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1)  One of the rumored issues that is on the table as the players and owners negotiate a new CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) is the expansion of rosters from 25 players to 26 in exchange for September roster limits. Under the current rules, teams on September 1 can increase their 25-man active roster to a 40-man roster. According to a source says that the new limit is probably going to be 28 with the ability to swap out players, although not on a daily basis.

What’s your opinion on this possibility of expanding the rosters to 26 players… good or bad and why?

archie1-300x277Archie: IMO one player increase for the full season is not that big of deal. MOST teams will add more pitching so I don’t see the position players gaining anything. If they were to expand to say 38-30 and LIMIT the numbers of pitchers a team can carry I would be okay with that. Again however, we would lose seeing some of the young talent lurking in the wings during the fall call ups and I am not so sure that is a good thing. mlb_sept_callups

dan-3Dan: I think that an expansion of the roster will be a good thing. it can add another bullpen arm to the roster which will let the more important players rest and can give them more options thus helping the pitching. They can open up more roles for certain pitchers, have closers pitch more often and in more important roles and also have teams stock up on bench players. Now it would be easier to leave your back-up catcher on the bench in case of an emergency instead of being forced to use him as a pinch-hitter. I like it and I think that would be a great move to improve the overall quality of rosters.

meJoe: Yes,  I would be in favor of eliminating the 40 man roster on September 1, as long as they bumped up the season roster to 30 players . Teams would be allowed to activate 26 players on any given day, with four in reserve for those times when a player just needs a rest or has a bump or bruise that won’t let them play but doesn’t need to be on the DL or a pitcher needs to be skipped in the rotation.

steve-01-288x300Steve: I like the 40 man roster, it gives playoff teams a chance to get their post season roster ready to go, and it gives teams that are not in contention a chance to see what their younger minor league players can do in the big leagues to prepare for next season. I think it takes away some opportunity for guys to get a chance to perform in the majors, it could be their only chance to prove themselves.

2) Another issue that may get done in the CBA is that on after a series between teams ends… aka getaway days…  teams are expected to be required to play day games instead of night games when a team faces a long flight to their next destination.

What’s your opinion on this possibility? Good, bad or indifferent and why?

archie1-300x277Archie: I have ALWAYS thought get away days should be day games for ALL teams.

I like the idea. Give the traveling team an honest chance to “get away” and get some rest before their next series.

dan-3Dan: I think this is a great move. There’s always complaints and requests to try to move certain games to be a night game. I like day baseball and seeing more and more games that are day are great!

New CBA: There are new provisions requiring more teams to play day games when one or both teams face long flights after the game.
New CBA: There are new provisions requiring more teams to play day games when one or both teams face long flights after the game.

This will work great for teams on the East coast visiting the West and vice versa. There’s nothing worse than the Red Sox playing the Dodgers, game ending at 1-2 am in Boston. Then getting on a flight, coming back and trying to get sleep for a game that starts at 7 pm the next night? Just horrible. I think a couple teams even played a night game, traveled, then played a day game. Get the players some rest. It will prevent injury as well as improving the quality of the game because you wouldn’t have one team that is featuring a bunch of sleepy players.

meJoe: Always in favor of more day games in MLB. So, just on that alone I favor this possibility. I think its a good idea for the players as it keeps the players well rested and ready to play at their highest ability as far as rest and awareness goes. Might even stop some players from popping a greenie or drinking too much high caffeine beverages.

It’s a win-win situation for the players as well as the clubs.

steve-01-288x300Steve: I have said this probably more times than I can count. I am completely indifferent to this, because these guys are getting paid millions of dollars to play a game that they love to play. If I loved my job (and I do) and got paid that much to do it? I would not complain about anything. I have a mid-range salary, and there are times where I will get off work at 10 pm, only be back in at 7 am for a 10 hr day. I don’t complain, and these guys should not complain either. You have 4 months to rest in the off-season.

3) Seattle and Arizona completed a five-player trade on Wednesday night, with the Mariners acquiring speedy infielder Jean Segura… expected to be slotted in as Seattle’s shortstop…  and the D’backs getting right-handed pitcher Taijuan Walker as the centerpieces of the deal. Arizona also got shortstop Ketel Marte while Seattle got outfielder Mitch Hanniger and left handed pitcher Zac Curtis.
Is there a definitive winner here or is the jury still out on this deal?

archie1-300x277Archie: The jury is definitely OUT on this one.

Some of these deals seems like “Deals just to be dealing” and does not have a lot of substance to the casual fan; so is this deal.  

dan-3Dan: Right now, I think the Mariners won the trade. Not only do they get Segura, but they get two great prospects who both have six years of club control left while Segura has two. If, Segura can continue to put up numbers like the 2016 season then I think this will great improve the Mariners’ offense and provide them with the best hitting middle infield duo in the MLB.

Segura to Seattle as Mariners, D-backs make 5-player trade
Segura to Seattle as Mariners, D-backs make 5-player trade

While Arizona was able to get a solid pitcher in Walker while also getting a lot of time in club control over the players, with the two prospects being at 5 years and Walker is at 4 years still. I think the Diamondbacks are in need of better pitching and they went out and got that. But, they will still need Zach Greinke and Walker to perform. Walker posted a mid-4 ERA and didn’t look all that impressive. Hopefully the pitcher’s ballpark in Arizona can help him. Segura finds himself in a comfortable spot on a competing team.

meJoe: I think the Mariners got the advantage in this deal.

