MMA Roundtable: 12/1 Edition

Welcome to the MMA Roundtable! This week we talk UFC creating yet another Interim title, what we miss the most about PRIDE, and UFC 206.

1. Does the Pettis/Holloway fight a legit title fight or just a slap-on attempt to sell more PPV tickets. Anthony Pettis

Roni: I think this was a “show of force” by the UFC.
They made Aldo the champion, and Pettis/Holloway for the interim, giving the notion that the next fight will be the reunification fight between Aldo and the winner of the Pettis/Holloway fight.

With that, they closed Conor’s chapter at FW and showed him “who’s the boss”.
IMHO too little, too late. They lost that battle long, long ago.

David: Oh it means nothing. Jose has been active and there is no reason for an interim title. This is a sad attempt to replace a title fight with another. Just call it the number one contender fight. Bad thing is, this does work. I worked with a woman who would only watch the UFC if there was a title fight going on. Got to see the best of the best go at it.

2. Has the UFC put out too many Interim Titles? Barao vs McDonald

Roni: I think the problem is not the quantity. They always had some reasoning behind it.
I think what they lack is a true criteria.
Obviously, they use it to their gain.
But if they really want to be taken seriously, they need to create rules to when they should create interim belts and when not, and then apply those rules.

David: Interim titles should only be used when the champion is injured or cannot fight in a year. Being a champion should mean something. Barao’s title meant something. I could see giving Aldo an interim title since Conor was off doing other things. I can see DC being an interim champion when Jon Jones is off having issues.

3. Has this season of the Ultimate fighter reinvigorated the show?tuf24

Roni: I really can’t tell you. I did not watch.
TUF has long died IMO.
When it started, the fighters were good.
Then it became just a reality TV show, where the most obnoxious would get into the UFC whether they win or not.
So what was the point?
I know this last season was different. It was to get a FW challenger for Mighty Mouse. But isn’t this sad, that the division is so shallow that the newcomer gets an immediate title shot???

David: I like the all-champions concept, and not just because I covered one of the fighters who was on it. Look at what Roni said, he said the fighters aren’t any good, but these guys are the best non-UFC fighters out there at Flyweight, that is the definition of what the show is supposed to be about. I’d expect about half these guys to stick around at a thin division.

4. Who ya got Joe Benavidez or Cejudo?benavidez

Roni: While I am a fan of Benavidez, I think Cejudo will win.
That is, IF he learned something from his loss to Mighty Mouse and evolved.
But I believe he did. We shall see.

David: I’m not sure how good Henry is. He had some good wins, but nothing compared to the wars Benavidez was in, and Mighty Mouse made him look bad, but then again, Mighty Mouse makes everyone look bad, so what do we take from that? I think I’ll take Henry, just because he has a simple plan, and it damn good at it.

5. You can bring back one thing from Pride: The round system, the ring, the screaming pride lady or the mass walkout at the beginning of the show. Pride opening

Roni: hehehe
I would bring back everything if I could!!
But if I can only select one thing, it would be the round system.
I think having one 10 minutes round then one 5 minutes one would be great!
I would even go further and make only the last round a round you can judge!
This way, the first 10 minutes would  not be the “fight with rulebook under one arm” to win by points.
And the last round would be a case of “all or nothing”.

I would LOVE for that to happen!!!

David: I watched Pride 33 recently, and that is why I had this question. I really miss the presentation of Pride, but I think I miss the Screaming Pride Lady the most. No offense to Micheal Buffer, but she was just awesome.

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