MMA Roundtable: 206 Fallout Edition

Welcome to the MMA Roundtable! This week we dissect UFC 206, and look forward to UFC on FOX 22!
1) Are you excited for Holloway/Aldo?holloway-aldo
Roni: How can you not be?
I think it can be same as Cub & DHC, but with both fighters more powerful and more complete.
It was the fight to make, and now it just took any doubts Holloway is the top contender.
David: I’m excited to see Holloway take on the best. He’s impressive, and on a monster win streak. It’s going to be fun to see him have 100% of the pressure from Day 1 of his camp. Jose, when he shows up, is an all-time great, outside of 13 seconds.
 2) Anthony Pettis is going back to 155, will he make an impact?Anthony Pettis
Roni: That remains to be seen.
Don’t get me wrong, I do think he is an amazing fighter, but he is 1-4 in his last 5 fights…
David: To be honest? Bellator might be the best place for him. Heck, one more loss and he’s probably going there anyway. Look at his record since UFC 181. 1-4. True, the worst guy he lost to is Edson Barboza, but 1-4 is 1-4. Still not sure how beating Charles Oliveira gets you a promise ring shot, but that’s beside the point.
 3)  Kelvin Gastelum won in convincing fashion, do you think he should stick at middleweight or should the UFC let him drop back down?Kelvin Gastelum
Roni:I think he should stay.
What is the point of moving down if he can’t have the discipline of cutting properly?
David: I think he should stick at 185. He keeps saying he wants a title shot. There is 0 chance he’s getting a shot at 170 for 2-3 fights, even if he does come in at 169 for each fight. Plus there are a ton of guys at 155 that could pop up and slide in front of him. He stays at 185?
He just beat a top 10 guy in Tim Kennedy. Next up, he takes on Robert Whittaker or even Mousasi, that put him in striking range. I can see Bisping retiring if he wins his next fight, so you set up a 4 man tourney and could Kelvin get in there if the Yoel/Rockhold/Jacare/Weidman drop out, or the first shot at the winner.
 4) Is Donald Cerrone a serious threat at 170 yet?
Roni: Come on now! He is 4-0 against good guys! Alex Oliveira, Cote, Story and now Brown. All durable guys, all fighters we thought would be too much and he (T)KO’s 3 of them and submit the other. They couldn’t even take him to a decision for crying out loud!!
I would love for him to fight Lawler next, while Thompson & Maia try their luck against Woodley. This would be a rebound fight for Lawler or make Cowboy become a true contender as well.
David: I think he’s a threat to get a shot, but not to win. He really needs to step up his ground game to be a threat. Of course, the Woodley we just saw forgot he could wrestle. I’d love to see him at Carlos Condit, but who knows.
 5) Cub Swanson vs Doo Ho Choi. Now that we have taken a breath, is this deserving of a Fight of the Year award?Cub Swanson
Roni: Man, if this fight was not, I don’t know what we should be voting on!
Not only I think it should be a very strong candidate for Foty, but it would have my vote as well! (Well, so far, we still have some cards left) 🙂
David: Without a doubt. The question is, can Cub do anything with it? He comes out and lays an egg against someone like Lamas,  then no one cares again.
 6) Do you think  UFC on Fox 22 is a strong enough card for Big Fox?ufc-on-fox-22-vanzant-water-300x194
Roni: I think so. Think about it!
  Main event: Dancing with the stars PVZ against Karate Hottie!
  Co-Main: Northcut (’nuff said).
  Then we have: The farewell fight from Faber, the “California kid” who was the face of Lower weight divisions for years!
  And we close it off with Alan Jouban, a great fighter who is also a Versace model…
And all that just in the Main card!
Obviously, the “beau” appeal is obviously more important than being a good fighter.
However, they are ALSO excellent fighters!
If there was one card they made with the “show to the masses” appeal, it is this card.
Happy holidays!! 🙂
David: UFC on FOX: When GQ Models attack!
Not discounting the people, but there will be just as many top 5 ranked fighters going after the Johnnie Walker Black at Roni’s White Elephant Christmas party as there will be on this card.
Paige should be on this card, but as a headliner? Micky Gall/Sage? The winner is still 3-4 fights away from a title shot. Uriah should be on the card, he’s a GQ model that deserves a main card send off. But if any fans are gained, there is a chance the winner will be on FS1, not PPV the next time they fight. Big Fox should not be used as TUF. CAIN vs Werdum should have been the headliner here.

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