugh out loud joke. The daughter is off to school and has a report on what Daddy does at work, and it does a really good nutshell job of explaining what he does. I’m serious. Of course, the example he uses also fails in a horrible foreshadowing of what is going to happen in about an hour. Next we flip over to the Hot Chick from Jane the Virgin showing that the mechanic that is going to save the rig can’t even get her car to start. They aren’t going to blame all this on her, are they? Or is she going to be the hero?

Anyway, I got a bit of uneasyness now. But wait! Here’s Kurt Russell in his crusty phase as a safety officer, so he has to be our savior (but Mark Wahlberg is going to do what now?) So all 3 meet up at the Chappa and go to the rig, where they are 43 days late in starting to drill and the evil BP duo of Buddy Garrity, finally out of West Texas and John Malkovich in an accent that could either be Cajun or Insulting, depending on how good your speakers are.

So how is Deepwater Horizon?deepwater-horizon-1

I had just watched Sully, another movie based on real events, and to be honest, I wish I had a little bit more of that in this movie. I get over half a movie nothing but build, then we move into Peter Berg’s impression of Micheal Bay, then a really short aftermath.

The movie does a great job of making me care about everyone on the rig- well, We always care about Kurt Russell, and the Hot Chick from Jane the Virgin is badly underused, and Buddy Garrity and John Malkovich as the evil BP Duo are all people we are looking for in Act II. The Problem is, this stops being a build movie- and we don’t get to see any of them for any amount of time- this turns into a Mark Wahlberg Rescue Movie. Not that it’s a bad thing, goodness knows I’ve seen rescue movies and enjoyed them, but I was expecting and needing more than Marky Mark grab random people and Get Them To Tha Chappa! er, I mean to a boat. I know, I know, the rig burned for two days before it sank, and it was horrible and people died, but again, Sully used some licensee to build tension, Deepwater Horizon could have used that same license to extend the part where the people on the rig worked to solve the problem. We do get a good bit of that particularity from the man in the control room, I wish we had cared more about him before he died. Again, apologies to the actual person, but I would have rather learned more about him than meaningless scenes with Kate Hudson.  I’ll go a 5 here. I do think it’s worth a watch, especially if you are a fan of any of the fine actors here or just don’t know much about what they do on an oil rig.

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