Movie Review: Conquest of the Planet of the Apes

One thing that gets on my nerves in these types of movies.

conquest-of-the-planet-of-the-apes-2You have a gun and a stick. 30 or 40 creatures are coming at you in a riot situation. How many of you are going to start hitting them with a stick? If you are Human in this movie, all of you. Even the guy with the flame thrower ends up just trying to push the Apes back. Again, don’t fry the 50 Apes, just scare them a bit. Even when the Army comes out, they are just sitting there yelling home for a long time before they actually start shooting, and of course, the Apes have a plan when they get close. The Apes are not much better, as they walk over cops and people still with guns instead of taking them. Just irritating.

Why is it the only black man has to be the one to turn on humanity? They push the John Brown situation to the ends, so why didn’t they make the governor a black man and the turncoat another race? Just WAY too much on the nose, maybe it there was more than ONE black man it wouldn’t be out there like a sore thumb. Of course, maybe if the actor wasn’t looking down his nose the entire time. Then again, being the 70’s I guess we had to break out the SLEDGEHAMMER OF PLOT for the populace in the theater.

Gotta love when the power is cut to the shock table, all the lights still come on, like normal, just no juice to the table.
Ceaser speaks English, how does he talk to the Apes? Is he multilingual? WAY too much speachification toward the end. Ceaser does a good job holding his end up, but the Governor just seems either way too stupid or reading from a ham-handed script. The turncoat’s speech is even more ignorant. Race Relations are one thing, but this is a John Brown situation, not an Abraham Lincoln situation.

Both sides know what Zira said from 20 years ago, I can see Ceaser knowing it, as I’m sure Ricardo Montalbán told him all about his momma and why she was killed. Why the humans knew of it, I would think they would have better processes in place to prevent it. Hey, for some reason all the Dogs and Cars are dying, just like that woman said who said she was from the future, no one saw this coming? Kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy, isn’t it?

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