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Hello again wrestling fans and Happy Holidays to you all. I hope you all had a great Christmas. Now its time to get back to business with Pounding 7’s. This is the only countdown where I can piss off so many people in one sitting. This week, I am going to countdown the top 7 “Trio” teams. These teams simply had three members to them. Who makes the list? Who did I leave out? Find out all this and more!


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Randy wants to know about wrestlers holding titles.

Quick question. Why do some wrestlers never wear their championship belt, like Roman Reigns, and the Miz. They never wear the title, they just carry it, or drape it over the shoulder. Is this a gimmick thing?

Its really just a preference. I guess you can say it goes along with the gimmick. Roman Reigns did wear the title when he was a tag champion, and the Miz wore the IC and US title when he won it before. When he had his arrogant gimmick, he would drape it over his shoulder. He never wore it when he was WWE Champion. Some won’t wear it simply because it will not fit. Let’s take Roman for instance, he wears that body armor, so the belt may not fit right. You have guys like Vader, who carried the title because he was too big and the belt would not fit around his waste. Bam Bam Bigelow wore the WCW Tag Team title belt to the ring, and on his way to the ring it fell off. Quite humorous. I think it was at Road Wild 99, if I am not mistaken. So yeah, you are partially right about the gimmick part, but ultimately it is just personal preference when it comes to holding the title.



At Survivor Series 1998, Deadly Games, the WWE Championship was defended in a 16 man one night tournament. The fan favorite going into the tournament was none other than the Rock. He was put in many tough spots in order to compete in the tournament, and then during the tournament he was given more of the same. In the Finals, it was The Rock against the Corporation’s own, Mankind. It had appeared that Vince was going to screw over The Rock once again and give Mankind the championship. However, in a swerve, The Rock applied the Sharpshooter, and McMahon once again called for the bell, and gave the Rock the WWE World Championship. The Rock immediately turned heel, and joined the Corporation.




Here we go with the top 7 “Trio” tag teams.


The York Foundation- Terry Taylor, Ricky Morton, and Tommy Rich collectively were known as the York Foundation in WCW in 1991-92. They were managed by Alexandra York, who went on to be Marlena in WWE. Together they captured the Six Man Tag titles in WCW.

Demolition- Ax and Smash were a dominant tag team, but when they inserted Crush to the mix, they were nearly unstoppable. Winning the tag team championship, and occasionally switching it up on opponents. You never knew who you were wrestling.

The Triad- Not a real dominant team, but Diamond Dallas Page, Kanyon, and Bam Bam Bigelow, were all notorious singles wrestlers before coming together to dominate their competition.


7. The Russians- Nikita Koloff, Ivan Koloff, and Krusher Kruschev consisted of the Russians. They were dominant in the NWA in the mid 80’s, capturing the NWA tag team titles on multiple occasions. Funny though, no one of the three were actually Russian. Krusher Kruschev was actually Smash of Demolition. Nikita is from Minnesota, and Ivan is from Montreal.

6. Team Angle- The team of Kurt Angle, Sheldon Benjamin, and Charlie Hass were undoubtedly the best “wrestling” group on the list. You have one of the worlds greatest singles wrestlers, along with the self professed Worlds Greatest Tag Team. They could both back it up in the ring.

5. The Shield- Id be crazy to leave off Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins. Over the course of a year and a half, these three dominated the WWE. They all would go on to win the WWE Championship as well.

4. The Dudley Boyz- Bubba and D-Von are one of the most successful tag teams in the history of wrestling, insert Spike Dudley and you get a little scrappy fucker who can go with anyone. It makes the Dudley’s a solid choice for this countdown.

3. Evolution- Really loved this team made up of Triple H, Randy Orton, and Batista. Along with Flair as the manager. This team was dominant, and at one time held all the championships in the WWE at one time.

2. New Day- New Day Rocks there way into the #2 spot, Big E Langston, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods have electrified WWE crowds during there 483 day run as WWE World Tag team champions. (yeah I was swiveling my hips while writing that).

1. The Fabulous Freebirds- This is nearly a no-brainer here. The Freebirds, made up of Michael Hayes, Terry Gordy, and Buddy Roberts, had their way with teams in the Dallas Territory World Class Championship Wrestling. They are known world wide as one of the top teams, and also adopted the “Freebird Rule” where if they were a champion, any two can defend.

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