Abuse is just wrong… WTF 11/30



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Abuse is just wrong…

Abuse is wrong in any language...
Abuse is wrong in any language…

No matter what it is… what form it is manifested as.

But among all of the abuses in this world… one of the biggest, if not the biggest, forms of abuse that is so very wrong and morally reprehensible is the abuse of children… any child regardless of who they are or from what social strata they be from.

All abuse must be vigilantly fought against… abuse of civil rights… of human rights… of constitutional rights. All abuse needs to stop… and would that it were now… but… that’s not an immediate reality. But… each and every one  of us must do all we can in our power to contribute to making abuse be something is totally and forever alien to our lives.


joe1-jpg1Some monster from upstate NY is gonna be released from prison because he has already served 20 years of a max term of 30. Louis VanWie who has been in Washington Correctional Facility, has been denied parole five times since 2007 but since he has now done 2/3rd’s of his sentence his is eligible to receive a “Get out of jail free” card. Albeit on a supposedly very closely monitored and strictly structured conditional release.

So why do I seen so perturbed over this situation?

Louis VanWie
Louis VanWie

This… this dick is a confessed serial child abuser… he abused more than 100 kids over decades.

The problem… he pled guilty in 1997 of sexually abusing two young girls. This was after he was previously convicted of abusing another child… a 4-year-old girl… but was only convicted of a misdemeanor abuse.

And that right there burns my ever-loving cookies… it is a fucking oxymoronic reality. How the fuck is abusing a 4-year-old child, in any way whatsoever, a misdemeanor? If, it was sexual abuse in any manner then it should be a damn felony and the sentence should be severe.

A sexual abuse of a child… anyone for that matter is nt… is not a goddamn misdemeanor.

Abuse irrevocably sentences the abused to lifetime in personal hell.

The least the law can do is make sure the abuser gets some form of punishment that is a severe suspension of his (or hers) rights and freedom.

But, this son of a bitch only got convicted of a damn misdemeanor and then later of felony abuse of two other children. All of those others? Fergeddaboudit… statute of limitations prevented all but three from testifying against the evil bastard.

And… now according to our fucked up laws regarding sexual abuse in America this monster is gonna be freed. Yeah… he is over 70-years-old but the despicable ass wipe abused at least a confessed to 100-plus children. Innocent young children who deserved so much better from life… of having whatever precious time their youth could afford them to develop into hopefully healthy, functioning and contributing adults in our society. But for them… that was torn away forever… the lifetime sentence of being a victim of sexual abuse now forever lurks within their psyches and irrevocably changed their entire lives.

Statute of Limitations
Statute of Limitations

Would some recover and still be full functioning members of their adult worlds? Of course… but… still they had those damn dark an sinister memories.

And, what of those and those who couldn’t or wouldn’t?

Their abuser… the abuser of all of them, the 100-plus and god knows how many more… is now to be let back into this world while they still carry the sentence of being damaged forever. He is to be let back into their world.

That’s fucking justice? That’s fucking right? That’s ethical?


That’s fucked up!

One of the abused children… Gary Greenberg, who is now a successful investor and was sexually assaulted as a young boy by VanWie in 1966… is protesting the predator’s upcoming release. He told news media sources that “Only three of his victims disclosed (what had happened) before the statute of limitations barred them from court. Now this monster is slated for release after serving 20 years. All his victims are serving life sentences.”

Another… who was one of the girls VanWie admitted to abusing says, “Louis VanWie damaged me, he destroyed my childhood, and I have suffered the consequences my entire life. Now he gets to leave prison while I will still suffer the consequences of his crime.”

Yep… it’s the damn law… If he meets criteria based on the state statutes and he qualifies for it, he’s given a release.abuse

Greenberg, who is advocating for much tougher sex abuse laws as well as either an elimination, or a much longer extension, of the statute of limitations of when an abused child can bring either legal or civil charges against abusers, says, “If VanWie’s early victims had been able to press charges he would have been apprehended earlier, and his long list of victims would be shorter. Sex offenders don’t simply become safe after a certain age, our children deserve to be protected.”

Yes… they do… they damn well do.

There is enough in this fucked world today that they have to contend with… monsters who prey upon them as sexual plaything’s… as nothing more than an item for sexual simulation… should never be included in the myriad situations they need to learn to deal with and overcome in their childhoods as they grow into adulthood.

If, anyone ever sees any from of abuse… please… speak up…

If, it’s sexual abuse of any kind… please… speak up…enough

Above all if a child is involved… your responsibility and your reputability as an adult…  as a supposed grownup in this sometimes very hard and difficult world demands that you speak the hell up… immediately!

