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Water and oil don’t mix…

joe1-jpg1On Monday morning I read various reports… from mainstream media to alternative media to social media sources… that all effectively said the same thing… that the hordes of protesters in North Dakota… literally thousands of what had to be cold, shivering and tired men and women… erupted in cheers as fireworks could be seen exploding overhead at an announcement that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers was refusing to grant an easement request for the Dakota Access Pipeline on Sunday afternoon to go under and/or pass through North Dakota’s Lake Oahe, a burial site sacred to the Standing Rock Sioux and a major source of drinking water for the community as well as the Missouri River.fireworks-standing-rock-pipeline

Army Assistant Secretary for Civil Works Jo-Ellen Darcy told media sources that the decision to halt the easement was based on a need to explore alternate routes for the Energy Transfer Partners pipeline crossing under the Missouri reservoir. She specifically said, “Although we have had continuing discussion and exchanges of new information with the Standing Rock Sioux and Dakota Access, it’s clear that there’s more work to do.”

Meantime… Standing Rock Sioux tribal chairman Dave Archambault said while this was good news, the battle against the Dakota Access Pipeline… as well as the rights of Native Americans… are still not over.

And… right he is… because before the day was over the following events came to pass…

Energy Transfer Partners (ETP)… them peeps who are installing the Dakota Access Pipeline and primarily behind all of the hullabaloo …  said the failure to grant an easement, and thereby halt construction of the pipeline, is nothing more than a political stunt.  ETP also boldly and blatantly added that the denial of the easement necessary to drill under the Missouri River makes no never mind to their plans to complete the pipeline and have oil flowing throw its pipes in 2017.

Specifically, ETP and its newly anointed parent company Sunoco issued these words in reply to the Army Engineering Corps aka the standing lame duck political powers that be…

“As stated all along, ETP and SXL are fully committed to ensuring that this vital project is brought to completion and fully expect to complete construction of the pipeline without any additional rerouting in and around Lake Oahe. Nothing this Administration has done today changes that in any way.

 In spite of consistently stating at every turn that the permit for the crossing of the Missouri River at Lake Oahe granted in July 2016, comported with all legal requirements, including the use of an environmental assessment, rather than an environmental impact statement, the Army Corps now seeks to engage in additional review and analysis of alternative locations for the pipeline.

The White House’s directive today to the Corps for further delay is just the latest in a series of overt and transparent political actions by an administration which has abandoned the rule of law in favor of currying favor with a narrow and extreme political constituency.”

In short… what they are saying is akin to this…

Fuck Obama… Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges. We will complete the damn pipeline and fuck all you damn nature lovers… fuck the protesters… fuck the Sioux Nation. Money is gonna flow through dem dere pipes regardless of any shit ya’ll think ya’ll can do.

Now… technically speaking ETP is totally correct they did follow the letter of the law… they took the land they needed to build the pipeline from private property owners either by agreement and arrangement or by the force of rule of eminent domain.

But, then, everything Hitler did… was legal, too.

And… while they say they complied with all the environmental bureaucracy involved… were able to get OKs to build in, over, under, sideways, down on the land that they acquired… it really ain’t necessarily the whole truth, nothing but the truth, so they do swear…  that they are committed to keeping the land and the water near and around the pipeline all pristine and in harmony with Mama Earth.

More on that in a tad… but… first… I gots other fishes that needs frying.

North Dakota Congressman and elephant Kevin Cramer added his pointed and opinionated mind to the firestorm of words…cramer

“I hoped even a lawless president wouldn’t continue to ignore the rule of law. However, it was becoming increasingly clear he was punting this issue down the road.  Today’s unfortunate decision sends a very chilling signal to others who want to build infrastructure in this country. Roads, bridges, transmission lines, pipelines, wind farms and water lines will be very difficult, if not impossible, to build when criminal behavior is rewarded this way. In my conversation with Assistant Secretary of the Army Jo-Ellen Darcy today, she was unable to give any legal reasons for the decision and could not answer any questions about rerouting the pipeline. I’m encouraged we will restore law and order next month when we get a President who will not thumb his nose at the rule of law. I feel badly for the Corps of Engineers because of the diligent work it did on this project, only to have their Commander-in-Chief throw them under the bus. But he’s been doing that to the military for eight years, so why not one more time on his way out the door.”

