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Hello there wrestling fans and Happy New Year to all of you. Welcome to the first edition of the Wrestling Roundtable of 2017. This week we have a lot of current events to discuss. Such as, Ring of Honor World Champion Kyle O’Reilly, also Kurt Angle to the WWE? All this and much more.


1.AJ Styles- The WWE Champion is more confident than ever going into the Royal Rumble against John Cena. After a series of wins over Cena, it would appear that Styles has Cena’s number.

2.Roman Reigns- Is anyone hotter than Roman Reigns? He is on fire as of late, but can he become a double champion at the Royal Rumble?

3.Braun Strowman- Even after a double spear from Goldberg and Reigns, Strowman, to me, is still unstoppable and is a wild-card to win the Rumble.

4.Baron Corbin- Corbin is on fire as of late, with a championship performance on Smackdown a week ago, and a big win over Ziggler this past Tuesday, it may be just a matter of time before we see championship gold around his waste.

5.Kevin Owens- The Universal Champion makes his way back into the Power Rankings. Though I still wonder if he is able to win a match on his own.


1987- Hulk Hogan faced off against Paul Orndorff in a steel cage headlining Saturday Nights Main Event, the match would end in a virtual tie, as both men escaped the cage at the same time.

2003- Steve Dr Death Williams defeated Terry Taylor to win the NWA Mid-Atlantic Championship. This is significant because just 6 years later, on the same day, Williams passes away from cancer at the age of 49.

2010- After over 12 years, Bret Hart returns to the WWE to address the WWE fans, Vince McMahon, and Shawn Michaels. Bret put the past behind him and was able to move forward.

And here are the questions this week.


Kurt Angle recently stated that he is done with independent shows because he is coming to the WWE in April. The WWE has denied this and has not confirmed anything at this point. Do you think we will see Kurt Angle this year back in the WWE?

Steve: I think we will see him. The WWE never confirms these things from happening. If Angle says its going to happen, then I would bank on that from happening. He needs to be in the Hall of Fame sooner rather than later.

Tyler: If we do, and this isn’t Kurt trolling us *again*, then I would hope he’s kept to a Legends schedule or used as a trainer, as I think his neck’s being held together by chewing gum and duct tape at this point.

Chad: I think it is only a matter of time before we see Kurt in a WWE ring he would make a great surprise return for Wrestlemania or the Raw after which is known for returns and surprises.

Todd: No one really cares. WWE needs to start developing new stars instead of bringing all theses has beens back.


Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Champion Kyle O’Reilly is currenly not under contract with Ring of Honor, yet he is the current World Champion. Is this a mistake to keep their title belt on him as he is not under contract with the company?

****EDITORS NOTE: After this question was submitted. Adam Cole defeated Kyle O’Reilly to become the new Ring of Honor Champion.*******

Steve: It definitely is a scary thing to see, because we know what can happen when a champion is not under contract (insert the Montreal Screwjob) However, I think that O’Reilly is business guy and will do what is best for Ring of Honor. Im sure he will re-sign with them eventually.

Tyler: There’s a chance he might pull a CM Punk, but he strikes me as a company guy and has been with ROH for awhile now, so I don’t see him jumping ship while he has the belt.

Chad: It’s a scary situation certainly but being in Ring of Honor I wouldn’t expect O’Reilly to pull anything to keep from losing the belt. He certainly to me doesn’t have the rivalry with anyone where a situation would come (Bret and Shawn).

Todd: I don’t really give a fuck!


The WWE did not hold the traditional Slammy Awards in 2016. Do you agree with the decision, or do you even care?

Steve: Honestly dont really care. I liked the Slammy’s in the old days when it was its own show. I never liked it on Raw. Besides, Todd told me that James Ellsworth won every single award so thats why they never showed it. Where’s the love for James??

Tyler: Good riddance.  I always hated the Slammy’s, and I’m glad we’re not getting our time wasted by that nonsense anymore.

Chad: Huh, No Slammy Awards this year…cool

Todd: Honestly I didn’t really notice until after the 1st of the year. I didn’t really care because nothing happened that was worthy of a slammy award this year.


Agree or Disagree : AJ Styles is the best signing from non developmental for the WWE in the past 10 years.

Steve: I would be hard pressed to say he is the best signing period in the last ten years, really since John Cena. Though even Cena wasnt the superstar right off the bat. AJ, has come on to the scene and unlike many that proceeded him, he has taken the opportunity and ran with it.

Tyler: Agree.  The fact that he’s been in other US promotions as well as Japan gives him instant credibility with WWE audiences. Couple that with his athleticism, experience, and adaptability to work as either face or heel and excel in both roles makes him the best.

Chad: He is certainly the best signing that they have had in a long time. He came in with a following already from is tours in other promotions around the world and put that with all of his skills and talents you’d be hard pressed to find anyone else better.

Todd: To be honest with you I am surprised a guy who came from outside the WWE has held the top prize in this company for so long. I guess that’s the way Vince wants it though. I think James Ellsworth is the best signing though. After all he is 3-1 against A.J. Styles.


Agree or Disagree: Kevin Owens’s championship run has been a massive disappointment?

Steve: Just in the sense of how he has been booked. That has been a massive disappointment. I will say this, Owens as Universal Champion has been entertaining, and if that is the nature of the business, to entertain, then he has been a success. As far as wrestling, then yeah he definitely ranks up there with the worst.

Tyler: Disagree. I think it’s a bit harsh to say it’s a massive disappointment, but I do wish they’d book him stronger with more decisive wins and less outside interference.  But I do like the interactions between him and Jericho, as they have really good comedic chemistry.

Chad: I would say Yes, solely based on the Hell in a Cell match where Jericho was in there for half of the match. He certainly could be booked a lot stronger.

Todd: Agree 100%. His booking has been terrible. He didn’t win it on his own. He has only won one match on his own since becoming the Universal Champion and that was against Sami Zayn on Raw. WWE has made him look weak by losing to Roman Reigns on several different occasions. Every other match where he has not had help from someone he has lost. WWE needs to pull their head out of their ass and start putting on some quality shit.

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