MMA Roundtable: UFC 207 edition

Welcome to the Final MMA Roundtable for the year, as we talk Rizin, Goldy being gone, and get some picks for UFC 207. If you want to be a member of the Roundtable in 2017, let us know.

1. ‘Cro Cop’ Knocked out ‘King Mo’ at Rizin FF 3. Does this say more about Cro-Cop or Mo? King Mo Lawal

Roni: IMHO this just shows what we knew about both.
Cro Cop is all about standing and Mo has the wrestling.
But Cro Cop has great TD and is bigger than Mo, which helped him keep it standing.
David: I think it’s yet another example of Mo being a Big Fish in an increasingly growing pond. There is no reason Mo should have lost this fight, and it wasn’t close. I think his chin is going quickly, as Cro-Cop isn’t the striker he was, and still put Mo away.

2. Will you miss Mike Goldberg?

Roni: Yes and no.
He was definitely someone you cringe or laugh when watching fights.
But after over a decade, it amazes me how little he did learn about this sport. I don’t know if he can’t or simply does not care to learn; but with the growing popularity of this sport, you can’t have someone like him.
David: Depends on who replaces him. I think Goldy has a great voice, but he’s gotten stale and unlike Rogan, has not improved his knowledge of the sport. I can learn from Rogan, the next time Goldberg says something I didn’t know, will be the first. I’d like to see Stann and Anik moved to the top spot, or even bring back MIR to the booth, but that’s just me.

3. Rousey vs Nunez

Roni: My pick is Nunez.
This fight hinges on how mentally strong Rousey is.
If all was good in the world, I would say Rousey.
But with everything that happened over the past year, I don’t know if mentally she is strong enough to win. From the reports and news we’ve seen, we can only say she is not ready. But then again, it is hard to make such claim if we have’t really seen her at all.
David: It’s going to be fun, and a complete toss-up. The question becomes can Nunez stay upright long enough to tap Rhonda’s chin? Holm took her out, and Nunez hits harder, from what I have heard. Amanda has a strong defensive ground game, and I think that can keep her alive long enough to get to Rousey’s chin.

4. Cody vs CruzCruz

Roni:My pick is Cruz.
I do think Cody has a chance to knock Cruz out.
But then again, Cruz never been KO’d, and I don’t think Cody will be able to catch him.
David: Much like the main event, Cody hits hard, and can drop anyone short of Nate Diaz. The problem is, tapping Cruz is like trying to catch water in a net. Cruz is more than wiling to dip around and take potshots until Cody slows down. Cody is going to get frustrated and start making mistakes and Cruz is going to point-fight for 25 minutes. It’s the Alpha Male way.

5. Lineker vs TJ Dillashawtj-dillashaw

Roni:My pick is TJ.
While I do like Lineker style and his iron chin, I dislike how he missed weight so many times, and I get frustrated on how can the UFC put TJ against him. TJ is the top contender and should have been getting this title shot (instead of Cody).
And while I do think Lineker should be climbing up the ladder to a title shot, I do think it is a mistake to have hin fight the top contender when he missed weight in his last fight. Because a win over TJ puts him into title contention, and I don’t want someone who can’t consistently make weight at the top.
David: First off let me explain something
Garbrandt is ranked #5 on the list of contenders. #3  (Assuncao)  lost his last fight to Dillashaw, and #2 (Lineker) is unreliable at making weight. (#1) Dillashaw, lost to Cruz also. Garbrandt should be next, as Rivera is booked vs Caraway (#6). So quit the whining.
That being said, this is the hardest fight to guess. Lineker can also drop anyone, but Dilly is Cruz-lite. If Lineker can make weight easily, then he should be in good shape, if not, then Dillashaw will roll. With a good weight-cut? Then TJ is in for a long night. I think I’ll take Lineker, but this is a coin-flip to me.

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