President-elect Trumpty Dumpty has already said… he tweeted?…  that he supports the pipeline and may overturn the decision by the Army Core of Engineers when he takes office.

And… not to be outdone…  North Dakota Senator and donkey Heidi Heitkamp said…

The Dakota pipeline fight is 'not winnable,'... ND Democratic Sen Heidi Heitkamp
The Dakota pipeline fight is ‘not winnable,’… ND Democratic Sen Heidi Heitkamp

“It’s long past time that a decision is made on the easement going under Lake Oahe. This administration’s delay in taking action… after I’ve pushed the White House, Army Corps, and other federal agencies for months to make a decision… means that today’s move doesn’t actually bring finality to the project. The pipeline still remains in limbo. The incoming administration already stated its support for the project and the courts have already stated twice that it appeared the Corps followed the required process in considering the permit…”

And… just so ya’ll know…

On December 1st Reuters reported that “President-elect Donald Trump is considering Democratic U.S. Senator Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota for either the interior or energy secretary positions in his Cabinet.”

Heitkamp is also a strong supporter of domestic energy development, both in fossil fuels and renewable resources.  And, North Dakota is a major source of crude oil, coal and wind power.

Hmmmm… two energy sources against one… is that fair?

Just gots to ask… wonder which energy sources would win out in the getting of the biggest contracts to develop their personal products to support the growing energy needs of we the people? Or… is that already a foregone delusion… sorry… I mean conclusion?

schurz_and_sheridan_and_red_manBut… I guess if she gets either job… interior or energy secretary… she’s already got a foot up in keeping up the legacy of the many secretaries who went before her… pillaging the Native Americans for the few things they had left that held any value as well as stealing from any settlers… poor dirt farmers or livestock ranchers… so them who has so damn much can have even lots more. Just like them good old days of the 19th century all over again.

But ya’ll know what really kinda, sorta rankles my tail feathers?

These damn fucking hypocrites ragging on the Bamster’s lame old ass the way they are.

And, it’s not for the reason some of ya’ll may think.indianland

What it is, is this… they saying he is stopping the DAPL because he refuses to acknowledge the rule of law… and that he is kowtowing to a select constituency and all them other highfaluting fancy ass words and terminologies… but… pleaseee… this is the same dude who back around May… on the old QT, behind the scenes…  like some magician doing a nifty misdirection magic trick… “Hey, look over here. See what I’m doing? Stopping that damn North Dakota pipeline (that’s already 99% done but that’s no never mind). Ain’t I doing such a damn good thing…”

While approving permits for two Texas pipelines… the Trans-Pecos and Comanche Trail Pipelines… which by the by are also being built under the auspices of ETP… Energy Transfer Partners.

And… most of the fracked gas that these pipelines will transport won’t even be consumed by any of we the peoples but mostly by them the peoples in Mexico.

According to the Texas Tribune, the 42-inch-wide Trans-Pecos Pipeline alone will carry 1.6 billion cubic feet of gas every day under the Rio Grande River.

Now… should a leak or spill occur, the effects could be felt in both Texas and Mexico.

And, the Comanche Trail Pipeline… also 42-inches… will carry gas from the Waha Hub in the Northern part of Pecos County, Texas, to San Elizario, Texas, where it will then be transported into Mexico

And… wanna really get the old undies in a bunch?

two-pipelinesAccording to the latest report filed with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)… construction on the pipelines isn’t started yet…  but… because the pipelines have been approved by the United States and Mexican governments, the only recourse for those opposed to the pipelines being in their neck of the woods is to take it to the streets and do some good old demonstrating and being civilly disobedient.

