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I think we have all heard of Sully, and his landing in the Hudson river in New York. For me at least, that is pretty much where the story ends, Sully goes off as a hero, does the talk-show circuit, and lives happily ever after.
Nope. There was an investigation about what happened on that flight, and if Sully needed to defend everything he did on that fight.

How on earth can we get a decent runtime out of this? Well, we add some padding with Sully’s wife in there, we flashback a few times from different people, we add in some passengers, and we make the inquiry more confrontational than it really was. I’m not going to do my normal third-plot breakdown, as we all know the plot by now. So lets get into how this movie is.

Whoa. This is a quick movie. It’s a good hour and a half, but the movie flies by. Make us wonder if we got the whole thing before we checked the timer. That is a credit to how well this movie is done and acted. sully-1
Tom Hanks is stellar as the everyman hero. In other news, water is wet. The rest of the cast does a solid job as well in revolving around Hanks. Laura Linney subplot is wasted and not really needed, and I do wonder why it’s there, as it doesn’t go anywhere and it’s not like we needed to pad the runtime.

I will be honest, I didn’t know that Sully was being railroaded by the system- not that that should be surprising, given the world today. That does serve as the drama of the story, and the movie does an excellent job in putting out the tension. We know Sully is a hero, but even Sully has self-doubt, done in a wonderful manner of dream sequences. Clint Eastwood just manufactures the drama out of whole cloth, and at no time does it feel fake or pushed on us. Sully just flows.

I’ll go an 8 here. I’m almost scared to watch the movie again, in fear of seeing holes or catching something that dings the magic. I wouldn’t get the DVD, unless it has something like the real Sully doing commentary like Zach Snyder on Watchmen, but I fully recommend you going out of your way to sit down and watch this one.

There really ins’t a need for a spoiler tag here, the movie is fairly straight-forward, we know what happened the plane went down and Sully is a hero who knew his job and his plane. This is just an incredible telling of his story.

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