So this is Christmas & what have you done? @ WTF 12/21


Apologies to John and Yoko… so this is the Christmas time and what have we done?

Hopefully something that somehow effected someone in a meaningful way…

Let’s hope as we reflect on the year that is passing that we can find hope in the new one approaching…

And with that here is this week’s WTF look at some news for the week…

Say What?

joe1Recent stuff that somehow will affect us all… eventually… in one form or another…

Gas/Oil prices are beginning to go up. Some peeps are saying it’s because OPEC met and then decided to reduce supply.

Some how… some way… we all need to go from point A to point B and beyond and usually we all take some form transportation that utilizes an oil based fuel to get there.gas-prices

Now… I’ve heard peeps be bitching about this rise in oil and specifically how it relates to the gas pump prices… well… mostly because it is something that we all do. Yeah… even yours truly.

Then… I hear some peeps have even brought up that maybe Trumpty Dumpty and Vlad the Putin had something to do with it all…

Then… others point out that the Prez does not control the cost of oil/gasoline…. OPEC does. It ain’t Trumpty’s… or the Bamster’s… or any other politico’s doing.

And I could go on and on and on and on… all sorts of reasons and rationales for why the damn cost of oil and all of its derivatives are rising in cost to we the peoples…

Listen up well my dudes and dudettes…

There is something I believe that ya’ll should all try and grasp your grey matter around…

Regardless of what OPEC does, America is, or will soon be the number one… as in the 1st biggest! … oil producer in the world. Therefore, we don’t have to listen to shit about what OEPC does or does not. In fact, in my opinion, we never had to listen to shit to what OPEC ever did, because, frankly, I believe we never really needed their damn oil in the first place.opec_chart_2

We have purchased going back before WWII and still purchase foreign oil for a variety of reasons but not because we… the great big U.S. of fucking A. needed it for our own domestic requirements. But to help out some allies who didn’t have easy access to certain sources of oil… or… to buoy up a foreign powers reserves when they were facing dire times… or… to keep our own production in reserve for when it was really needed or for … Oh, no! It just can’t be… for use during war times, be they big wars or little wars throughout the world wherever and whenever we were needed to shore up the facades of democracy… or… just to maybe stockpile some energy sources but not because we needed it to survive as a nation but just because we wanted enough oil to maybe someday just corner the markets worldwide… or… in other words… pure fucking greed.

The reality is … we could have done very well without the OPEC yoke around necks.  And… there is only one reason the cost of gas rises in this country at the pumps… as well as other areas of domestic need… and… that is because the corporate structure… the corporate hierarchy… in America… desires it to be that way.

Our dependence on foreign oil? Was always a contrived… an artificial as in fucking fake… manipulation by certain greedy ass sons of bitches who have controlled the real wealth in this country. The fact we decided to import oil rather than produce oil for our supposed domestic needs is simply due to the simple fact that foreign oil was cheaper to produce and transport and therefore certain business conglomerates who were in the oil selling business made more profits by using the foreign oil. And… whatever oil they did produce domestically they could then stockpile it.export-only

Stockpile it, so when the opportunity eventually arose… whether there was a manipulated gas crunch or energy crunch because of OPEC easing back on production… or… because there was some new civil unrest or war somewhere that suddenly needed oil to fight against whatever enemy was threatening the world… or… whatever other supposed rationale could be contrived… they could run to the rescue and sell those stockpiles at bigger and higher than ever profits.

Now grok this… If an alternative to oil was ever desired at any cost, then the U.S. could also make synthetic fuels from its coal reserves. Methanol, synthetic diesel and gasoline made from U.S. coal could replace petroleum-derived fuels for an estimated hundred years… which within that time would be long enough to figure out how to develop other more sustainable and environmentally safe fuels… from solar, wind or organic and naturally grown products.

Exxon, Mobil, et. al. couldn’t care less about we pay at the pumps or put into our oil tanks for heat or the various other and myriad ways we use oil. As long as we reach into our pockets and pay the piper… that is… them.

