NFL Sunday Predictions


New York Giants at Green Bay Packers

Bill: We’ve seen this one before and it could definitely go either way. I’m not confident in OBJ suddenly getting his shit together to be the big name player the hype has made him. Manning is still great and may find a way to rally the troops, but I think that Mr. Discount Double Check and crew take their cheese wheel on to the next round.

Chad: Green Bay because I will never ever bet against that bad man Aaron Rodgers at home in the Playoffs especially with the role he has been on. The Giants are good but are running into the hottest team in the league right now.

Steve: Why am I picking against my team? Simple, the Giants own the Packers at Lambaeu Field. They even hold an NFC Championship victory over them as well. I don’t like this match up for Green Bay, and I think the Giants win in a close game.

Joe: No, I ain’t drunk or high. I am putting all of my faith in the Giants defense (best in points allowed in the NFC and second best in NFL) and in the fact that “Good Eli” and not “Bad Eli” shows up for at least one game.

David: Eli is 2-0 in Green Bay in the playoffs, in case you didn’t know. The power of the Giants defense is that secondary, and that should be fun to make Rodgers work for a win. I can’t see how OB3 gets going vs the Tundra and that defense. I think this is going to be a sloppy game, but I’ll take the Packers.

The Staff picks NY Giants 3-2

Miami Dolphins at Pittsburgh Steelers

Bill: I think it’s fair to say that few saw this season’s Dolphins getting to this point. They’ve put together a solid season all around and Ajayi has been a force in the backfield. They’ve beaten this Steelers team before and know what it takes, but that was in the regular season. The playoffs are where Roethlisberger and company always shine and this season will be no different and especially since they’re at home.

Chad: I have to take the Pittsburgh Steelers with a rested Big Ben and Le’veon to go with Antonio Brown and the rest of their weapons on Offense. I just don’t Mike Tomlin letting Matt Moore at QB beat him at home in the postseason.

Steve: The Steelers are rested, and the Dolphins limped into the playoffs. I dont think this will be close at all. I like the Steelers in a route at home.

Joe: I just have no faith in Miami and I have complete faith in Big Ben, Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell and the Steelers’ defense being just good enough.

David: Miami is pretty hot coming into the playoffs, but now Tanny is out. No matter what you think of Cheerleading Mike Tomlin, they cannot lose this game, and they wont.

The Staff picks Pittsburgh, 5-0

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