Don’t contribute by not wanting to be involved.

Everyone needs a protector at some point in their lives… every one needs a hand.

Who knows maybe the one you protect now, will some how… in the future… be the one who protects you when you need it the most… when you are the most vulnerable.

Old Glory is burning…

Hiding under a rock? On the dark side of the moon?

Then you probably are unaware that Trumpty Dumpty… the prez elect… is still sending out stupid-ass tweets at all hours of the day instead of trying to absorb the nuances of being the supposed leader of the so-called free world.

His latest tweet was, “Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag… if they do, there must be consequences. Perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail!”flag-burn

Only problem… burning the old Stars and Stripes… which is often used as a form of protest…  is a protected right of free speech under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. In fact, The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the U.S. government cannot ban flag burning… twice.

After the first Supreme Court case in 1989… Texas vs Johnson… Some peeps in Congress tried to run an end around by the Court and enact the Flag Protection Act… which approved fees and prison time if a person burnt, defiled or mutilated the United States flag.

A year later… the Supreme Court heard the United States vs Eichman who’s essential argument once again maintained that citizens have the right to burn the flag. And, the Court said to them peeps in Congress who passed the bill … nup… ya’ll can’t do that shit.

Since then this issue has come up at various times and tot his point none have been successful in banning the burning of the flag.

Now… I understand how some of ya’ll might get upset over this issue… some even royally pissed off. But… sorry… and ya’ll can be as pissed as ya’ll went, at me included if’n ya’ll wish… but the flag is nothing but a piece of cloth that represents the country of the United States of America. Would I treat it as a rag to be dragged around a street burning to ashes? Most likely not unless I really had a damn good point to be made. But. Probably not.

And… try to grok this… support has come from some very unexpected harbors regarding this issue… support for protecting the right to burn the flag in protest…

Mitch McConnell… he who once said after the Bamster got elected that the elephants most important job… their number one issue… was to make sure he never served a second term. As we all know he and the rest of the elephants failed at that. But, he still absurdly said that batshit crazy, bull fart right wing nonsense instead of suggesting that maybe the elephants could prove they were the better political choice by doing something about joblessness… or… maybe getting the roads and bridges across the country fixed up… or… any of a million of other things that needed taking care of around the country. But… nup… getting the Bamster out of office was more important.

Anyways… no less than he of the mighty anti-Bamster mouth said, “No act of speech is so obnoxious that it merits tampering with our First Amendment. Our Constitution, and our country, is stronger than that. As disgusting as the ideas expressed by those who would burn the flag are, they remain protected by the First Amendment.”landmark-supreme-court-cases-5-638

Also… ultra-right wing Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said, “If I were king, I would not allow people to go about burning the American flag. However, we have a First Amendment, which says that the right of free speech shall not be abridged. And it is addressed, in particular, to speech critical of the government. I mean, that was the main kind of speech that tyrants would seek to suppress.”

But… there Trumpty was… tweeting his big ass away at the dawns early light…

Some peeps suggest there are two possible things working here…

His threat is maybe a trial balloon to reintroduce the idea of amending the Constitution to prohibit flag burning.

And… as dumabass as his tweedly dumming and tweedly deeing may seem to be… this is likely nothing more than Trumpty wrapping his obese form in the flag and casting anyone objecting to his verbiage… read that as especially the donkeys… as unpatriotic and anti-American.

Be this as it may… let me run something else by ya’ll…

I’m thinking some of ya’ll reading this are saying Trumpty is damn right… the flag should be protected at all times… while others are saying… burning the flag is wrong but it is a protected right… and… still others… hey, it’s a piece of cloth… or… hey it’s a legitimate protest ’cause this country is in some bad dire straits right now. Especially, most of you anti-Trumpty folks… who I suspect are mostly donkey types politically and most likely a Hillary Billary supporter.flag

But… back a while… some years after 9/11 happened… Hillary Clinton and another politician by the name of Bob Bennett… then a Utah elephant senator… sponsored the “Flag Protection Act of 2005.”

Yep. That Hillary Clinton… the good old liberal minded politician who has only we the peoples on her mind and close to her ever loyal and patriotic bosom.

The act, if passed, would have stipulated that anyone caught desecrating Old Glory in any manner could be imprisoned for no more than one year in prison and a fine of no more than $100,000… unless the flag was the property of the United States Government, in which case the penalty would be a fine of not more than $250,000 and/or not more than two years in prison.

