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Hey there wrestling fans and welcome again to Pounding 7’s, the only countdown where nearly everyone can complain about. This week I bring you the top 7 wrestlers over 400 pounds. Who will make the list? Who did I leave out? Let me know what you think.

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Tony from Sacramento CA wants to know about the plans for Finn Balor.

Before getting hurt and having to surrender the Universal title. What were the plans for Finn Balor and the championship?

The plan was really to have him start a feud with Chris Jericho throughout the remainder of the year, and then would culminate with a feud with Kevin Owens that would eventually have them face off against one another at Wrestlemania 33. This still could happen, assuming Balor is ready to go. They were going to have Balor hold the title, maybe dropping it to Jericho for a short time period, but getting it back before the Royal Rumble. Have Kevin Owens win the Rumble, and they renew the feud at Mania for the Universal title. Now, they could still go that route, but the opposite effect. Have Balor win the Royal Rumble, and have Owens remain the champion until Wrestlemania. While the plan may have changed. The ultimate ending could still be the same, and you can have Balor win the title at Mania.



Andre the Giant was a fan favorite all throughout the 70’s and 80’s. He befriended Hulk Hogan during his WWF Championship reign. During a segment of Piper’s Pit. Andre and Hogan both were being recognized with trophies, when Andre walked off the set. Two week later he appeared back on Piper’s Pit with Bobby Heenan and challenged Hulk Hogan to a match at Wrestlemania III. While Hogan pleaded with Andre not to do this and proclaimed there friendship, Andre ripped the shirt and Hogan’s cross off his chest and slammed it down to the mat. This turned Andre heel for the first time in his career, and set up a match between Hogan and Andre at Wrestlemania III, in front of 93,000 fans.



Here are the top 7: 400 pound wrestlers.

Honorable Mention

Abdullah the Butcher- The Butcher is one of the most feared wrestlers of all time, coined with his coveted fork, where he used that on the forehead of his opponents.

Typhoon- One half of the Natural Disasters and formerly known as Tugboat, and the great gimmick of the Shockmaster. Typhoon is a former WWE Tag Team Champion with Earthquake, and as the Shockmaster participated in Wargames in 1994.

Gorilla Monsoon- Notorious commentator and also a former President of the WWE. Gorilla Monsoon started his career as a professional wrestler, and even wrestled Muhammed Ali in a boxer vs wrestler match.


7. EarthQuake- When he was pulled from the stands to take part in a push up contest between Dino Bravo and the Ultimate Warrior, he turned on the Warrior, and then started a feud almost immediately with Hulk Hogan and was thrusted into the title picture. While he never won singles gold, he did capture the tag titles with Typhoon on two occasions.

6. One Man Gang- Known for his loud Bellow, and well…..Akeem. The One Man Gang was very agile in the ring, and had great mobility for his size. He had successful stints in the WWE and WCW, and was runner up in the first ever Royal Rumble match.

5. Haystacks Calhoun- At the time of Haystacks Calhoun, he was known as the largest professional athlete in the world. Rarely was this man ever knocked off his feet. While he never achieved title success, his name is notorious for great big men of all time.

4. Vader- Billed as the greatest “big man” to ever step foot in the ring. Vader is a former WCW champion when he defeated Sting. Vader could really move for his size. He was even one of the few 400 pounders to be able to execute a moonsault off the top rope.

3. Yokozuna- Yokozuna,one of the largest men ever to compete in the WWE, is a two time WWE Champion, and was one of the few who were able to pin the shoulders of Hulk Hogan to win the title. He can also be attributed as the first person to retire Hulkamania in the WWE in 1993.

2. The Big Show- Welllllllll It’s the Big Show. Probably very deserving of the top spot, had Andre not have been around. Show is the only wrestler in history to have won the WWE, WCW, and ECW World Heavyweight Championships. He also won the WCW World title in his first professional match.

1. Andre the Giant- Standing at 7’4 and billed at 525lbs, Andre the Giant is an easy choice for the top spot on this countdown. Andre is one of the most notorious wrestlers known to even a non-casual wrestling fan.





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