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Hello wrestling fans, and Happy New Year to all of you. Welcome to the first edition of Pounding 7’s in 2017! This week we are going to kick the New Year off with the Top 7 Wrestlers that most non-wrestling fans will know. I actually did some homework on this, and went around to ask the non casual wrestling fan who they may have heard of and why. This is the countdown. As always, let me know who I left off, and what your list would be.

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Kevin from Ft Worth Texas chimes in to kick the new year off.

Other than Hulk Hogan, Has there ever been a wrestler who refused to lose a match…..and get their way?

Im sure it happens more often than you think, or at least it is publicized. One that really stands out in my mind is when Shawn Michaels refused to drop the championship to Vader at Summerslam 1996. Vader was supposed to defeat Shawn for the title, then go on to have a program with Bret Hart. The two would trade the championship back and forth, and would ultimately have Shawn regaining the championship at Wrestlemania against Bret Hart once again. Instead, we got the classic main event of Undertaker vs Sid in an “epic” main event.



In 2003, Kane was the Intercontinental Champion, and a babyface in the company. He teamed up with X-Pac, and even had a girlfriend in Tori. During a program with Triple H for the WWE Championship, Triple H challenged Kane to battle in a title vs mask match on Raw. Kane accepted, and ultimately lost the match. When he unmasked, his partner and friend at the time, Rob Van Dam, tried to console him, and Kane attacked Van Dam leaving him out cold in the middle of the ring. Kane would return to action, as the evil demented soul that he was, wreaking havoc on not just the wrestlers, but commentators, and fans as well.



Here are the top 7 wrestlers that the non casual wrestling fan may know.

Honorable Mention

The Miz- From his time on the Real World. Many outside wrestling fans may remember the Miz from his time on reality TV.

Stone Cold Steve Austin- Even though Austin is primarily a namesake in wrestling, his name can be recognized by many non wrestling fans across the world.

Sgt Slaughter- A lifelong professional wrestler, Sgt. Slaughter was notorious for his time in the cartoon GI Joe.


7. Andre the Giant- Any person alive would know this name, whether you are a wrestling fan or not. Andre the Giant is one of the most recognized name across the world.

6. Vince McMahon- Anyone will know this name. Vince McMahon started the failed Football organization the XFL, and his wife, Linda ran for United States Senate twice.

5. The Undertaker- The Undertaker has not really done much outside of wrestling, but the non casual wrestling fan will easily recognize this name, wrestling fan or not.

4. Brock Lesnar- A former UFC champion, and NCAA standout. Brock Lesnar is widely known for a variety of things other than professional wrestling, and many recognize his name outside of wrestling.

3. The Rock- Outside of wrestling, The Rock is a well known movie star that has made a second living making movies. Most know him from his personna, Dwayne the Rock Johnson.

2. Hulk Hogan- When it comes crashing down, Hulk Hogan is widely known world wide, even as a wrestler just due to his controbutions to the sports entertainment industry.

1. John Cena- From the ring, to movies, to Fruity Pebbles. John Cena takes the top spot. Every person that I spoke to who is not a wrestling fan stated that they know who John Cena is. Cena is the most recognizable name in the in the wrestling industry, even if you are not a wrestling fan.

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