National Film Registry releases 2016 list

The National Film Registry (NFR) is the United States National Film Preservation Board’s (NFPB) selection of films for preservation in the Library of Congress. The NFPB’s mission, to which the NFR contributes, is to ensure the survival, conservation, and increased public availability of America’s film heritage. (Wiki)

This years list makes it an even 700 list of movies deemed worthy to be preserved. If you want me to go through each year, or make a point to see all in a given year, let me know.

Here is the list in alphabetical order, followed by the year of release. I have already reviewed one of these, the Birds, and the ones in Bold I have seen.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea         1916
The Atomic Cafe         1982
Ball of Fire         1941
The Beau Brummels         1928
The Birds         1963
Blackboard Jungle         1955     Birds Sq
The Breakfast Club         1985
The Decline of Western     Civilization     1981
East of Eden         1955
Funny Girl         1968
The Life of an American Fireman          1903
The Lion King         1994
Lost Horizon         1937
The Musketeers of Pig Alley         1912
Paris Is Burning         1990
Point Blank         1967
The Princess Bride         1987
Putney Swope          1969
Rushmore          1998
Solomon Sir Jones films         1924-1928
Steamboat Bill, Jr.          1928
Suzanne, Suzanne          1982
Thelma & Louise          1991
A Walk in the Sun         1945
Who Framed Roger Rabbit     1988

Now I think I have seen Funny Girl as well, but it’s been a good 30-35 years so I really can’t think of it one way or the other. I will say Rushmore is on my list to watch. Of the 6 I have seen?

You can read my thoughts on the Birds, a well chosen selection that should have gone in years ago, likewise with Breakfast Club, a movie I have written, but I’m waiting to do an entire John Hughes retrospective. (only missing 2). The Princess Bride and the Lion King are also excellent choices. I don’t think there is anyone that could argue with those 4. I personally think Who framed Roger Rabbit is a great movie, and if I was going to do a list of 700 movie, I think WFRR would be on more lists than left off. I personally think Thelma and Louise is overrated, and it does only have a 7.4 on IMDB, so I’m not alone. But that’s just me.

Again, let me know your thoughts, and how many of these have y0u seen?

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