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Welcome to the last NBA Round Table of the year! I hope everyone enjoy this years NBA RoundTable. I would also like to appologize for not participating last week as I have been busy. This week, should the Magic be embarrassed for not retiring Shaq’s jersey, is the one and done rule dumb, that and so much more on NBA RoundTable.

Lets get started:

Agree or Disagree. Last week Shaq had his second NBA Jersey retired by the Miami Heat. With The Los Angeles Lakers already retiring his jersey. During the Broadcast on TNT Reggie Miller stated that the Orlando Magic should be embarrassed that they have not retired Shaq’s number yet.

Todd: Absolutely agree. Orlando should have retired his jersey long ago. Although he never brought them a championship he along with Penny Hardaway helped changed the culture of the team.

Steve: Absolutely the Magic should be ashamed about this. The combo of Shaq and Penny led the Magic to the top of the heap in the Eastern Conference and even led the Magic to the NBA Finals in 1995. They defeated in the playoffs, a Michael Jordan led Chicago Bulls team in 6 games. While they got swept by Houston in the Finals, it was the first time the Magic won a conference championship. Shaq alone, put the Magic on the map as a top tier NBA team, and his number should be retired. It should have been the first one in my opinion.

Dan: Agree. Shaq’s number needs to be retired by Orlando. He played in Los Angeles and his number was retired. Granted he brought them championships, but his number was still retired. Miami retired his number. He also brought them championships though. While I can see that Orlando won’t retire his jersey yet because he didn’t bring them championships, they still should retire Shaq’s number for the simple fact that he played on their team, was one of the greatest players to ever wear a Magic jersey and has had his number retired by 2 other teams he played for already. Just retire Shaq’s number.

Chad: Agree; Shaq along with Penny made basketball relevant in Orlando and helped keep the NBA going when Jordan went to go play Baseball. Orlando should be ashamed

Agree or Disagree. Lou Williams recently stated that the one and done rule is dumb. It states you have to be one year removed from high school before you can enter the NBA draft. (keep in Mind Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, LeBron James and even Lou Williams himself came straight from high school)

Todd: Well if you look at the players mentioned that came from high school Kobe, Kevin, and Lou. Out of them 3 Kobe and Kevin are sure fire hall of famers. Oh yeah I am sorry LeBron is a pretty descent player too. The NBA main concern is the maturity level but these 4 athletes made it. I think if you are good enough you should be able to play. Why hold back aa great talent from succeeding?

Steve: My opinion on the one and done rule is simple. Its stupid, if you are good enough to play in the NBA after High School then you should be able to jump right to it. MVP’s have obviously been made from these deals. Teams dont have to draft them, if they have reservations. This is a money maker for the NBA for the draft, as if you have a college standout, where they may have played on the National stage. More people may tune in for the draft to see who gets that top star.

Dan: Agree. Instead of having a one-and-done rule, why not either change it to allowing players to come directly out of high school or make them play 2-3 years in college? Are they really going to college to get an education or are they going just to fit the NBA’s one-and-done rule? If you want to stress an education so much, why allow them to go for one year? Do you think they really care about school if they already know they’re going into the NBA after one season in college? Allow players to enter into the league directly from high school. Kobe Bryant did it. LeBron did it. Why not allow more players to do such a thing instead of wasting their time and the college’s time with this stupid one-and-done rule?

Chad: The One and DOne is a silly rule because why have players only go for one year they aren’t there for the education anyway and they could be taking the spot of a deserving student rather than an athlete who pretends to be a student for a year (i.e. Ben Simmons at LSU.)

Agree or disagree. Pat Riley recently stated that Shaq was the biggest acquisition in Miami Heat history, Even Bigger than the big 3 of James, Bosh, and Wade.

Todd: Well first of all I don’t count the big 3 as an acquisition. I think that was more of a business deal. So yes Shaq was probably the biggest acquisition in Miami Heat history.

Steve: Riley is wrong here, and not just for the aforementioned statement. No way was Shaq the biggest acquisition in Miami Heat history. Maybe in size, that may be the truth, and while I think the big three is the best core of players that made the Miami Heat. The biggest acquisition in Heat history is Pat Riley himself. When he came to the Heat, he immediately put them on the map. Without Pat Riley, the Heat would not have signed a Dwayne Wade out of Marquette, they would not have signed Shaq, and they would not have signed LeBron, and Bosh. Riley is the sole reason for the Miami Heat’s success over the past 10 years.

Dan: Disagree. The biggest acquisition in Miami history that I can think of was the Big Three. Granted that’s more than one acquisition but I will consider it one acquisition for the sake of this question. Acquiring those three players brought multiple championships to Miami in multiple years. They were damn near unstoppable. Shaq wasn’t like that. He wasn’t the biggest in my eyes.

Chad: Shaq + Wade helped get Miami their first NBA championship so yes I would say he was the most important acquistion.

The bottom teams in the Western Conference are looking pretty weak this year. Will there be a team in the west that makes it to the playoffs with a record below .500?

Todd: With the 8th seed in the West currently sitting 3 games below .500. I think this year will be the year where the 8th seed makes the playoffs at sub .500 record. The top teams are too good and the bottom teams are not good enough.

Steve: I dont think so, I think it will come true to form as the season progresses. It may be hovering around .500, but I dont think there will be a team in the West that makes the playoffs with a sub .500 record. I will be interested to see if the Kings are able to make a run at the playoffs, as they currently sit at 9th.

Dan: No, there will not be a team below .500 making the playoffs in the West. They might be a game or two above .500, but there will not be a team under .500 making it in the West. It hasn’t happened in recent memory and this year won’t be the start.

Chad: Disagree; One of those teams will get hot enough in the second half of the year and sneak above .500.

The Lakers have hit a brick wall going 1-12 in their last 13, after starting the season 10-10. Should they trust all the young guys they have or go out and try to make a blockbuster deal?

Todd: No brainer. They should stick with their young core of guys. I think if this same group stays together next year this team will be tough to beat. They have some quality wins over teams like the Warriors, Rockets, Clippers, and they beat the Hawks twice. Deng is finally finding his game. Ingram was 1 point and 1 assist away from having a triple double against the Cavaliers. They probably played one of their best games against Cleveland and almost any other team they would have probably won. They don’t need a superstar!!!! They have one, his name is Brandon Ingram!!!

Steve: As much as I love the core players that the Lakers have. I think having one big superstar to help lead this team of young stars to the next level. They need to keep this core of players together, but they do need to add a veteran presence that can help mold these kids. Sorry, Metta WP is not the answer to that solution.

Dan: I think the Lakers should stick with the young players they have. They aren’t going to compete this year. They’re on a cold streak which is fine. Every team hits a cold streak, granted it’s not this bad, but every team does go through one. And the Lakers organization need to not over-react and pull a knee-jerk reaction to their 1-12 skid. Let these young players play, gain confidence and team chemistry. This Lakers team can be real good within a year or two. Let them get used to each other and comfortable with each other including the rest of the West and the league overall. It will help the Lakers organization overall.

Chad: The Lakers do need veteran leadership to help guide their young talent no where that piece is coming from I do not know but the young guys cannot be trusted at this point.

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