Now… this is the elephant that Hillary Billary was in bed with… Bob Bennett…

In 2010, during the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 debate, the U.S. Senate told Bennett… Hell. No. That won’t fly… when he wanted to “suspend the issuance of marriage licenses to any couple of the same sex until the people of the District of Columbia have the opportunity to hold a referendum or initiative on the question.” Simply put… he was against same sex marriage. Most likely due to his strong association and involvement with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church.) And, although I am kinda making a huge educational guess that his background with the LDS was a huge influence in his thinking, let’s assume I’m totally right…

Ain’t that a fine way to out aside personal feelings and beliefs and separate church from state by elected official… eh?

Bennett was a supporter of a flat tax and also was a leading voice for the repeal of the inheritance taxAlternative Minimum Tax and “marriage penalty“. He said it wasn’t right or fair for the tax burden to fall on the wealthiest one percent of the population.

Bob Bennett
Bob Bennett


He voted against raising the minimum wages as well any bills that would make it easier for people to organize into unions.

He was against all systems of public health care and said it was government interference for why there were high insurance costs.

He voted against a proposal that would have allowed Medicare negotiate in bulk with drug companies to lower prescription drug costs.

He voted against the State Children’s Health Insurance Program.

To be fair however… he and a donkey senator did at one point come up with an alternative health care plan that very well could have been a direct path to universal health care in America. More on that in a tad. A lot more…

Bennett voted in favor of building a fence along the Mexican-U.S. border and wanted to make English the official American language.

He voted against any bill that was against reducing oil consumption or that wanted to set a goal to reduce the country’s dependency on oil by at least 40%. He supported drilling in the arctic wildlife refuges.

And, he voted against providing aid to Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina.

He supported the Bush sponsored Patriot Act after 9/11. Which by the by… the Bamster has done nothing to really try and get the law rescinded but instead has extended the law under a new name and in some ways enhanced the law’s power.

That’s the elephant that she… Hillary Billary in case it slipped your grey matter…  was in bed with back in 2005… when she wanted to enact a law that would have prohibited a right of the Constitution… free speech.


Health care revisited…

Now back to something I touched on that concerned Mr. Bennett and health care.

He and a supposed very health care knowledgeable donkey senator Ron Wyden of Oregon did once upon a time propose and sponsor a health care bill that was called the Healthy Americans Act (HAA.) The law if enacted would have purportedly established a form of universal health care. While it did get some bad press from certain quarters essentially he law would transition away from employer-provided health insurance, to employer-subsidized insurance where folks would pick their health care plans from approved private insurers. According to Bennett and Wyden their plan would have guaranteed universal, affordable, comprehensive, portable, high-quality, private health coverage that was as good or better than what Congressional peeps had this very day.

In fact, in 2008 the Congressional Budget Office had said the bill, if enacted, would be almost entirely self-financing by the end of its first year.

Key elements of the act were…haa

1) Taxpayers would have a large healthcare standard deduction, which would increase with inflation. This would help taxpayers pay the tax liability that has would have replaced insurance premiums. It also would replace the tax exclusion for health care benefits that were being paid by employers. There would still be subsidies for those people who fell below a certain income level.

2) The size of the standard deduction for 2009 would be from $6,000 for individuals to $15,210 for couples with children, with incremental amounts for any additional children. This now being a standard tax deduction would have reduced the total income that would have been subjected to the federal income tax. Except for anyone who had income of more than $250,000.

3) The act also would have required employers to provide salary and wage increases over a two-year period that was equal to the amount paid they previously for basic healthcare insurance premiums.

4) Employers however would have to pay a new tax equal to between 3 percent and 26 percent of the national average premium for the minimum benefits package for each employee, depending on their firm size and amount of gross revenues per employee.

5) The basic plan would be equal to the Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB) Program,

In a 2009 interview, the Bamster said that he agreed “with ’90 percent’ of Wyden’s thinking” but called HAA “radical.”

According to The Oregonian: “The president said his discussions with Wyden are similar to those with people who advocate a single-payer system. In theory, those plans work, (the Bamster) said. ‘The problem is, we have evolved partly by accident into an employer-based system.’ A radical restructuring would meet significant political resistance.’ … (and) … ‘families who are currently relatively satisfied with their insurance but are worried about rising costs … would get real nervous about a wholesale change.’”

Excuse me?

