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Welcome to the first edition of NBA RoundTable of 2017. I hope everyone had a great New Year. This week, Was the Bulls right in benching Rondo, Are the Clippers in trouble with all the injuries, that and so much more on NBARoundtable.

Here are the questions:

Chicago Bulls

Fred Hoiberg for right now any ways seems to have benched Rajon Rondo in favor of Michael Carter-Williams. Was this a Smart move on the Chicago Bulls part?

Todd: Lets be honest Rondo has not been the same player since they broke up the big 3 in Boston of Garnett, Allen, and Pierce. It makes you think was it the big 3 that made Rondo look so good. Sure he can still put up the assists when he wants to but he is not consistent. Michael Carter-Williams is not the answer though. He was a top pick for none other than the 76ers a few years back. He is horrible. the Bulls just need help at the point guard position and they wasted money on Rondo in my opinion.

Steve: They still are not winning games, so it appears as it is a wash. They are not playing well as a team. Rondo is not a franchise player obviously, but Williams doesnt seem to be either. Either way you look at it, the Bulls are a hot mess.

Chad: I don’t think it does in the positive or negative its just another option for the Bulls still puzzled by the Bulls signing to be honest.

Dan :While I’m sure there’s good reasoning for it, and Rondo isn’t having the best season, I didn’t really seem to get a clear explanation for the benching from Hoiberg and it didn’t sound like Rondo received a solid explanation either, which is what makes the move a little questionable. I wouldn’t say it was a smart move, but I don’t think it was a dumb move either. Obviously there was a reason for it, but with the contract they just signed Rondo to, I don’t  think that they should be benching him. Keep him in the game, but don’t bench him for an entire half or longer.

LA Clippers

The Los Angeles Clippers seem to be in a tail spin losing the last 6 games in a row including one to the lowly cross town rivals the Lakers. Is the injury bug catching up to them?

Todd: Well we all know that Chris Paul is the head of the snake. Although they did improve their bench by adding guys like Mo Speights, their starting lineup has been inconsistent this year with all the injuries.

Steve: Call it an injury bug, call it overachieving to start the season. Whatever it is, they need to correct it fast, or they will fall in the West. There are teams ready to play.

Chad: TO me it is a combonation of them having injuries piling up on them and the team playing to their back down to what they were projected to be.

Dan: I think it is. Blake Griffin is out for an extended period of time which is really hurting their game with his down low play and ability to get boards and then Chris Paul, their offensive leader, has been banged up and missing action. Missing your top two players or dealing with 1 of the top 2 with injuries can really harm a team and their momentum and that’s what’s happening in Los Angeles.

Since this year the bottom half of the west is so weak, even the Dallas Mavericks at 4.5 games back still have a realistic chance at the 8th seed. Who is your pick at the 8th seed and why?

Todd: I like the New Orleans Pelicans. I just think Anthony Davis is gonna carry them to the 8th seed. they are currently only 2 games behind Sacramento. I think Cousins is gonna costs the Kings because of his attitude.

Steve: I liked the Kings going into the season, as I think Cousins can lead this team to at least an 8th seed. However, I could see the Blazers making a run. Should be interesting to say the least, because 1 through 7 seem to be locked up.

Chad: 2 Seasons ago on this roundtable I picked New Orleans over Oklahoma City for the 8th seed when no one else did and I am doing it again Anthony Davis can carry this team to the Playoffs

Dan: I think Portland will take over the 8th seed beating out both Sacramento and New Orleans. I think they all finish real close to each other, but Portland will take the 8th seed a couple games over .500. Granted, it doesn’t matter too much since I believe Golden State will sweep all 3 of those teams, but I still do think that Portland will make it. CJ and Lillard are very dangerous players and are going to lead the Trail Blazers. Rudy Gay is likely gone in Sacramento before the trade deadline and I think Boogie will last the entire season, but he also could be traded before the trade deadline. New Orleans just doesn’t look like a playoff team, especially after their extremely slow start. Portland takes it. nba-logo

Has the NBA gone soft? (for instance is there to much hugging and hand shaking going on in today’s game)

Todd: This has been horrible over the last several years. For instance I was watch a Laker-Pelican Game. Robinson and Davis had some serious words. Immediately after the play they walked over to each other and hugged. Are you fucking kidding me. Today’s friendships are ruining rivalries.

Steve: Yes, it is awful the way that they are playing.

Chad: Yes, the atmosphere of ELE (Everyone Love Everyone) in the NBA has caused a softness in the game.

Dan: I don’t think so. I think that referees favor super stars and certain teams, but as for it going soft, I don’t think so. They still get physical down low and they’re still making hard contact when they need to be and are getting away with it. An ex-referee has came out and stated that the NBA tells referees to favor higher paid players as well as more popular players. Make sure to favor super stars. I think that’s definitely true as evidenced by watching the games. The only thing I wish they would call more is traveling since it has become so commonplace, people are shocked when someone does get whistled for it. Just start calling it. It’s in the rules. 1 step then a pivot foot. You cannot move the pivot foot by lifting it  up or switching pivot foots. Start calling traveling!


If Michael Jordan would not have retired after the Bulls won their 3rd NBA title in 1993, would the Houston Rockets be back to back champions in 1994-95?

Todd: I don’t like questions like this. It is a what if question. I don’t really know, the Rockets were a 6th seed in the West for their first Championship and they ended up winning it all. It would have been a good game although the Bulls would not have had any answer for Olajawan. Could jordan carry them to a past the rockets. Tough call.

Steve: I watched the 30 for 30 on ESPN on the Rockets, and Michael Jordan said that he was glad that the Rockets never got out of the West during their runs, because they had no answer for Olajuwan. I beg to differ. I think that had Jordan not retired, the Rockets would not have won a championship. That Bulls team was just too damn good.

Chad: I say no because I would think that if Jordan had stayed with Pippen and Grant for the 93-94 season that they would have beaten the Rockets before Grant leaves for Free Agency to Orlando,

Dan: It’s hard for me to say. I was born in 1994. What has happened has already happened. But, I think if Houston was good enough to win back-to-back titles, I think they still could’ve won it with Michael Jordan still playing in Chicago. Granted it would’ve been a lot tougher with how good the 1993 team was, I still think Houston would’ve came out on top both of those seasons.

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