Movie Review: Conquest of the Planet of the Apes

Its 1991, so you know its evil. There are a huge number of chimps now for just 20 years. No idea where they got a mate for Milo. Oh wait, they are just regular apes, being trained for stuff like moping, sweeping and buffing shoes. They look like the Apes from the movies, not like real apes at all.

Ricardo Montalbán shows up with Ceaser, – the baby Milo from the last movie. Ceaser is able to talk, and Ricardo Montalbán fusses at him for not walking like other apes, swinging his arms back and forth. Turns out that the plague that Corneluis talked about did happen. There are no cats or dogs. So the Ape is now the new pet. Ceaser is on a chain, but it’s purely for decorative purposes.

conquest-of-the-planet-of-the-apes-1The cops are pretty brutal to the Apes that get out of line, something they seem to do often. There is even a protest among people who are losing their jobs to the Apes. During one beatdown, Ceaser calls out, and is heard. Ricardo Montalbán is able to get away with him, and goes to the police to clear things up, and gives Ceaser instructions to go hide at the docks. He is put in with the normal population.
Now that he’s part of the Ape population, Ceaser gets to see how bad it really is, and yes, there is a revolution. Ricardo Montalbán is – well, I’m not spoiling it. The Governor of California is our main bad guy. He’s in charge of the Apes getting put back under control for “reconditioning”.

So the War Begins.

The build is nice. Ceaser starts adding things to the orders, like a couple cans of Kerosene or 100 rounds of ammunition. That’s about the best part of the movie. Servants start to swipe knives while they are polishing silverware. Fun stuff like that.

This movie is all build. I kid you not. This movie is build build build then a battle, then speeches then roll credits. What saves the movie is the build is worth it. I’ll get into some of it when I hit the spoilers. The timeline is off as well, since you have Apes getting sent over from the jungle and instantly looking like they do in the previous movies. That’s a quick turnaround to intelligence. I’m going 6 on this one, it’s another solid movie, and a great followup. I’m a bit encouraged so far. We are 4 movies in and 3 of them I’d actually pick up for the extras.

Spoiler Time

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