And… exactly how did ETP get the land they need to get their pipeline built if someone wasn’t willing to sell their land or at least the underground rights away?

Eminent domain. Mostly.

Right now, a U.S. District Judge has stayed eminent domain proceedings by ETP against El Paso County Water Improvement District No. 1 and the federal government. ETP is suing because they want their pipeline built and to build it they need to go under the District’s irrigation canals… and… the Mexican border fence so the lien can be connected with a Mexican pipeline that is under the Rio Grande.

Yeah… funny… how there is already a fence between the two countries borders already in some parts, eh? That’s another issue for another time… that fish goes into the WTF freezer.

The District, which provides water to El Paso, has complained that ETP says… “Hell, no… we won’t change our plans to accommodate your piddling little ass need to assure that your citizens have access to clean water.”

Proof that the El Paso district has a legitimate bitch?eminent_domain_

District officials point to the fact that when ETP went to bore some pipeline tunnels, the very first canal it bored under collapsed.

So, the US judge ordered all parties to be back before him on January 5th of the upcoming new year to palaver about this entire magilla of events. But, according to a high level manager of the irrigation district… by then, the pipeline might already be finished. And, it all will be just moot at that point.

Grok this… These are not the only pipeline projects currently underway down in Texas…

ONEOK Partners LLC is building a 200-mile pipeline near Coyanosa, Texas which will also travel through San Elizario Texas.  The project, known as the Roadrunner gas transmission pipeline, is expected to be completed by 2019, but construction in the San Elizario area is scheduled for completion next year.

People are already up in arms and demonstrations have already begun to protest that pipeline. The main bitch is that if a gas leak were to erupt it could potentially contaminate the Rio Grande River and the other 16 canals the overall Comanche Trail Pipeline will go under.

A rep from the protesters said “We know we can survive without food for many, many days. But all of you know without water we will perish. It’s an element we use every day.”

San Elizario Mayor Maya Sanchez said she did not become aware of this connection to the overall Comanche pipeline was well under way. She said, “I found out about the pipeline projects on June 12, 2015, and that was just two days before ETP had a pipeline explode just outside of Cuero, Texas. So, that didn’t give me much faith in the company and these types of projects.”

San Elizario’s Last Stand: Protesting the Pipeline
San Elizario’s Last Stand: Protesting the Pipeline

Sanchez now concerned that another explosion could have devastating effects on her small town reached out to Energy Transfer Partners and ONEOK only to get a whole lot of nothing.

Sanchez also referenced the recent collapse of one of 16 canals that happened as ETP was attempting to build part of the Comanche Trail Pipeline and she said, “So I mean, clearly it was one of 16 (canals)… and they already messed up.”

While ETP and the other pipeline builders all say… don’t worry be happy, nothing bad will happen.

Sanchez says “(ETP says the farmers) can raise crops, but mind you, this is a 42-inch pipeline that is 4 feet underground… Now tell me… how comfortable are you driving a huge tractor and tracing over a 42-inch pipeline that is 4 feet underground?”

When asked about safety concerns by the El Paso Herald Post, Energy Transfer Partners responded to them via email…  “The safety of our employees who build and operate them, the safety of those who live in the communities through which our pipelines pass, and the safety of the environment which surrounds them. For that reason, the design, construction, and operation of the Comanche Trail Pipeline will meet or exceed where possible all state and federal safety standards. Our pipelines are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by industry- leading control centers with the capability to remotely shut in lines within minutes. Pipelines are the safest form of transportation for natural gas. One example of this is the minimum depth to which the pipeline will be buried. The Texas Railroad Commission requires a minimum depth of 3-feet, however, our pipeline will be buried a minimum of 4 feet deep.”

The email continued to specify that ETP had compensated landowners both permanent and temporary easements and they said, “The landowner still owns the land and can use it as before, aside from building permanent structures or planting deep-rooted trees.”texas-to-mexico-pipeline

Soooo…The land is okay to use but don’t build anything on it and don’t plant anything that grows with some long roots.