And, if, that don’t shake your peaches from the tree… then…oilgreed

How’s about if the Big Oil folks let the prices for their oil based products/fuels go up just a little by little, so that we begin to feel crunched by the effect it has on all of the other goods and services we need to buy or need to have whether it is real or imagined…  so… they can further justify the building of more and more pipelines to transport their black gold and premium gasolines to criss cross all over America and into places like Mexico and beyond and fuck if a leak might happen… because after all is said and done ain’t it worth it to take that chance if it saves us all some money in the end result? And… makes them richer and richer and richer…

Here is the facts as simple as can be… The reason gas is going up at the pumps is because the big oil conglomerates and all their big conglomerate business pals wants it too… and… they don’t give a fuck about you or me. A long as we ain’t grabbing torches and pitchforks they will play their little game… let the cost go down and then slowly let it go back up… just enough where we don’t get too crazy about what we need to shell out for our pockets.

The chumping of America is amazingly subtle yet so damn effective.

Why The donkey’s lost…

Recently Wee Willie Clinton said Hillary Billary lost the election because of the FBI and that Trumpty Dumpty Donald Trump may not know much but the one thing he did know was “how to get angry, white men to vote for him.” Those are not his only reasons why she lost but among two key reasons he recently spotlighted in a short off the cuff interview with a NYC suburbs reporter.

Bill Clinton blames Russia, the FBI and “angry white men” for Donald Trump’s victory.
Bill Clinton blames Russia, the FBI and “angry white men” for Donald Trump’s victory.

He also told the reporter that the Russians hacking into the email systems of the DNC and top Clinton aide John Podesta didn’t help her cause a whole of a lot either, and, that “you would need to have a single-digit IQ not to recognize what was going on.”

Same old same old is what he’s… as well as she’s and as well as the rest of the donkey leadership… is really all about. Everybody’s fault but their own.

Did it matter not a whit that Hills publicly admitted that she at the minimum mismanaged the safety and security of her emails? And, despite this admission, that she still insisted that she in no way, shape or manner had violated any policies or laws regarding US. Security? Especially, when the FBI investigation told the exact opposite story… that her “mismanagement” of secure data was a legal violation of her duty as a hired grunt of the Bamster’s administration.

Did it matter not a whit that the elephants were running quite possibly the worst candidate that could be run in Trumpty Dumpty? A wealthy, bigoted and unethical SOB with more character flaws than a beach has grains of sand?contradiction

Problem was Hills was nowhere near being the anti-Trump but was just the donkey equivalent of everything that was pissing everyone off.  The truth… whether it was the truth or just another case of misdirected innuendo… was that Trumpty was seen as a political outsider while Hills was seen as being part and parcel of the prevailing political system that everyone just wanted out of their damn lives. And she never did anything to shake that image.

Did it matter not a whit that the Hillary Billary campaign simply ignored taking a real and fervent stand on anything?

Did it matter not a whit, that while the Trumpty campaign was full of a phony bullshit conservative message that “we will fix this mess so that we all can live the American dream”, he was still able to tap into the anger and frustration of his voter base… the white angry coal miners… factory workers… the people in the mom and pop stores… the people who no longer felt they had anyone speaking out for them… and… she never was able to convince this cadre of voters that she could  and would speak for them?

Did it matter not a whit that Hills just issued a bunch of mealy mouth hackneyed soundbites that the donkey party was the real party of the people… the real voice of and for the people, when the truth was all too often there were countless grass roots programs that begged her to speak for their causes and she just never took a stand?

There were groups of people all over America begging for a political spokesperson. The Standing Rock Sioux and their supporters for instance… who were looking for a person who could, and would, stand for them and speak for them against big corporate and big financial giants who would rather ignore the voice of the people and build bigger and longer pipelines all over America, and, then say to hell with the damn environment because if the worst case scenario were to ever occur… a leak, an explosion and then thousands and thousands of gallons of oil or fuel were to flow and inundate the waterways and the land and threaten wildlife,. plantlike and people’s lives … it was worth the risk because of the possible benefits to all concerned… especially the profit margins of the oil companies and their backer banks.

Besides why should she care when documents revealed that she supported fracking.pipeline_590

Did it matter not a whit that she ignored the trade unionists and never ever strongly backed those workers who had no organizational safety net whatsoever… she never ever supported the asked for $15 minimum wage thereby essentially telling those folks … “I only kinda, sorta support ya’ll as long as it helps me.” And left unsaid but head so very loudly any way… “But, really? I would rather we not go there.”

Did it matter not a whit that she never really supported the minorities… that she gave them lip service only? That she never really had their backs? That she never said she supported the Black Lives Matter Movement or their demands that justice be served equally towards all people regardless of color?

Did it matter not a whit that she was viewed by most people as a person who favored settling international issues with military might rather than a search for social rights?

