NFL Picks Season Wrapup.

Well, another season is behind us, and time to breakdown how we did. Again, we are picking straight-up, and the unanamous picks were excellent, ending the year at 73-18, after going 8-0, winning with Minny, Indy, NE, Pitt, ATL, KC, Sea, and GB.

So lets look at how the panel ended up.

Jim Archie Chad Bill Joe
Last Week 0-0 0-0 11-5 11-5 12-4
Season 117-72- 2 122-82- 2 132-73- 2 155-98- 2 156-97- 2

Steve has been winning the season since Week 6, and going into the final week, there were 3 people in striking range, and with that last week-

DJ David Dan Steve
Last Week 11-5 11-5 12-4 14-2
Season 162-91- 2 163-90- 2 164-895- 2 168-85- 2

Yes, Steve won the week going away and made sure he slammed the door on everyone. I do want to thank Joe who saved me hours this year and kept me straight this season.

Moving over to my Fantasy Football, since I know you all care- I had four teams

Low Rent. (autodrafted)
Finished in 4th place.
Had Adrian Peterson, Jordy Nelson and Jeremy Maclin as 3 of my first 4 picks. Demaryius Thomas was the 3rd rounder, and he cracked double digit points a grand total of 3 times. I thought I was in good shape, when I snatched Matt Ryan late in the draft and rode him all year.

David’s Team (I picked)
Whoa boy.
Here are my first 2 picks.
Rob Gronkowski
Adrian Peterson

Have a nice year.
I did scoop Rodgers in round 3, but Amari Cooper and Julian Edelman after that nailed me for the year. Kinda proud after all this I did make it to fourth.

Dandy Team
Second Place
I was kinda screwed here as this was supposed to an auction team, since I got LeVeon Bell in round 1 when I thought I was putting him up for bid. Ended up with Mark Ingram in round 2.  This whole team blew, but I must have made 5 transactions a week on this one. I think over half my picks got cut, but I did get Dak Prescott to make it interesting. But Jordan Reed in round 5? Geez. Ended up in 4th place.

Keep Pounding in the official league.
2nd place, and I’ll just say that the first place team racked up the highest points they have scored all season. They also had Jordy Nelson (27.4) and Le’Veon Bell (25.7) to help bury me. Earl, of Blog About Nothing Fame won the league, and DJ had the best record- but lost in the playoffs to me. Of course, my horrible drafting was overcome, as I had Adrian Peterson again.


Far as our Season Predictions?


David Morris DJ Steve Chad
East New England New England New England New England New England
North Baltimore Baltimore Baltimore Baltimore Steelers
South Indianapolis Indianapolis Indianapolis Indianapolis Indianapolis
West Denver Denver Denver San Diego Denver
Wild Card Buffalo Kansas City Pittsburgh Denver Dolphins
Wild Card Kansas City Miami Buffalo Buffalo Ravens


David Morris DJ Steve Chad
East Dallas Philadelphia Dallas Dallas Dallas
North Green Bay Green Bay Green Bay Green Bay Green Bay
South Carolina Carolina New Orleans Carolina New Orleans
West Seattle St Louis Seattle Seattle Seattle
Wild Card Philadelphia Seattle Philadelphia Philadelphia Arizona
Wild Card Detroit New Orleans Arizona Arizona Minny

So I didn’t do too bad in the NFC, but who saw Atlanta coming? That Denver collapse hurt as well.


See you tomorrow for the playoff Predictions!

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