The email further stated that… “The open house was successful in enabling us to respond to questions and concerns from landowners, local officials and other interested parties in a one-on-one format. We were able to address a number of questions including surveys, routing and safety. We also provided fact sheets and informational displays. At this open house and as usual, we find that people respond well to our projects once well informed. As always, we respect that there are a wide variety of opinions regarding our country’s energy infrastructure.”

Mayor Sanchez says… wait a cotton picking moment… “I was very upset that we were being told next to nothing. At the end of the day the city passed a resolution completely opposing the project and I did get a hold of the companies and they were both willing to meet with our city staff and council members.”

Long story short… not a whole hell of a lot was accomplished.

In June 2015, San Elizario passed a resolution that opposed the opposing the pipeline.

But, in Texas, companies can seize private land to build pipelines because they are deemed in the “public good.” Pipeline companies are legally classified as “common carriers,” carrying commodities from multiple producers to serve customers who might not otherwise have access.

And… that satisfies what is in the “public’s good.”

Pipeline opponents say… how are the pipelines serving the public good by exporting gas and/or oil to customers in Mexico?

As for other areas where the pipeline will be most likely built…

Already pipe line employees have been popping up on people’s land and surveying their property for potential pipeline construction. When one owner… Val Beard… found a surveyor on her land she says, “He told us quite unabashedly that he was surveying for the pipeline.” She added that she told the surveyor you have no permission to be here, so get off my property.

Beard, added “It is not only illegal but profoundly discourteous. It’s just not done out here.” she said of the company’s move to survey her land without receiving permission.

After this intrusion of ETP associated peeps on citizen’s private property, Energy Transfer sent notices about its plans to the Beard family as well as other landowners along the proposed pipeline route.

Some folks have taken the money from ETP… while others… including the Beards… are holding out.

ETP et. al. has effectively said to any holdouts…

OK…fine… maybe we just might claim the land using eminent domain… of course we will pay market value… but let’s see how much bargaining power you have for your land when we determine the price we need to pay.

Val and her husband say that any pipeline mishaps on their land… like if a gas were to leak out and into a large spring that supplies most of their water… it would devastate their ranch… which include around 1,500 head of cattle.

ETP… of course says… don’t worry…we have about 12,600 miles of interstate gas pipeline across the U.S., and they are all safe. Besides, even if a mishap were to occur we have the capability to remotely shut the problematic area down.

Texas pipeline explosion
Texas pipeline explosion

But, a month prior to all of this back and forth between the property holdouts and ETP… an Energy Transfer gas pipeline ruptured in South Texas, outside of Cuero, sending flames towering into the sky.

Pipeline opponents say this is indicative of what could go wrong in their area… which just happens to be an area prone to wildfires where emergency responders often rely on ranchers and other citizens to help fight fires.

But, eminent domain lurks over the heads of every land owner in Texas who owns property that may fall within Big Oil’s need to install a pipeline. As long as they can satisfy a jurisdiction’s satisfaction that they actually do have the right to condemn land for the public good it’s… fuck you, rancher… your land is my land…

Simply put… No major projects have been canceled over private property rights… some were delayed or sometimes rerouted to avoid a contentious and long lawsuit… but no major projects were ever cancelled.

Land owners who oppose the pipeline have said they are settling in for a long legal battle over eminent domain taking over their property.

But understand this… it was the Bamster’s government who authorized the Comanche Trail and Trans-Pecos Pipelines and the U.S. and Mexican governments have agreed to the U.S.-Mexico Energy Business Council whose main objective is to unite “together representatives of the energy industries of the United States and Mexico to discuss issues of mutual interest.’ 

Read that… as build and transport oil and gas all through the U.S. and into Mexico for… mo money, mo money and mo money.

