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Hey there again Wrestling fans, and Merry Christmas to all of you. I hope you are getting ready for the holidays, and spending time with your family. Before you do, thanks for joining us for the Wrestling Roundtable, in this second to last Roundtable of the year. This week we will discuss the newly acquired UK Championship, by the WWE. What are our thoughts. Also, what were our thoughts on Roadblock?



1.Kevin Owens- You may not like how it was done, but a victory over the United States champion at Roadblock, keeps the Universal champion on top.

2.Seth Rollins- A win over Chris Jericho at Roadblock moves Rollins up a couple notches. What is next for Seth Rollins?

3.AJ Styles- James Ellsworth may be the biggest thorn in the WWE Champion’s life right now, how long can he hold on to the title?

4. Roman Reigns- The United States Champion gets his rematch for the Universal title at the Royal Rumble. With Jericho watching from high above, can Reigns become a four time champ?

5. Sheamus and Cesaro- After unseating the New Day and capturing the WWE Raw Tag Team titles, these two need to coexist in order to hang on to the gold.



1972- In an undercard bout on an AWA show. Ric Flair made his professional wrestling debut against George “Scrap Iron” Gadaski. They went to a ten minute time limit draw.

1979- Hulk Hogan makes his Madison Square Garden debut, defeating Ted Dibiase with the bear hug.

2000- The Final Starrcade is put on by WCW. It featured Scott Steiner defending the WCW title against Sid Vicious, also Goldberg vs Lex Luger.


Here are the questions this week.


What were your thoughts on Roadblock?

Steve: It was alright. The first couple matches really got my attention. The tag title match was awesome, and Sami Zayn vs Braun Strowman really surprised me. The women again stole the show in the two out of three falls match. I didnt even care that Charlotte won. Then the main event happened. It was a decent match, until we saw the interference of Chris Jericho. That completely spoiled the match, and the night for me as a watching fan.

Chad: Meh…nothing unexpected I suppose but really they weren’t going to do anything crazy before hitting the Royal Rumble and the start of the road to Wrestlemania.

Tyler: Didn’t watch it, but reading the results, eh.  As much as I have liked the Charlotte/Sasha series, the constant hot potato of the Raw Women’s title was starting to get old.  Looking forward to the upcoming Charlotte/Bayley feud.

Do we really need another Owens/Reigns match?



What are your thoughts of the newly acquired United Kingdom Championship, and tournament?

Steve: What is this the rekindling of the European title? I don’t like it. The WWE has already failed when it comes to the Cruiserweight division, and this title doesnt make any sense to me. I know they are trying to get a weekly show over there, so I guess that is the reasoning. I just cant see it going anywhere. I like the fact that William Regal is involved, along with Nigel McGinnus. That may be the only thing that may keep my attention.

Chad: I think this in an idea that needs to be stopped since the whole Cruiserweight think has not worked out yet like anybody wanted; I like Regal being involved; I like them bringing in Nigel McGuinness as well but it just feels forced.

Tyler: I think it’s pretty awesome, if only for the fact that Nigel McGuiness is on the WWE payroll now.  Who would’ve thought that would ever happen?



Who, in your opinion has been the Wrestler of the Year?

Steve: Who had a better year than AJ Styles? He appeared at the Royal Rumble, lost to Jericho at Wrestlemania in a great match, and then went on to have two great matches against Roman Reigns for the WWE title, before defeating Dean Ambrose to win the WWE title. All this in his first year in the WWE. I cant give him rookie of the year, and I would, so he gets my vote for Wrestler of the year.

Chad: It has to be AJ Styles coming over and becoming world champ and beating John Cena twice including a classic at Summerslam.

Tyler: Seth Rollins.  He’s been the breakout member of the Shield since the split.



What, in your opinion has been the Match of the Year?

Steve: So many sub-par matches this year, I can only think of a couple that come to mind. Thankfully, I dont have to decide the competitors, but the match itself. I am going with Sasha Banks vs Charlotte in the Falls Count Anywhere match on Raw, just about a month ago. This match was sick! It was the only match this year that really had me on the edge of my seat watching. I could think of other Sasha vs Charlotte matches that come close to this, but this one takes the cake.

Chad: To me I have to go with the DIY/Revival 2 out of 3 falls falls from NXT Takeover: Toronto it was back and forth with great action and excellent finish with the double submission; using each other’s tag team finish. An All around great match.

Tyler: Pick any of the Charlotte/Sasha series, but I would say their main event match at Hell in a Cell, for the historical context if nothing else.



Agree or Disagree : The Cruiserweights got a nice boost adding Neville and apparently Austin Aries to the mix?

Steve: It definitely got my attention. I have been a big fan of Austin Aries and his work. I think he is one of the best wrestlers on the planet right now. Neville is a great wrestler too, and both come with some name recognition. I actually think this will bring a little intrigue to the Cruiserweight division. Not sure it will put it over the top, but definitely spark some attention. I wrote off the division many weeks ago, but now it has some new found life.

Chad: Agree 100% it gives the division 2 world class athletes and name recognition to hopefully improve its lackluster start.

Tyler: Absolutely!  What the division needs is more people with an actual personality that can draw in the crowd.  And this also acts as a way to tie in the Cruiserweights to the rest of the show by using more familiar faces.

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