Understand that I have always been a supporter of the Affordable Care Act that the Bamster sponsored and ultimately got made into law. It provided insurance coverage for millions of we the peoples that hitherto had not been covered which was mostly due to economic reasons… the fact that they already were underwater and overburdened by trying to earn enough to pay their every day bills for themselves and their families so that they could live somewhat humanely.

BUT… he opposed a bill that would have established some form of universal health care that would have been equal to what the damn lawmakers in Congress got? AND… for two years people’s wages would have been raised by companies putting what they had previously paid for their share of healtgh insurance into employee wages?

because… he thought a “radical restructuring” would meet “significant political resistance” and “families who are currently relatively satisfied with their insurance but are worried about rising costs … would get real nervous about a wholesale change?”

Who the fucks side was the damn fool on anyway? The biggest problem with the Affordable Care Act is that while it helped millions of poor folks who had no health insurance, it forgot that it was essentially not doing a whole hell of lot for them folks who already had decent to excellent health care coverage and the Obama plan would end up costing them more when it should have been the other way around. Granted them folks made more and their lifestyles showed that fact but that is no reason they should be screwed monetarily… simply because the Bamster was positing they might be worried about a wholesale change in the damn system.

I mean what the fuck was the Affordable Care Act if not a wholesale change in the damn prevailing system?affordable-care-act-logo-generic

I need to stop here also and specify that my opinion has always been that everyone in this country should never have to pay one damn cent for health care or for any medicines needed to help a person to be healthy. I also have always advocated… at the minimum… that everybody should be universally civered under at least the same as our lawmakers and/or equal to what Medicare coverage gives those of we the people who are over 65.

However… if the HHA would have given every damn one of us… of we the peoples… universal health care coverage and it would have raised wages for we the peoples and it would have been equal to or better than what the Congress folks gets?

Then what the fuck was the damn problem? Would had been better than what we got now… although the ACA is an improvement of what we did have regarding health care in America, it could have been a damn sight better.

In the July 27, 2009 issue of Newsweek, political journalist Jacob Weisberg said “We’re missing the boat most completely by sticking with a workplace-based system that no longer makes sense. America has always been a mobile society, with a labor market that grows more fluid over time. Once, the norm was to work for a single employer for one’s entire career. Today, people change jobs an average of 11 times before they reach 40. Fear of losing health coverage keeps people in jobs they would otherwise leave, creating a drag on economic efficiency. The Senate’s smartest health-care wonk, Ron Wyden of Oregon, believes we should move away from job-based insurance. He has introduced a bill that would do this by converting the tax deduction for employer-provided health insurance into a tax credit and requiring individuals to use it to buy insurance. This would achieve universal coverage, apply meaningful cost controls, and… according to the Congressional Budget Office… pay for itself within a few years. But Wyden’s bill is going nowhere. Instead, Democrats are poised to pass legislation that spends an additional trillion dollars, fails to restrain spending, and shores up an anachronistic employer-based system.”

Seems to me what should have been done was that the Bamster and his peeps should have gotten with Wyden and Bennett and their peeps wrangled something out that every damn one of would have been satisfied with going forward.

Ever hear that too many cooks spoil the broth? In my opinion this was a definite case of too many politicians sponsoring too many health care laws and no one ever seriously considered brainstorming together and seeing if they couldn’t come up with one damn health care system that makes sure very man, woman and child in America never ever had to worry about… at least financially… their health being taken care of if they ever catastrophically got sick.

More Pipeline news…

Earlier this month an incident occurred and it involved the same primary company behind the Dakota Access Pipeline and ran roughshod over Ancient… and sacred… Native American burial sites.

The company is Sunoco.

Pennsylvania leak
Pennsylvania leak

A pipeline in Pennsylvania has leaked 55,000 gallons of gasoline into a major waterway, and has thus polluted the surrounding area’s drinking water for about 6 million people. Heavy rain was said to have caused the leak… the same rain continued for several hours, making it impossible to measure the extent of the leak and how far the gas traveled polluting the environment.

This spill came at the same time the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and environmental activists protest the completion pf the pipeline in North Dakota that Sunoco will operate… which mainly is because it could leak and thereby pollute the local water supply and the environment for miles and miles and miles.

One other little old fact…

The Oceti Sakowin camp in North Dakota
The Oceti Sakowin camp in North Dakota

Aaccording to a Reuters analysis of government data Sunoco Logistics (SXL.N), spills more crude oil, more often, than any of its competitors…

More than  200 leaks since 2010.

Think about that…

Now think about what would happen if we developed an alternative… and a cleaner… energy source…

Another thousand words…




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