Movie Review: Escape from the Planet of the Apes

We are in Human World, and a helicopter has found what looks to be a spaceship, according to the pilot. They tow it to shore, and the military show up. When the general gets there, they open it up and 3 astronauts emerge. The men stop mid-salute when the helmets come off and it’s 3 Chimps! The General run away and roll credits. Oh this is starting good, and a fun way to flip the series.

escape-from-the-planet-of-the-apes-astroThe people are going to send the chimps to the Zoo, and it will be sealed. They sent oranges over to feed them and will take them in the morning. They are going to wait until the MORNING? For some reason they have not talked yet.
When they are alone, we find out that the destruction of earth by Charlton Heston caused a shockwave that sent them back in time. They also had a clock timer, but this one went backwards.

The military has sent in two experts. They give Zira some intelligence tests, of course they pass with amazing ease. When one of the tests has a banana as a prize, she just sits there and stares at it. When the lady doctor asks why she doesn’t take it, Zira responds “because I loathe bananas” Panic ensures.
When the third Chimp gets too close to the Gorilla in the next cage, he’s attacked and choked to death. We are down to our known pair, man even the Space Chimps have Red Shirts. Fun little conversation where Zira and the doctor talk about the word primitive.

The President is aware. Someone is a bit worried about keeping them at the zoo. The media is alerted. Apparently the trio escaped earth in the spacecraft that Brent came to earth in. We have a presidential board, and its funny. I mean laugh out loud funny. The Human doctor plays sly, until Zira bursts out. Just a funny back and forth.

The question of Taylor comes out. Zira lies. Later she tells the human doctors what happens but they agree that they should have hid the truth. For some reason the other 3 in Charleton Heston’s craft and the two in the second (Brents) ship are ignored. Zira says from the window of the spaceship they saw the earth explode.
The performance of the commission has won the public over to the pair, they are moved from the zoo to a hotel and treated like celebrities.

So how is Escape from the Planet of the Apes?escape-from-the-planet-of-the-apes-suit
I really enjoyed this one. I wasn’t happy with the second one, but this one was a real joy. The fish out of water aspect is a little underdone, and could have been done better, but the Chimps are always a lot of fun. The humor does go out of the movie as the danger increases, and it does end on a sour note.

I’ll give this one an 8. I do think it’s worth watching and a very good followup to the original- maybe you can find a clipshow of the second movie so you don’t have to watch that one. I do feel bad for the Chimps and how they get treated later on in the movie. Then again, watch the first one again and see how Charleston Heston was treated when he first got to the Planet of the Apes.

Parts of the movie don’t work. I would think the President would bring them to the White House and be more involved in what’s going on, instead of letting one advisor run point on all this. The talk of Herod and Hitler was really interesting and should have been pushed a bit more. Fun how the scientist was the guy wanting to get a final solution of the problem.

Finally the explanation of time travel with the painter is about stupid. Again, I think this movie should be watched, it’s a lot of fun, and up until the end, could be considered kid-friendly.


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