Did it matter not a whit that her lack of support was due to her failure to definitively address the real issues that mattered to the majority of we the people… the citizens of America? That when folks needed a voice to speak for them that she mostly mouthed a lot of sound and fury that signified nothing whatsoever?

Did it matter not a whit that all of this occurred and on election day people… in some very key states… said fuck it all; I ain’t. While others turned to Donald Trump because after it was all said and done they remembered that he said… “What have you got to lose?” And… they thought… not a whole hell of a lot.

The donkeys are no longer the party of the people… of the working class… of the unions… of the poor and the downtrodden. They are now the party of ignorance. They are now the second string to the elephants.blackvote

Maybe Wee Willy is right that Trumpty don’t know a whole hell of a lot but he knew enough that he won the presidency while Hillary Billary lost. And, he knew enough that maybe he did get a lot of angry grumpy white men… and women… to vote for his ass… but… he also got just enough Blacks and Latinos as well as others not normally associated with the elephants to vote for his ass, too.  Because without some of them voters he ain’t the prez.

So, while Hills and Bills and the donkey leadership sit around digesting how grumpy pissed off white peeps voted Trumpty into the white house… they need to digest this… stop blaming the other guys for your failures. Look yourself in your own eyes and admit what you did wrong and understand how you executed your own failure.

And, all the donkey faithful sitting around crying and gnashing their teeth about how third party movements fucked them over and how the FBI fucked them over and how everyone else fucked them over? They should understand some real truth… Hillary failed because she is a damn liar who could not get out of her own damn way.

Yeah… I know Trumpty is a billionaire and that lots of peeps fell for his own line of lies and bullshit…  especially… the lie that he was gonna help them out of their sadass morass. But, all he really needed to do was to make sure his message grabbed the ears and spoke to enough folks in some key states so he could suck in just enough votes chumps… what with Hills and the rest of the donkeys falling all over themselves to seize defeat from the jaws of

The demise of the donkey party as a political force in America is coming nigh because of the present donkey leadership. All through the electioneering that went on before and up to election we kept hearing how Trump could not win… about how the elephants were going down in flames… about how the elephant party was destroying itself…

Guess what?

It was the exact opposite that was really happening.

The donkey leadership showed their true colors… that they didn’t give a damn… or even a good fuck… about any of the supposed donkey constituency. The fact was they were always just in it for the money… just like the elephants. They came around during election time with a handful of gimme and a mouthful of much obliged as they walked away and said… “Chumps.”

slimeThere once was a phrase that was used by them that was usually of a conservative bent. It went… lay down with hippies; wake up with fleas. One interpretation being that if you associated with liberals and their no account causes then don’t be surprised when you get labelled with those liberal no account labels and the results that are forthcoming.

Today… maybe it’s… lay down with corporate pigs; wake up covered in corporate pig slime.

That’s not the only reason Hillary Billary lost the election… but… she never did shake off that damn pig slime when it was all said and done.

And… so far… she is proving that she still can’t handle the truth either.

New Item 1…

A former Oregon state trooper who pleaded guilty to slapping his son “silly” in a domestic abuse case was allowed to keep his gun even though he was convicted of a crime.

A video shot in October 2015 by a 13-year-girl shows her 11-year-old brother being “slapped silly” by their father. She showed the video to their and a criminal complaint was eventually filed.  The video shows James Duncan and his son sitting on a couch in their home and he is questioning the boy on his homework. Suddenly he then begins slapping the child on the left side of his face until the boy falls to the ground in tears.

Duncan eventually pled guilty to misdemeanor charges in January, but he went back to court to undo the domestic violence conviction and thus was allowed to keep his police certification as well as his weapon.

Former Oregon State Police Trooper James Duncan (right) in Circuit Court with his attorney, in request to undo a domestic violence conviction that bars him from having a gun.
Former Oregon State Police Trooper James Duncan (right) in Circuit Court with his attorney, in request to undo a domestic violence conviction that bars him from having a gun.

Now… first things first…

Under federal law, people convicted of a crime are not allowed to obtain a gun.


Duncan eventually lost custody of his two children during a hearing in 2015, and the Oregon State Police placed him on administrative leave until further notice.

Third… and this one gives me some serious reasons to say… What The Fuck?

After his guilty plea and a sentence of 18 months’ probation… he was given special permission to still carry a gun because he was technically still a cop.


The Oregon State Police fired Duncan in November.

