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Hello again wrestling fans and welcome once again to the Wrestling Roundtable.  This week we discuss the three time WWE Womens Champion SashaBanks and her match against Charlotte on Raw. Was it the best match of the series? Plus Roman Reigns is back in the title picture. Is this the right call? All this and much more.


1. Sasha Banks- The newly crowned three time womens champion was again in a first. The first ever womens falls count anywhere match. It again tore the house down, and why not make Sasha the first woman to top the Wrestling Roundtable Power Rankings.

2.AJ Styles- The WWE Champion is getting revved up for his showdown with a lunatic. Can AJ keep the championship?

3.Kevin Owens- After dropping the match to Roman Reigns, Owens has a new opponent for Road Block. Can Owens hold on to the Universal title?

4. Roman Reigns- As history has shown, when you have a pinfall victory over a major champion, you get your name on this list. It is no different for Roman Reigns, now the rieal question, is Will Roman Reigns be a four time WWE Champion?

5. Seth Rollins- What is next for Seth Rollins? It appears to be Chris Jericho after he attacked him in the parking lot on Raw. Will Rollins send Jericho packing? Or will Jericho simply add Rollins to the list?



1986- The NWA put on their first ever scaffold match at Starrcade 86, featuring the Road Warriors vs the Midnight Express. Jim Cornette suffered a back and leg injury after he fell from the bottom of the scaffold to the ring, about 20 feet below.

1987- The WWF debuted the Survivor Series on PPV. The main event featured Hulk Hogan and his team vs Andre the Giant and his team. Andre was the sole survivor as he pinned Bam Bam Bigelow to win the match.

1991- The Undertaker defeated Hulk Hogan at Survivor Series to win his first WWF Championship. It was the first championship match to ever be held at the Survivor Series.


Here are the questions this week


Last Monday on Raw. Sasha Banks won the Women’s Championship over Charlotte, making her a three times champion. Simply put, was this match the best match of their Series of matches?

Steve: Easily the best of the series. I was actually entertained during Raw for the most part. I was not pleased that the first time they met in the night that it was a double countout, and then Foley comes out to restart the match but not at that time, it was later that night. The match was a solid A+, but the writing leading up to it was a solid D. I hope this isnt the last we have seen of this feud. I am anticipating Sasha vs Bayley because we all know what they can do.

Jim: The best?  Well, Charlotte didn’t win, so that’s always a favorite of mine.  I am a little disappointed once again in the WWE though.  Why do they insist on their stars losing in their hometown?  This is the 3rd or 4th this year, I believe.  We also had a guy in red white and blue lose on the 4th of July, to a Romanian.  Why do they continue on insisting that fans get disappointed.  I’m all for boos and yay’s.  They’re part of the show.  And you have to develop the bad guys as well as the good.  But disappointing the fans is just stupid.

Tyler: Absolutely.  At this point, they’ve developed such a great chemistry in the ring that anytime they meet you know you’ll get a good match.  Add in them wrestling twice in the show as a shout out to Ric Flair and Sasha winning the belt in Charlotte’s hometown like Charlotte won it in Sasha’s home town previously makes a great ending the their feud.

Chad: The hardcore elements plus with the unique finish with the Bank Statement contorted in the railing there yeah I’ll say it was the best in the series.



Roman Reigns is set to face Kevin Owens for the Universal Championship at RoadBlock.  Is it the right time to put Reigns back in the title picture?

Steve: While I am a fan of Reigns, it is not the right time. The fans are still not behind him. The Roman Reigns experience has been going on for almost two years, and no matter what they do, they can’t seem to get the fans behind him. I think that it is time to turn him heel, and then go after the title. I like the idea of him being the guy, but they have to change up his gimmick.

Jim: He’s already holding one belt, so he’s already in the title picture.  So of course it’s time to put him in the big picture again.  He’s the #1 wrestler in the world, period, case closed.  It can’t be argued.

Tyler: Absolutely not.  WWE Creative made the right choice to put Reigns in the midcard where people were actually warming back up to him.  But given the massive boos Reigns has been getting as soon was he was put back in the main event picture, WWE should have definitely held off before elevating him again.

Chad: He has a belt already so he’s in the picture but Roadblock is not the right time fgor this match to happen. The crowd I feel like will not be behind Roman.



Going back to Sasha Banks.  What are your thoughts on Ric Flair essentially giving his endorsement to Banks after the match?

Steve: Not going to lie, I really thought Flair was going to come out and distract Sasha, only to have Charlotte beat her down. Im glad it didnt happen that way, and it was awesome to see a legend like Ric Flair do this to someone who is deserving, and against his own daughter for that matter.

Jim: I have no thoughts on Ric Flair other than “please dear god retire”.  But they needed an excuse for him to come out in Charlotte, which is not nearly as dirty as it sounds, and why not have hit embarrass his daughter in her home town and namesake?  I’m tired of typing how tired I am of the WWE and their crappy story line developers, so I’ll just say “Go Bucs!!!!”

Tyler: Great moment, and well-deserved.

Chad: Awesome moment to have that happen in his hometown and after his daughter got beat.


Agree or Disagree: The new Network special 205 will be a flop?

Steve: As long as they stay off of TV that is fine with me. It was successful before when only on the Network special, and we already saw a new Cruiserweight Champion in Rich Swan. The Cruiserweights did flop on TV as no one cared about the matches. This will give them the spotlight, and I think they will do well.

Jim: Of course it will be a flop.  The WWE needs the cruiserweight title, but an entire show dedicated to the Cruiserweights?  The only saving grace is that it appears to be the after-show to Smackdown, which will make it great for the live audience. Unless they force a bunch of no talent hacks just to have content.  Wait…they do that already on RAW and Smackdown

Tyler: Disagree.  I think the Cruiserweights would go over better to a Network watching audience then the casual RAW audience.

Chad: No, I think being on the network will help them and having their own platform to perform w/o the worries of the main storylines will help as well.



Agree or Disagree: Now that it appears that Cesaro and Sheamus are on the same page.  They will be the ones to end the tag team title run of the New Day?

Steve: They are the right team to do it, now whether that is the case or not, I don’t know, I don’t write for the WWE, I mean I should, but I don’t. These two are entertaining and it appears that this is what you have to do to be a champion in the WWE. I think now that they are on the same page, they will eventually win the tag belts, but the New Day will still break the record.

Jim: Well, in keeping with tradition, I would guess that the only tag team on the entire roster I hate more than New Day will win the belts.  My only complaint….New Day are a team.  Cesaro and Sheamus have been shoved down our throat as a team.  They didn’t even want to be a team.  SO WHY ARE THEY A TEAM?????  Both RAW and Smackdown need talent in the singles division.  Any two schleps can be a tag team.  Reserve the tag teams for wrestlers who can’t make it on their own.

Tyler: Agreed, as long as Cesaro/Sheamus are faces.  Please don’t heel turn Cesaro again, he’s clearly having fun the face role right now.

Chad: Of course they are the right team it’s not like any other of the dozen teams thrown together have been able to beat them.


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