The Blog About Nothing 12/9 Edition

Welcome to The Blog About Nothing. It’s the 9th of December and the first shot of cold polar vortex air is about to hit the northeast. We have yet to see accumulating snow here in New York City, but I fear that is coming soon. Boy oh boy do I hate snow.

Hate the stuff. Hate walking in it, hate driving in it, and other than the first few flakes that fall and make the place look pretty, it gets ugly quick. Mounds of yellow, brown, and grey slush can never look pretty and that is what snow is after it falls. I hate it.

Escape from New YorkI’ve always said that I could leave New York tomorrow, and it will never leave me. That is definitely true. However, you could not pay me enough money to move to a place where it would snow as much or more than what we get in New York every winter. Nope. If I were to leave New York, I’m heading to the Deep South or to the West. I’d move as far away from snow as I possibly could. I’m over it.

So, as I sit here in fear of the winter that is surely coming, let me start piecing together this week’s blog. 2016 is coming to an end, and thank goodness for that. Been a miserable year with all of the notable deaths, and an ugly election process. Been a draining year if I’m being honest. It’ll soon be over though, but with 22 days left I’m afraid to ask what else 2016 has for us.

I don’t even want to go there. However, another phenomenon that could only have happened in 2016 has my attention and that is where I’ll spend the bulk of my time this week. That phenomenon is something called pizzagate.

Pizzagate, in short, is a conspiracy theory that a pizza restaurant is being used to house a child sex ring. Of course, being 2016, it’s a theory linked to Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee. Basically, it states that a pizza restaurant in Washington D.C. has children being held in the basement solely for the purpose of being sexually abused.

Pizzagate is one of the many fake news stories that has been spread this year. These fake news stories have primarily been cooked up to paint Hillary and the Democrats in an ugly light, and thankfully for the fake news writers there have been plenty of stupid people to believe them.

We have already seen one individual, Edgar Welch of North Carolina, storm into Comet Ping Pong pizza and let off a shot before being arrested. Mr. Welch drove over 300 miles from his small North Carolina town, to be the liberator of something that does not exist.

Since the intel, or the optics appear to be off to these “truth-seekers” Pizzagate is now spreading to other cities and now pizzerias in places ranging from New York City to Austin, Texas have come under alert. They are being terrorized for a news story that isn’t even real.

Look, I know people are stupid. We are. We are freaking idiots. We all want to believe in something, but I am stunned there are people who really believe that this is true. I really cannot believe that people really think people connected to the Democratic party are out here housing child sex slaves.

Then again I also could not believe in something called spirit cooking that was trending for days on Twitter. Allegedly according to another fake news story, the leaked emails of John Podesta who was the chairman of Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign revealed that John, Hillary, and others participated in satanic rituals.

This topic trended on Twitter for days, and there were people who genuinely believed it. I saw people tweet that they wouldn’t vote for Hillary because of it. It wasn’t real! A simple fact check could have solved that, but if some nut on the internet said that it was true: then it had to be true.

Let me be clear: this isn’t some Trump voters are dumb blog. No. Idiots exist on both sides of the political spectrum but I have to ask how did fake news become a thing?

internet-trollThe internet allows everyone to have a voice. It allows me to have a voice. My voice isn’t that big. I probably should start blogging fake things just to increase my audience. However, that’s not me. My thing is that I can read a headline, and then I’ll go to legitimate news sites to verify if it’s true or not. Why can’t most people have that sense?

Have we really become a culture seduced by headlines? Or a culture that gets its information in 140 characters or less? Whatever happened to checking and verifying for yourself? Shoot, whatever happened to hearing something that sounded ridiculous and then brushing it off as being ridiculous?

British actor Tom Baker had it correct when he said “I believe people can believe in anything”. Tom is 100 percent spot on. People will believe any damn thing they are told, and that alone is why I want to put 2016 behind me. I pray that in 2017, we develop sense, brain cells, and the ability to think for ourselves.

I’m done. Only a few more blogs left for 2016. Three more to be exact. Thank goodness.


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  1. I have probably said this a gazillion times but I’ll say it once more… doesn’t anyone know how to think for themselves anymore?

    I got screwed once when I believed a posted “fact” and had to eat a healthy portion of crow. Since then I check, double check and then triple check everything I read through any media source I have seen it.

  2. EJ –

    Once again you have explored a point with far-reaching consequences. Despite cautioning my students to be skeptical about what they found on the web, I did some poking around regarding the underground railroad. I found several things that seemed to fit what I understood, only to have to backtrack on them later.

    One of the things was that I though “Follow the Drinking Gourd” was the (unofficial) song of the underground railroad. Not only is there no record of this song existing until thirty years after the railroad was no longer needed, but the “coded messages” it supposedly contained would have been a dead giveaway to federal agents and bounty hunters seeking runaway slaves.

    The best expert opinion seems to be that it was written to honor those who ran and used the underground railroad.

    I think we are all inclined to believe what others say when it agrees with our outlook. Similarly, we all tend to reject facts and opinions which are in conflict with out feelings and beliefs. Yes, as Joe say, it is stupid. But stupidity seems to be an important part of our make-up.

    But as you suggest, rather than accept our stupidity, we can take the steps necessary to be sure of what we accept and reject.

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