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Welcome to another edition of NBA RoundTable. I am going to start off by saying most if not all of our readers know that I am a die hard Lakers fan. I lost a friendly bet to one of my fellow Writers Steve. I said that Spurs would beat the Bulls by 20 last week. Well that didn’t happen and the Spurs lost their first road game of the season. If you noticed he hasn’t let me forget it because he mentioned it in almost every question. So I have to say the Lakers suck this week on NBA RoundTable. This week, will Lou Williams get his 6th man of the year award once again, who should leave New York Carmelo or the Zen master, that and so much more on NBA Roundtable.

Here are the questions:


Lou Williams leads the league in points off the bench. This past week he finished the best 4 game stretch of any player off the bench by scoring 137 points since 1970. Is he a shoo-in to win his second 6th man of the year award?

Todd: With Lou Williams Averaging less than 28 minutes a game and putting up these kinds of numbers is amazing. A lot of starters don’t even put of these numbers. So, yes he should get his 2nd 6th man of the year award.

Steve: Not going to lie, with all the other excitement in the NBA surrounding the Spurs getting knocked off by the Bulls last Thursday..which I called. I paid literally no attention to anything else. So I see this and Im thinking WOW!! I don’t know of any starters or superstars that put together a four game stretch like that in recent memory. So yeah, I think Williams has to be the front runner for sixth man of the year as of now. The season is still very early so I cannot call him a shoo-in at this point, but front runner for sure.

Chad: If he keeps up the pace or anything close to it then absolutely Lou Williams deserves to be the 6th man of the year.

Indiana Pacers

The Indiana Pacers were picked to be near the top of the Eastern Conference this year. How Surprised are you that they are toward the bottom and as of right now not even in a playoff spot?

Todd: I don’t know what is wrong with the Pacers. They lose to the teams they should beat and beat some of the teams they should lose to. Myles Turner could be a star in this league. He can hit the mid range all the way out to the 3. He has an alright post up game. With George, Teague and Jefferson I thought they might be in the top 3 this year.

Steve: I did not have high hopes for the Pacers coming into this season. I am a little surprised that they are underachieving the way they are right now and near the bottom of the East. I thought they would be a 6 maybe a 7 seed, and that is still possible, especially in the East, but yeah I never saw this coming with Indiana to be this bad. At least they are worse than the Spurs, who lost their first road game of the season to the Bulls last Thursday.

Chad: With the moves the Pacers made (mainly Teague and Jefferson) mainly I thought this team could be a top 4 team in the east which being in the 7 seed as of the morning of 12/13 and a game back of Chicago for the 4th seed so I think they struggled early will hit a groove and be solidly in the playoffs come April.


The word on the street there is some friction between Phil Jackson and Carmelo Anthony. Who should be shipped out of New York or should they both go?

Todd: To me Phil Jackson hasn’t done anything right in New York except draft Porzingis. He should step down and retire. I think the Knicks should also look into trading Anthony. He is past his prime. They should starting thinking about the future. Build around Porzingi.

Steve: Phil Jackson, who was once the coach of the Chicago Bulls, who beat the Spurs last Thursday to end their unbeaten road streak. Jackson is the Zen Master, but lately he has seemed to be stepping on the wrong toes. First, LeBron James, who he had an outside shot at signing down the road to help the Knicks. You can throw that out the window. And now, you are stepping on the toes of your franchise player, and saying he is a ball hog? I think its time for Phil to get out of New York, and go back to his cushy lifestyle in Los Angeles.

Chad: Phil Jackson’s time has come and gone in the NBA he had a great run winning 11 titles including 3 3-peats with the Bulls and Lakers but it is time for Phil and his ego to get out of NYC so he can hang out in Montana with Jeanie Buss.


Russell Westbrook scored his 12th triple double of the season this past Friday thru 23 games. How many do you think he will finish the season with?

Todd: He is on pace to get like 45. So im gonna say 45.

Steve: How many games are left in the season? I honestly think that Westbrook is going to average a triple double this season, and he has to in order for the Thunder to be competitive. I think that he will not have a triple-double against the Spurs, who if I am not mistaken, LOST to the Bulls last Thursday 95-91 in Chicago.

Chad: I think he could end up with 35-40 and finish the triple double average he is doing some special things in OKC.


Golden State and San Antonio are starting to put a little separation between them and the rest of the Conference. Are they gonna finish 1 and 2 again?

Todd: I got this weird feeling that the Warriors are gonna fall down and the Clippers are gonna get the number 2 slot.

Steve: I feel like I have not talked enough about San Antonio during this Roundtable. SOOOOO Im glad I have that opportunity to do so now. The Spurs and the Warriors are the cream of the crop in the NBA, so it comes as no surprise that these two teams are separating themselves from the pack. I don’t see the Clippers going away, and will finish a moderate third in the West, but the Spurs and Warriors are going to be 1 and 2, and probably only separated by a couple of games. It really hurt the Spurs last Thursday, when they lost to the Bulls in Chicago 95-91.

Chad: Barring injury; Yes, they are the class of the West and the league; The Clips will make a fight but settle for the 3 seed in the West.

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