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detroit-vs-seattleDetroit Lions At Seattle Seahawks

Bill: Detroit hasn’t been consistent much of the year and lacks the truly big game punch it had with Calvin Johnson catching damn near everything; that said, they’ve been behind in the fourth quarter 15 times and still managed to win 9 of those contests. On the flip side, while this may not be the Seahawks of old, I just don’t see the Lions making magic happen in Seattle despite the Aqua Chickens being a lot more vulnerable in their nest as opposed to the previous seasons.

Chad: Seattle has the home field and Russell Wilson but Detroit is playing well with Matt Stafford at QB and Jim Bob Cooter as the coordinator. Seattle wins Closer than the spread

Steve: Detroit is on a bit of a slide as of the last few weeks. Seattle has been struggling as well, but they will do just enough to defeat the Lions in Seattle. Close score, but Seattle pulls it out.

Joe: Nothing either of these teams has down throughout the season gives me very much confidence in their being able to get much further than the wild card round but someone has to win the game. So, Seattle it is purely based upon the fact that I have more faith in their defense than I do in Detroit’s offense.  Plus, Matt Stafford is still wounded (finger) and his pass to INT ratio is now 9 to 7 and the Lion defense has frankly been relatively porous as of late.

David: I have no idea how this game is going to turn out. The Lions tend to suck for most of the game, but keep it close enough to pull out a win. Of their nine wins, eight were 4th Quarter comebacks. Having a crappy pass defense but a decent run defense helps, as teams can’t sit on the ball in the fourth. The Seahawks are built to be another victim. Wilson is a dynamic QB, but not exactly one that will blow a game open. The Seahawks secondary hasn’t been the same since Earl Thomas went down, and Stafford is having a great season. This is a pure coin flip, and I normally take the better coach, and that gives me the Seahawks, with 0 confidence.

The Staff picks Seattle 5-0

oakland-vs-houstonOakland Raiders vs Houston Texans

Bill: The silver and black attack has been stellar this season and has shown themselves to be a powerhouse. Houston can’t say the same and Osweiler hasn’t shown much for the sizable contract he signed in the offseason. Even without Catt, I still think OAK pulls this one out. They’ve got too much talent on both sides of the ball to not win this game. That doesn’t discount HOU by any means, but I just don’t think they get it done.

Chad: Both teams have questions at QB; In a small upset I will take Oakland on the Road as I feel they are more talented than Houston even without their MVP candidate in Derek Carr

Steve: Can we call Oakland a Cinderella this season? Possibly, but the injury to Derrick Carr will prove to be too much to overcome for the Raiders. Texans win by 10 plus.

Joe: Went back and forth over this one but without the potential MVP at QB out of the game I just don’t see Oakland mustering up enough big plays to take out Houston.

David: Damn you Week 17! The Raiders could be a really good sleeper team in the playoffs. They are built from the inside out, with a solid offensive line, and a great defensive line. Again, I have to mention that I stated that Mack was going to be a stud the moment has was drafted. The difference is this game is that the Raiders backup backup QB is going to have time to make throws while the Texans QB might not.

The Staff takes Oakland 3-2

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