So excuse me while l take pause and piss into the sky and call ETP, and all others, who are condemning and talking smack to the Bamster… not because he is any advocate for Native Americans or any other landowners who may be adversely affected by any oil product carrying pipelines but because the sneaky ass dude has already laid the groundwork down for much more nefarious and potentially dangerous pipelines to be built  that could not only endanger all people in America but also many other people in other countries, too… especially Mexico.

Indigenous peoples in Mexico protest pipelines…

As of my writing this piece I have already found evidence of trouble between the Mexican pipeline builders and some of Mexico’s own native peoples.

The Associated Press reported that the U.S.-Mexico pipeline construction has caused conflict within Mexico’s own Indigenous communities and that at least one person has been killed while others were injured as some Yaqui community protested the building of a proposed pipeline, which would bring natural gas from Arizona to the Mexican states of Sonora and Sinaloa.

Yaqui spokesperson Mario Luna
Yaqui spokesperson Mario Luna

The Yaqui community has already had a long and protracted battle with Mexican authorities and Mexican government aided corporations about preservation of Mexico’s indigenous people’s water rights.

Just last year Yaqui water rights defender and a spokesperson for the Yaqui Mario Luna Mario Luna was released from prison after being jailed for a year by Mexico. He was allegedly kidnapped and placed illegally in prison by Mexican authorities fro his involvement with the Vicam Yaqui highway barricade that was an act of civil disobedience in protest of Mexico building an aqueduct to divert water from Rio Yaqui to the City of Hermosillo.

What about how environmentally complaint Big Oil really is in North Dakota…

Now… remember I was gonna talk about how environmentally complaint ETP was in a tad… the tad has arrived…

On November 5th of this year, The High Country News published a report/article that said in a nutshell that a study which was initiated by Jennifer Veilleux of Florida International University in Miami, Florida.

After perusing an environmental report Veilleux decided to gather together what came to be some 16 geographers, cartographers, lawyers, and researchers who all worked pro bono. What she and her crew found were that there are nine major intersections between the proposed pipeline and rivers in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Iowa where oil and water could potentially mix. could possibly meet water.ndpipelinemap

They also mapped, by using U.S. census data, the number of Native Americans living on reservations, in cities and on rural land near these waterways which extend West into Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado and Montana.

They ultimately found that regardless of all the various containment efforts… regardless of all the environmental precautions… that as the pipeline is constructed it would cause “invasive species, fungus, and microbes (to be) transported if the equipment is not handled carefully. The drilling fluid used to install the pipeline could leak into groundwater or the river and contaminate it.”

They also found that once the pipeline is actually carrying oil transporting oil that there are other much bigger concerns if a spill were to happen.

Not only wood Native American land… aka reservations… be affected but the watershed area downstream would also be affected… a watershed that serves millions of citizens of we the people.

AND… that there “… are many other small tributaries and wetlands off the main waterways, ecosystems that would also be threatened by a leak, and some groundwater aquifers in the region that could be contaminated by oil. There are three endangered species in the basin whose habitats could be affected: two water birds, a piping plover and least tern, and the pallid sturgeon.”

So to quote a very wise and sagacious man… that I also consider a personal hero… “In a real sense all life is inter-related. All men are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be, and you can never be what you ought to be until I am what I ought to be…
This is the inter-related structure of reality.”
Which is just another way of saying what I believe to be a universal truth…native-wisdom

Everything in this world… every action, every person, every form of life itself thing…every reality… every moment in time… effects every other moment in time and its own specific realities whether you understand it or not. Everything you, or anyone else, ever does effects the world we live within… either greatly or minutely… whether you know it or not.

So be careful what you fucking wish for… it may not only happen but it may have unintended consequences that could irrevocably take place in the world…

This is not to say walk around tiptoeing through life timidly and afraid to live your life… rather it is to say think before you act and if you intend to act with no malice in your heart and with respect for all other life then go forth and live.

Simply put… shit happens and we best hope the shit that happens is fertilizer for the world and not something else altogether.