In what bizarro world are we living in where this child abuser with obvious anger issues is even being considered to be allowed to possess a weapon of any kind whatsoever?

With courts that allow this shit to happen we then wonder why we have so many damn cases of violence in this damn country?

Pleaseee… this is not a situation of innuendo or of not having all the evidence and hearing the story straight… rather… it is video proof of a father who bitch-slapped his own child for his dissatisfaction with his child’s progress regarding homework.

The man does not need access to a weapon at all. He should not be allowed to ever be employed in a job that would ever require him to be armed… and…. in my opinion… he should not even be allowed unsupervised visitation with his children.

The man needs psychological help… and… he should of had his ass throw into jail when he pled guilty because of his unprovoked violence towards a child.

End of story.

New Item 2…

In 2041, Apollo Hernandez was charged with brutally beating and then slicing the throat of his mother. He has since been convicted of the crimes and was sentenced five days before this year’s Christmas.

His own sister has said, “This has been tragic, devastating and depressing. No one deserves this type of death, left on the floor like nothing.”

And, to add to the list of this troubled individual’s further criminal depravity, he was busted earlier in 2014 for sexually assaulting a relative.

His lawyer appeared before at his sentencing hearing and said, “There’s no reason for this killing. No other reason but being intoxicated under a powerful drug of K2 (synthetic marijuana), it’s possible to make an individual violent.”

I’m gonna make this real simple and short… NO, NO, NO FUCKING NO.

You do not get to pass go, you do not get to collect $200, you go straight to jail.

This entire bullshit defense that peeps try using from the affluenza type cases that have been in the news in recent years to all sorts of other heartbreaking and despicable crimes where the criminal tries saying… I wasn’t in my right mind. I was under the influence of a drug or booze or both… I can’t be considered guilty of knowingly doing the crime. BULL FUCKING SHIT…

Hernandez (right) prior to his sentencing
Hernandez (right) prior to his sentencing

Who put the gun to your head and forced you to indulge in whatever intoxicating substances you ingested that supposedly drove you to murder or rape or otherwise commit a sociopathic and depraved criminal offense against another human being?

No fucking one…

Do the damn time and enough of your sorry ass excuses. Accept the weight for what you did.

Now… in a moment of an unusual instance of legal lucidity, as well as of legal sanity, the judge in the case said that Hernandez was “prevented from an intoxication defense” and then sentenced Hernandez to 23 years to life in prison. The judge also said that, “(Hernandez’) reprehensible conduct has torn a family apart and he deserves the lengthy sentence that was imposed today.”

Hernandez is now scheduled to be back in court on January 27 to go to trial on for the “alleged” sexual assault charges.

A favorite blast from the past…


Another thousand words…


And… another, another thousand words…

… with a few words added in.


However you celebrate Christmas… whether it is religiously.. or secularized… or… maybe both… or… any other observance for this time of year… have a very safe and a very happy time that is hopefully filled with warmth and friendship…

And… if you are an unfortunate one without a lot to celebrate during this supposedly reflective time of the year… there are people who care and who will never stop trying to achieve a world where all people are given the basic human rights that are deserved and needed so that they can live with respect and with dignity…

Peace …

And, please hear and… yes… enjoy… the words of my favorite song to hear at this time…

So this is Christmas and what have you done?

So this is Christmas and what have you done?
Another year over, a new one just begun.And so this is Christmas, i hope you have fun,
The near and the dear one, the old and the young.A very merry Christmas and a happy new year,
Let’s hope it’s a good one without any fear.

And so this is Christmas for weak and for strong,
(war is over if you want it,)
For the rich and the poor ones, the road is so long.
(war is over now.)

And so happy Christmas for black and for whites,
(war is over if you want it,)
For the yellow and red ones, let’s stop all the fight.
(war is over now.)

A very merry Christmas and a happy new year,
Let’s hope it’s a good one without any fear.
And so this is Christmas and what have we done?
(war is over if you want it,)
Another year over, a new one just begun.
(war is over if you want it,)

And so this is Christmas, we hope you have fun,
(war is over if you want it,)
The near and the dear one, the old and the young.
(war is over now.)

A very merry Christmas and a happy new year,
Let’s hope it’s a good one without any fear.

War is over
If you want it,
War is over now.

Happy Christmas!
Happy Christmas!
Happy Christmas!
Happy Christmas!
Happy Christmas!

(Songwriters: John Lennon and Yoko Ono;  Happy Xmas lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC)

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