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Hey there wrestling fans and welcome once again to Pounding 7’s, the only countdown where more people Disagree than the United States Government. This week we go a little politically incorrect as we countdown the top 7 wrestling gimmicks that probably offended a few people.  Let me know what you think, leave a comment and let me know if I missed any.


Trent wants to know about the Macho couple.

I know that Randy Savage and Elizabeth were already married at the time of the match made in heaven at Summerslam 91. I also know they were divorced about a year later in real life. My question is, were they having marital problems at the time of Summerslam? I can’t imagine the marriage ending so soon after.

Trent, you have done your homework. Yes, Savage and Elizabeth were already married at the time of the ceremony at Summerslam 91. And yes, they were divorce a short time later. Actually after Wrestlemania VIII, just a year after her return, we really never saw Elizabeth at ringside. This is presumably where the problems started with her and Savage, at least when the marriage was over.

It is said that Savage was a very controlling person when it came to Elizabeth, and would never let her out of his sight. When he was in the ring, when she was not accompanying him, Savage would keep her in the locker room by herself. He would forbid anyone from talking to her and vice versa. This apparently happened in the 80’s as well, so I can only assume the two were having some sort of marital issues at the time of the ceremony in 1991.



Rick Martel is a former AWA World Champion, and is one of the longest reigning champions in the history of the business. He came into the WWE in 1987, and started a tag team with Tito Santana known as Strike Force. The two had instant success, defeating the Hart Foundation in late 87 to win the WWF Tag Team titles. They would hold the titles until Wrestlemania IV, when the lost to Demolition. During rematch for the titles, Martel suffered a neck injury that almost cost him his career. This sidelined him for several months.

He returned to the ring in 1989 at Wrestlemania V, again teaming with Tito Santana to face the Brain Busters, Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard. During the match, Tito accidentally hit Martel with a flying forearm, knocking him outside of the ring. When Martel made his way back to the apron, Santana tried to tag in Martel, but he refused to tag in and ultimately left Santana by himself and walked away from the match. The Brain Busters would go on to win the match, and backstage, Martel was interviewed, calling Santana a loser, and claimed he no longer ever wanted to be associated with him. The heel turn was quiet, he never blind sided him or attacked him, but Martel and Santana would feud throughout 1989, and would face off in a six man tag team match at Summerslam 89.



Here are the top 7 wrestling gimmicks that likely offended a few people.

Honorable mention

Triple H with Katie Vick- This even offended me at the time it happened. Triple H, during his feud with Kane referenced how Kane “killed” his girlfriend Katie Vick in a car accident. Triple H would go as far as you can take it when he had sex with the corpse of Katie Vick while dressed as Kane, while Vick was inside a coffin. Of course it was not real, but it was very disturbing.

Rico- Billed as a homosexual hair stylist, this was a knock to many male hair stylers out there, who may or may not be gay. The gimmick of Rico, would easily offend almost anyone.

Billy and Chuck- Who better than the team who Rico managed to be mentioned here. Billy and Chuck’s gimmick that they were actually gay, and were even almost married at one time, may have very well offended members of the LGBT community.


7. Bubba Ray Dudley- If you remember when the Dudley Boys came into the WWE. Bubba Ray came in and would talk with a stutter. Many fans were offended by this because whether they, or a family member had a stutter called it a slap in the face.

6. Bret Hart- The way Hart portrayed himself as a Canadian hero, and basically turned his back on Americans, consistently ripping the fans of America. He would go as far as make public appearances while still in character, making him appear to be a racist towards Americans.

5. Adrian Adonis- I guess we could call Adonis, the 80’s version of Rico. Adonis was very flamboyant, and appeared to have a homosexual type gimmick. Again offending many in the LGBT community.

4. The Bushwhackers- Maybe a sleeper pick here on the countdown, the Bushwhackers were from New Zealand, and portrayed themselves as disgusting, sardine eating wrestlers, who actually licked wrestling fans (I was one of them). This may have offended many athletes or even ordinary people from New Zealand as that is not how most people from New Zealand are.

3. Shawn Michaels- How many Canadians do you think Shawn Michaels offended in 1997? I would say the whole country. He would go to ringside or even in the ring and disgrace the Canadian flag. Sticking the flag up his nose, and even laying it down and humping it. Yeah, I would be offended if my country’s flag was being portrayed that way. Maybe that is the real reason why Shawn is so hated in Canada.

2. Goldust- This is a no brainer to have Goldust so high up on the list. Not only was Goldy knocking on the LGBT community, but he also offended wrestlers that he faced off against in the back. Goldust would wear lingerie to the ring, and even go as far as kiss and feel up his opponents, making them feel very uncomfortable.

1. Vince McMahon as God- How Vince McMahon is not already in Hell is beyond me. During his feud with Shawn Michaels, Vince actually went to a church and all but proclaimed himself as God himself. He went as far as actually booking “God’ in a match teaming with Shawn Michaels against Vince and Shane McMahon. It was a mockery to Shawn’s founded faith, and many religious groups were outraged over the program.


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