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Welcome to another edition of NBA RoundTable. I would first like to start off by saying the sports world lost and icon last week in Craig Sager. He was one of the best sideline reporter in sports. RIP Craig Sager. This week, what was your greatest memory of Sager, Are the rockets legit contender, that and so much more on NBA RoundTable.

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After sports world lost an icon last week, I had to ask the question. What are some of your greatest memories of Craig Sager?

Steve: Such a sad time around the NBA. Losing one of the greatest broadcasters in the history of broadcasters. Who can forget the enthusiasm for Craig Sager, his outlandish suits, and his overall love and energy of the game of basketball. I will never forget one moment, that just occured a couple of years ago, after being diagnosed with cancer, he made the trip to a game that was being broadcasted…against the advice of doctors. LeBron had a game for the ages, and walked up to Sager, gave him a hug and told him that was for you. It was a great moment in sports, and I gained a lot of respect for LeBron James after seeing that.

Chad: Craig Sager really set the tone for the sideline broadcaster starting with Hank Aaron’s 715th HR yto what it has become today. He had the whackiest suits but more importantly was the passion for the NBA that he had and the repsect the NBA had for him including setting it up to cover a Finals game this past year.

Dan: I have a lot, probably too many to name. So, I’ll make a generalization instead. I’ll remember him for his colorful suits that he wore each game. I’ll remember what he brought to each game he served as the sideline reporter. He was a part of every game he was reporting. He made interviews fun. He had a lot of fun doing his job especially with the battle he was facing when he wasn’t in TV cameras or talking on TV.

Houston Rockets

The Houston Rockets are a bit of a surprise in the Western Conference with new head coach Mike D’Antoni and James Harden being switched to the PG position. As the sit tied for the number 3 seed with the Clippers. (as of 12/17/16). Are the Houston Rockets a legit contender this year?

Steve: Wow! Where did the Rockets come from? They were nearly the laughing stock of the NBA last year, limping their way into the playoffs. I think the Rockets are for real, but I don’t think they will still be able to beat the Spurs or Warriors in a 7 game series. I think they can play spoiler to one of them, in the event they meet up in the playoffs.

Chad: No just because I don’t see this team contending with the West Elite in 7 game series without the homecourt advantage.

Dan: I think they’ll be in the middle of the pack competing for the third seed. I think they can compete to a certain level. I don’t see them overtaking the Spurs (although the series would be good) and I don’t see them taking out the Warriors. They’re definitely contenders though and they’re a legit team led by James Harden’s career year. They haven’t shown me anything in which would lead me to believe they’re not contenders.


This topic has been brought up in the past. Do you think the NBA should make a 4 point line?

Steve: NO!!!!!! God no…. Just……….NO!!!!

Chad: NO…Next.

Dan: No, the NBA should not make a 4-point line. I think that’d be a little too much and will carry this long-distance shooting to another level. A level we don’t want to go since it’s going to take away from how the game should be played. In my opinion, if they make any changes to the rules, it should be to remove the 3-point line. Bring back the real, true basketball. Who is going to stand at the 3-point line now? You don’t need to set up a 3-point shooter on your team. It doesn’t matter if you drain 36-foot shots or 15-foot shots all game, it’ll all count the same. It’ll bring better competition to this league.


How much of a surprise are the Bulls currently sitting tied with Atlanta at the 8th seed with the addition of Rondo and Wade in the off-season?

Steve: Rondo is not a leader of anything, Wade is a natural leader, but he is up there in age. Losing Noah (not Rose) really hurt the Bulls on defense. They can score points, but have a hard time defending. I am actually more surprised that the Hawks are this low. I think Howard found his place, and is back to doing what he needs to do. Not really surprised that the Bulls are fighting for the 8th spot at this point. They missed the playoffs last year, and really lost more than they gained in the off season.

Chad: As a fan it is not surprising…Rondo has too big of an ego…Wade is old and the rest of the team around Jimmy Butler is just not very good.

Dan: Chicago is pretty much where I thought they’d be: competing for the 7th and 8th seed in the Eastern Conference so they’re not a surprise. I thought they’d be with the Bucks and Knicks competing for the final two seeds in the East. They improved with the signings of Rajon Rondo and D-Wade making them have a nice trio with Jimmy Butler (who is playing almost full games per game on average MPG). They’re a good team who can shoot. I wouldn’t be surprised if they got up to the sixth seed.


Is Hassan Whiteside a player Miami can eventually build a team around?

Steve: I think it is a starting point, but he is not a guy where you can build around. He is a component in the long term scheme of things. He is a good player, but not a great player that a team can call a franchise type of player.

Chad: He is an important piece to a team but not the centerpiece he is not a franchise player that is the center of the franchsie

Dan: I think Miami should have been focused on rebuilding their roster with Hassan Whiteside as the centerpiece after the season he had last year. He’s showing he’s a dominant player and the real deal down low both on defense and on offense. I think he’s in the group of the next superstars. You have to build around him. What would Miami do without him? They already lost Bosh, what would they do without Whiteside? Nothing.

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