Martin Luther King Jr… also said…

“Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

Top 1% Accountability Act

News item: Rep. Gwen Moore (D-WI) has finally gotten filled up to the brink with certain peeps wanting to drug test poor people who need government assistance. So she has decided to take things into her own political hands and is introducing a bill that she says will make things fairer.

The “Top 1% Accountability Act” would require anyone claiming itemized tax deductions of over $150,000 in a given year to submit a clean drug test. If a filer who falls into that $150,000 or more deductions category doesn’t piss a clean test within three months of filing, then he or she won’t be able to take advantage of any of their claimed tax deductions. Things like their mortgage interest deduction or tax breaks for paying for their health care coverage. Legitimate though they may be… they gotta supply that damn clean piss test.

Rep. Gwen Moore (D-WI)
Rep. Gwen Moore (D-WI)

Which means no smoking pot… no taking a little amphetamine pick me up or maybe taking a sniff of cocaine to get them through he night.

Moore’s office told media sources that them peeps who make at least $500,000 a year likely be the most impacted. A memo on her web site says, “By drug testing those with itemized deductions over $150,000, this bill will level the playing field for drug testing people who are the recipients of social programs>”  a memo on her bill notes.

Moore says, “I am a former welfare recipient. I’ve used food stamps, I’ve received Aid for Families with Dependent Children, Medicaid, Head Start for my kids, Title XX daycare. I’m truly grateful for the social safety net.” And, she adds, “Republicans continue to criminalize poverty and to put forward the narrative, the false narrative in fact, that people who are poor and reliant upon the social safety net are drug users.”

Ten states presently require applicants to who want to enroll in cash welfare programs to undergo a drug test.

However, evidence from test results among the states that test welfare recipients tend to find that people who get welfare are no more likely to use drugs than the general population AND in fact, they happened to use drugs less than the general population.

Moore says, “There are no boundaries with regard to class or race (when it comes to drug abuse.) If these poor

So, piss away you one percenters… and… it better be clean or no tax breaks for you.

Rock on Ms. Moore.


I guess Black lives still don’t matter… at least to one damn fool of a white man at least…

A South Carolina judge declared a mistrial Monday after jurors said they were unable to reach a unanimous verdict in the case of a white former North Charleston police officer charged with murder in the death of black motorist Walter Scott.

The mistrial came just a few hours after Circuit Judge Clifton Newman had ordered jurors to continue deliberating. But, the jurors still came back later and said they were hopelessly in a deadlock… 11 for conviction and one juror who said he could not in “good conscience” convict the defendant beyond a reasonable doubt.

Now… in no way do I ever like to prejudge any situation. Nor would I say I can discern what a person is thinking. I mean how could I unless I could read someone’s mind. Fact is I ain’t them. So, I can never know exactly what goes on in their mind.


Considering that a bystander’s cellphone video… which begins seconds before Michael Slager… the ex-cop… begins shooting his gun at the deceased and shows that the deceased…. who was obviously then the living… running away from a cop who is firing his weapon… firing it 8 times.  shot-in-the-back

Walter Scott is wounded three times in the back, once in his ass and once on the ear. He died from his wounds without ever receiving any assistance from the cop who fired his weapon 8 times…. but did have time to think to handcuff Scott’s potentially dangerous bleeding and dying ass.


How in the fuck did that damn white fucking fool of a juror think there was reasonable doubt about what happened about how Mr. Scott met his demise at the hand of one fucked up cop?

I do not give a damn what the hell went down before that video started filming… the man was running away from the cop… no one was in imminent danger… the traffic stop that proceeded this situation was over a broke tail light. Who knows why Scott ran and truth? It don’t matter. Unless he just seriously caused some near lethal harm, the cop should have simply never drawn his weapon and just let the man run away. He had all evidence he needed to track the man down. His car with the damn broken tail light and his damn fingerprints all over it. You do not shoot at someone 8 fucking times over a damn broken taillight especially when they are running AWAY from you.

Guilty as damn well charged.

What was that MLK Jr. quote again? Oh, yeah…

“Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

Another thousand words…



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