Movie Review: The Italian Job

I’ve been wanting to see this one, I think everyone early in life loves heist movies. Go and stick it to the man, and go live off in a banana republic for the rest of your life. This is supposed to be one of the best ones in recent history.

So Donald Sutherland is your classic old dog doing “one last job” and Marky Mark is the next guy to take over. Seth Green is there, always one of my favorites, Jason Statham before anyone cared about him and Ed F’N Norton along with the token black guy Mos Def. They rob a safe and all go meet up in a cabin on a mountaintop. Immediately I know three things.

itialian-job-21) Someone is not making it off this mountain. 35M in gold between 5 guys? Not going to happen in the middle of the Swiss mountains, even though the math works.

2) Someone has to betray the group, you can just see it happening. Seth is being an idiot, Jason hasn’t done anything yet, Donald keeps looking off in the distance, and Ed Norton is just not caring.

3) We have not brought in the HOT CHICK yet. I know there has to be a HOT CHICK right? She can’t be number 6 since we have shown that these guys rock without her, so she has to replace someone, and can’t JUST be eye candy at this point in Hollywood.

The only question is who is the betrayer(s), does anyone die and what super-skill does the HOTCHICK possess?

So yeah.

We are literally a fourth into the movie and all the above has made me into Nostradamus. Better than Nosferatu I guess. I’m not going to spoil anymore so you don’t have to worry, but yeah, we see it all coming.

So how is the Italian Job?

mini-cooperPredictable, but to be honest with you, I really didn’t care for the good bit of the movie. The problems all come in the last part of the movie. The movie gives us Jason Statham as a great wheelman, and yes, I do love the Transporter, but all of a sudden the HOT CHICK and Marky Mark are just as good a driver as Statham, if not better, if you watch the special features. Tie that into the car commercial this thing turns into, and the ending really hurts this movie.

So Bottom Line? Unless you really get into car chases with surprisingly little CGI, I can’t really see watching this movie again. Some parts I really enjoy, but I feel like the movie drops the comic characters, and you know who they are, to give more to the HOT CHICK. Not that there is anything wrong with that, of course, but it does hurt the movie a good bit to me. I’ll go a 5 here. I don’t really see a reason to really get all that excited here, I did enjoy it, but I’m not going to see this one on the shelf and go wooo, gotta have this one!

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