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Hello there Wrestling Fans and welcome once again to the Wrestling Roundtable, where our expert panelists debate any and tall topics surrounding the world of wrestling. This week on tap we have The Young Bucks: Does anyone on our panel think they should not re-sign with ROH and head to the WWE? Plus, Ronda Rousey to the WWE? Would this really happen? Who would she face. We talk the Royal Rumble and much much more!!



1. AJ Styles- The WWE claims the top spot this week after his win over Dean Ambrose, despite a little help from James Ellsworth

2. Kevin Owens- Owens up a couple spots after a big win over rival Sami Zayn. Though his friendship with Chris Jericho seems all but over.

3. Sasha Banks- The WWE Raw womens champion had a rough night on Raw, but looks to make history again with Charlotte in an Iron Man match.

4. Dean Ambrose- After failing to win the WWE title at TLC, what is next for the lunatic.

5. Seth Rollins- We saw the Big Show return to face off against Rollins for Owens. However, Show had different ideas and along with Rollins, got the best of the Universal Champ.



1973 – Stan Stasiak defeats Pedro Morales in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to win the WWWF World Heavyweight Title, although many fans didn’t realize they had seen a title change. Morales had given Stasiak a back suplex, and both men appeared to have their shoulders on the mat as the referee counted three. The ring announcer never announced Stasiak as the new champion, and instead said “Let’s hear it for a great champion, Pedro Morales”, supposedly because of fear of a riot from the crowd. The title change was revealed that weekend on television. Stasiak would hold the title for nine days, losing it to Bruno Sammartino in New York City.

2004 – TNA held their “Turning Point” Pay-per-view in Orlando, Florida, featuring Randy Savage’s final match as he teamed with AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy to face off against Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Jeff Jarrett. Savage pinned Jarrett to win the match.

2012 – The mansion Stu Hart ran Stampede Wrestling from, trained and tortured wrestlers in the infamous “Dungeon” and raised his family has been designated a “heritage site”, the equivalent of a landmark, and will be preserved for future generations. The home is being given that distinction due to its unique structure as well as its importance in local culture.

And here are the questions this week.


The Young Bucks’ of Ring of Honor has their contract expiring at the end of the year. ROH has offered them a contract to re-sign, but the WWE has also expressed interest. Should the Bucks jump ship to WWE?

Steve: Its the old saying. Do you want to be a small fish in a big pond, or a big fish in a little pond. The Young Bucks are the most notorious tag team in the independent circuit and Japan. They have had success in Ring of Honor, as well as Japan. I feel that if they were to sign with the WWE, the WWE writers would not know what to do with them and would ultimately bury them. It would be the best move for them to stay put in Ring of Honor, and occasionally Japan. I think honestly, they can make more money that way.

Chad: It looks as though based on the twitter and youtube show the Bucks are a part of that they have signed with ROH and NJPW which I think is good for them now they can still be themselves to a degree more than they could in the WWE structure.

Tyler: No, because they don’t need to.  The WWE would water down their style too much, and between New Japan, ROH and their merchandise sales, they really don’t need the extra money.



Agree/Disagree- The WWE has done a horrible job with the booking of American Alpha?

Steve: Agree 1000%. When this team came into the main roster, I thought they would be jumped to the top. Now, we rarely even see them on big events, and they have a sub -par win/loss record. The writers have failed the American Alpha project.

Chad: I wouldn’t say a horrible job you can’t have them jump from NXT to WWE and win the belts right away. I think that the Wyatt/Orton family is a good opponent for them to chase for the belts like they chased The Revival to win the belts at NXT Takeover: Dallas. I hope WWE books it as a 1 year run from NXT champs to WWE champs because they are very good as a tag team.

Tyler: Agree.  They were hot right out the gate from NXT and WWE should have taken advantage of that immediately.  They’re still over, but not as much as they were initially.  Booked right, they could be the Steiners or the Team Angle of this generation



You are booking the Royal Rumble. Who do you have win, and why?

Steve: If he is healthy and ready to go, I go with Finn Balor to win the Royal Rumble. This would set up a match with Kevin Owens at Wrestlemania. A guy who he has had many amazing matches with, and would absolutely shine on the biggest stage of them all.

Chad: I have a returning Finn Balor win the Rumble as an underdog for his size; to get him into a title match at WrestleMania against Owens which was the plan all along win Balor beat Rollins at Summerslam.

Tyler: Honestly, I would book Goldberg to win and continue his comeback tour.  He’s over more than I expected him to be, and who doesn’t love a feel-good ending?



We all have an obvious love for Charlotte and it was clear as day that we were devastated of her title loss last week. It is rumored that her Wrestlemania opponent could in fact be Ronda Rousey. Would you like to see this match happen?

Steve: I would love to see Ronda Rousey compete at Wrestlemania. Whether it is against Charlotte or even in a mixed tag with the Rock against Triple H and Stephanie. This would be a good draw for Mania.

Chad: I think we have to wait and see how her fight against Amanda Nunes goes on Dec. 30. If Ronda gets her face bashed in again similar to her loss against Holly Holm I don’t think she would any part of Mania. I don’t want to see the match regardless because I could never take Charlotte seriously as someone who can beat Ronda.

Tyler: Absolutely!  Again, booked right, Ronda could be a female Ken Shamrock of this current generation.



What are your overall thoughts on TLC?

Steve: Until Todd reminded me that TLC was even on, I had no idea that there was an event on Sunday. So I didnt watch. I read the results and they were all too predictable. I called the Ellsworth turn about two weeks ago. I knew that Miz would not drop the title. I guess I was a little surprised that Alexa Bliss walked out as the Womens Champion. However, it doesnt suprise me because I know the writers have not been too keen on Becky Lynch. I like the idea to have Bray and Randy Orton winning the tag belts. It was time for the little Heath/Rhyno thing to go away.

Chad: I thought it was a very predictable show from the Tag Title switch to the Miz retaining to the Ellsworth heelish turn it all just seemed predictable. From the parts of ROH’s Final Battle that I saw that seemed like the better show from the Cody Heel Turn to the appearance of Broken Matt Hardy to challenge the Young Bucks; to the main event.

Tyler: Middle of the road with a couple of surprising/long overdue title changes.  Love the fact that WWE seems to be in it for the long term with the New Wyatt Family of Bray, Orton, and Harper, and it’s about time that Bray wins a title on the main roster.  What’s interesting to me is that the tag team title holders of both shows are three man groups.  Freebird Rule all around!

I was definitely surprised by Alexa winning the Women’s title so soon, but she is a great heel and deserving of run, especially if they bring Mickie James onto the Smackdown roster.
I could literally care less about Baron Corbin.
I am somewhat interested in the “did she or didn’t she” storyline going on with Nikki Bella and Natalya, at least it gives her something to do if nothing else.
As far as the main even goes, glad AJ is still the champ, and curse Ellsworth’s sudden yet expected betrayal! (5 points to anybody who gets that reference)

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