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Hey there wrestling fanatics and welcome again to the most controversial countdown in the internet land. This week its the top 7 jobbers of the 80’s. Who will make their way to number 1….literally for the first time in their life? Let me know who you think should make the list. Comment below .

Let’s not waste anytime and lets start with our question this week by Graham hailing from Lexington KY.

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Do you remember an old WCW gimmick in the 90’s known as the Juicer? What ever happened to him? I liked that character and he seemed to be a solid fan favorite.

Absolutely I remember the Juicer. He had a Beetlejuice type gimmick where he put powder in his hair and when he took off his doorag, dust would go everywhere. He was fairly popular in the early 90’s along side his friend and occasional partner, Norman. Art Barr was the man who was under the gimmick of the Juicer. While he was a fan favorite, he had some demons that followed him into WCW at the time of his arrival. He was involved in a sexual harrassment suit in a prior company, and eventually settled out of court as he claimed responsibility. The WCW was getting bad press because of this and ultimately released him from his contract because of it. While I dont think he would have achieved championship success in WCW, he could have been a solid fan favorite and lowe mid carder simply to entertain fans. Art Barr tragically passed away in 1994 of an apparent heart attack, though the details of his death is still not known to this day.




Arn Anderson has had many heel to face and face to heel turns throughout his career. Most of them being a member of the Four Horsemen. Anderson’s heel turn in 1994 was the first time he turned heel on his own. Dustin Rhodes was feuding with Col. Parker’s Stud Stable, with Terry Funk, Bunkhouse Buck, and Dick Slater. Rhodes needed a partner and recruited Arn Anderson, who was happy to accept the challenge with Rhodes. He told Rhodes that if he was going to take this on, he has to be prepared to bleed, he has to be prepared to go to war, and Rhodes was eager to oblige. During the match at Bash at the Beach 94. Anderson tagged in, and was about to go to town on the stable, but instead he blindsides Dustin Rhodes and hits him with the DDT, costing them the match, and also joining the Stud Stable in the process.



Now we countdown the top 7 jobbers of the 80’s These jobbers will come from all areas and territories. WWF, NWA, and maybe even the AWA.

Here are some honorable mentions.

Koko B Ware- the only Hall of Famer on this list, typically the brunt of “if Koko can get into the Hall of Fame then….” Koko was traditionally on the losing end of most of his matches. However, he was a part of three Wrestlemania matches…he lost them all.

Dangerous Danny Davis- Started his career as a referee, he cost many matches, and even cost people championships. His wrestling career had little success, his only highlight was a pinfall victory at Wrestlemania III in a six man tag match.

SD Jones- Most will remember SD Jones as a record setter for King Kong Bundy, losing in 9 seconds (actually 23). Jones had a few wins in his career, but mostly was on the short end of the paycheck if I can quote Gorilla Monsoon.

And here we go

7. George South– George South could be seen losing to any and all wrestlers every Saturday morning or evening on World Championship Wrestling on TBS. You could usually count on ol’ George to take the beating putting over guys like Ric Flair, Barry Windham, Lex Luger, and Sting. South did “almost” pin the shoulders of Ric Flair on a TV taping, but it was just a long two.

6. Tiger Chung Lee- Looking at this guy when I was growing up. I always thought that Tiger Chung Lee would win every match. I cannot remember him ever winning, but he was an imposing presence everytime he stepped into the ring. He was also known for his role in the Golden Child featuring Eddie Murphy.

5. Jim Powers- Formerly a member of the Young Stallions with Paul Roma, Jim Powers had some moderate success in the tag team ranks, and could go toe to toe with anyone. His won/loss record is nothing to get excited about, but Powers had a nice physique and had a nice arsenal of moves.

4. Leaping Lanny Poffo- Coined “Leaping” Lanny early on, Poffo’s less memorable, but certainly more entertaining personality was “The Genius.” In this character, Poffo would usually come to the ring with unflattering prose about his opponent. Posing as overly arrogant, Poffo was always smarter than all his opponents and the audience. Noteworthy is that Lanny Poffo is Randy “Macho Man” Savage’s brother and he once defeated Hulk Hogan by count out.

3. Steve Lombardi (The Brooklyn Brawler)- If remembered at all, Lombardi’s most well known wrestling personality was as “The Brooklyn Brawler.” In all his roles, Lombardi, was always presented as a heel and the Brawler was basically an unskilled street fighter sporting a Yankees shirt and blue jeans. In this character, Lombardi would go toe-to-toe with his opponent, generate hostility from the crowd and eventually fall. Unique in the world of “Nobodies” was the Brawler’s climb into some huge matches; he went up against Shawn Michaels and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

2. Iron Mike Sharpe- Probably known for overselling moves, and screaming in the ring. Self-dubbed as “Canada’s Greatest Athlete,” Iron Mike Sharpe could be seen regularly on Saturday afternoons throughout the 1980s. Always with his forearm wrapped for whatever reason (oftentimes hiding a foreign object), Sharpe would always get a few forearm smashes in before an inevitable loss. That being said, Iron Mike was afforded victories over the likes of B Brian Blair and Cousin Luke (kinsmen to Hillbilly Jim).

1. Barry Horowitz- This guy had an awesome mullet and gave himself a pat on the back when no one else would. Part of Horowitz’s storyline and appeal was the fact that he lost so much. Like every match where the audience would already know the outcome before the bell, fans would always hope that, in some parallel universe, Horowitz could win. Eventually, the WWE allowed that to happen with his unlikely victory over BodyDonna Skip. Later he went on to also best “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” Ken Shamrock.



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