The Blog About Nothing 12/23 Edition

Welcome to The Blog About Nothing. It’s the 23rd of December, and Christmas is right around the corner. For me that means NFL football, the occasional college football bowl game, and plenty of NBA action on Christmas Day. Hopefully it will also be a period of rest because I’m exhausted.

A resort vacation is in my future. I do not have one planned but I need it. The battery is on empty, and in desperate need of a recharge. Hopefully that will be on tap sometime in 2017.

However, before I get that far, I need to post this week’s edition of The Blog About Nothing.

I started off this blog series talking about sports. It was a sports blog, and over the years I pivoted away from that, but this week I will return to discussing a sports topic. This week I would like to look at the curious case of Grayson Allen.

If you are unfamiliar with Grayson Allen, he is a basketball player for Duke University. Grayson is a 6’5” shooting guard with a possible NBA future. However, he’s also a bit of a dick.greyson-allen

Let me explain. Grayson is next in a long line of irritant Duke University basketball players. Duke for some reason has cornered the market in white basketball players with chips on their shoulders, who know how to get under your skin and Grayson is the next one in that storied tradition.

Grayson joins Christian Laettner, Bobby Hurley, J.J. Redick, Greg Paulus and others in that pantheon. He slaps the floor, he gets the opposing crowd mad, but Grayson goes one step further. He trips players.

Grayson has intentionally tripped three players in this calendar year, the most recent coming this week when he tripped a player from Elon University in North Carolina. Steven Santa Ana was in the process of going to the basket when Allen stuck out his leg and tripped him. Coach Mike Krzyzewski pulled Allen from the game for the rest of the first half and Allen then proceeded to throw a hissy fit on the bench.

Oh, he cried and whined like a little punk. Like an entitled punk. Probably because that is what he is. Why he played the second half after such a display is beyond me. The young man has had a history of this and he should have been benched for the whole game. Especially since Duke was playing an inferior opponent.

However, the University has changed its course and benched Allen indefinitely and that is the correct decision. He does not deserve to play for Duke University. Not if he’s going to be throwing his leg out every time he gets beat by a player that has got under his skin. He needed to feel a real penalty in order to reverse his actions.

Now it might not take hold. Look at Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors. Draymond constantly keeps throwing his leg out on contact and kicking players where they do not want to be kicked. No amount of money appears to change his tactics, but he is already in the NBA.

Grayson is still a collegiate player and hopefully this move will correct his play before he gets to the next level. If anything, hopefully this move will give him some much needed time to think.

The young man needs to learn sportsmanship and how to keep his emotions in check. He was downright embarrassing to watch on the court after his benching and hopefully now with a cooler head, his attitude will change. For his sake it better, or that hopeful NBA career I mentioned earlier in this blog will go bye-bye,

I’m done. I wish you all a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, and a Happy Holiday. Hopefully, I’ll be back next week with the end of 2016 blog.


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  1. What the punk did against that Elon player was blatant… he should have been ejected from the game. He could have seriously injured that other dude.

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