It depends on how Walker eventual develops in the majors. Things could change in a hurry if he suddenly becomes an effective pitcher for Arizona.

steve-01-288x300Steve: It is hard to say whether there is a winner or a loser. I like the idea that Mariners landed a solid everyday player in Segura, and can help with the running game for Seattle. From what I have heard of Walker, he could be a stud, but I am hesitant to say that until I see him for a full season.

For now, I think Seattle won the trade, but I would officially call it a To be determined.

4) One team who is supposedly out of the Yoenis Cespedes raffle are the Yankees. Scuttlebutt says GM Cashman has done his due diligence by talking to Cespedes? agents but that the Yanks will be passing on signing him.

Assuming that is true… What’s your best guess for his ultimate landing spot?

(Editor’s note.. sometimes the Baseball gods just ignore us mere mortals and throw us a nasty curve… Cespedes has signed with the Mets.)

archie1-300x277Archie: He would be a good fit in Atlanta…..(Hart are you listening?).

My initial thought would be San Francisco. They definitely were seeking Outfield during the summer and I don’t think they ever filled their need.

His current team the Mets should be looking to sign him to a term deal. They will have a clear vacancy with his departure.

What I DON’T have is a clear cut vision right now for  speculation is the available MONEY each team has
to spend for his services. All of this may be for naught; according to he is not a FA until 2018 even though he is eligible for Arbitration. 

Yoenis Cespedes and the Mets have finalized a $110 million, four-year contract.
Yoenis Cespedes and the Mets have finalized a $110 million, four-year contract.

dan-3Dan: Right now, the latest news is that the Dodgers and Yankees are both out for payroll reasons. The two teams going after him and the most likely destinations are San Francisco and Washington.

I think that he’ll end up going to San Francisco because they need an outfielder like him real bad to compete and make the complete jump up to a divisional title along with a solid showing in the postseason. Plus, they have the money they would spend on him. I don’t think that Washington has that big of a chance. I don’t think they want him to go back to the Mets so they’ll attempt to block that while possibly forcing Cespedes to go to San Francisco or have NYM way over pay for him. I don’t think they’re really big into the competition like the Giants are.

I go Giants.

meJoe: I was going  to straddle the fence here and say it was 50-50 Cespedes returned to NY and 50-50 he would go to the other coast and sign with the Giants.

But, guess what… He’s A Met. He just resigned with the team for four years and a whole bunch of big bucks.

So goes the war.

steve-01-288x300Steve: My best guess is that he will re-sign with the Mets. Of course that really isn’t fair because as I am writing this, he has already done just that. I’ll say this, I think that he got the right contract for his skill. 4 years at 110 million? I think, while it may be a record contract for the Mets for an outfielder, it is worth the investment. Just for kicks though, I was never able to count out the Yankees in anything. They seem to sneak in the back door and do something crazy every year.
5) Ryan Braun has a limited no-trade provision but in May 2017 when he becomes a 10-year veteran who has spent his past five years with his current team he could block any trade. At age 33 he is a decent, if not potent, hitter bat who probably can hit 25-30 HRs score 80-plus runs and knock in 80-plus RBIs with a .280-.300 batting average.

Should the Brewers make a strong effort to trade him now before his “10 and 5-years” kick in?

archie1-300x277Archie: He already has 10 years and the Brewers  have him locked up through 2021 when he would turn 37. His salary for the next two seasons are at $20 mil each and then it drops down to $15 over the next three seasons. I think both the Brewers and Braun are happy with the situation and I don’t see them trying to move him.

dan-3Dan: Right now, I don’t think trading Braun would be the best move. Yes, McCarthy and Puig are two solid players and that would’ve been a great trade for the organization, but it seems like they have completely silenced all trade talks between the two teams and just aren’t even considering this option anymore.MJS MJS brewers15, nws, sears, 6

I don’t think the Brewers should trade Braun or look to trade Braun. He has a full no-trade clause, he is a team player and he really likes it here. Plus, he is real close with the owner. That bodes well for him and I think he should be used as the centerpiece to the Brewers’ offense. They need him. They don’t look like how they did at all last season if Braun isn’t on the team. They’ll be on the Twins’ level. You need to keep Braun and build around him. They already started, why not continue?

meJoe: Trade Braun while he still has some value to a team who needs a decent hitter. Get as many decent prospects as possible.

Some team will get desperate who doesn’t want to spend the big bucks on the thin free agent market and over pay.

steve-01-288x300Steve: It depends on if the Brewers are planning on adding anyone else, and contending in the next couple years. If they are planning to be cellar dwellers and go into rebuild mode, then absolutely you trade him for top prospects, because you want to get something for him right now, before you have no say in the matter, and lose him for absolutely nothing. Even if you have to eat some of his current contract. Having a good player under team control is a huge aspect of the game.

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December 1, 1971…


The Cubs release future Hall of Famer Ernie Banks and sign him as a coach. Mr. Cub finishes his playing career with 512 home runs and 1,636 RBI.

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